WeChat QR Code

I work to a Android app that connect to a BLE device that implement HID over GATT communication protocol. What I have to do is to get some notification from device when a button is pressed, turn on

I want to pick up lines of multiline string using regex pattern.I dont want to use split() method.

I have two input type time fields where selected a class start and class end time. Here is the code of jquery where difference of two times. $('#class_end').on('change',function() { var

I want to know what the exact difference is between the R-function nls and the least squares method. I thought it was the same, but it gives different outcomes, see the example below. I want to find a

I wrote a script to read data from .txt file and the add some information to a list. the_log = open("log.txt","r") with (the_log) as log: lines = log.readlines() data = [] for line in lines:

Problem appear while I try to deploy my application. I have "unique" architecture, because my frontend in Angular use spring boot. Probably this cause problem. (Angular with spring) I have no

I have installed thingsboard in ubuntu and also configured it to use the cassandra database, my question is that how can i view the thingsboard device data that is present in the cassandra database.

I am currently developing an Azure Durable Function and I ran into the issue that unfinished orchestrations would hang around for next time I tried to run my functions. The problem was the task hub,

I have installed Anaconda 4.4.0 (32-bit) and Python 2.7.13(bit), however, I need to use 64-bit Spyder, so I want to know whether can I install 64-bit Spyder in 32-bit Anaconda?

I'm storing date in Firestore using new object type recently introduced in Firestore which is in Timestamp. I want to store these same Timestamp object in my SQLite powered Room. As far as I know

We have a server method where we enforce the Thread.CurrentThread.CurrentCulture according to the language of the user to ensure that the returned values will be properly translated. However we are

@foreach ($errors->all() as $error) @php $message .= $error . '<br/>'; @endphp @endforeach I have tried <br>, <br/>,\n etc, not work. waiting for help

I have some code like this: int main(){ char *a = 2d6c002d61 char *b[strlen(a)]; char *p; int count = 0; p = strtok(a,"00"); while(p){ char tar[100]; tar =

I've got markup like this: <div class="radio-choice score bottom"> <input type="radio" name="name" value="v1" class="myradio" /><a target="_blank" href="https://example.com/

In one of my projects I create multiple processes (which are sub projects that I developed) from my main project as CREATE_SUSPENDED and storing their handles in a global array but; when I want to

I tried to search for this question on the site but nothing responded my specific doubt. I have a throw statement in my application to throw a reference error and terminating the execution of the

My dataframe: df: order quantity A 1 B 1 C 2 D 3 E 3 F 4 My goal

I am completing an assignment and I was provided an interface called Place. It has several defined methods and no variables. I created a class that implements Place and this contains a string variable

I have used material-ui for some of my prev projects and know i want to use antd. In material-ui we can apply different styles for a div in different screens, const styles = theme => ({ main: {

I have a tabular file that looks like this: #query_name KEGG_KOs PROKKA_00013 NaN PROKKA_00015 bactNOG[38] PROKKA_00017 NA|NA|NA PROKKA_00019 K00240 PROKKA_00020 K00246 PROKKA_00022

First time using transitions in [material-ui] Wondering if anyone has changed animation-timing-function in Slide component of Materia-Ui react ?

I am running very complex python-selenium tests on non-public webpages. In most cases these tests run fine, but sometimes one of these tests fail during the initialization of the webdriver itself.

I have an Angular 2 SPA website and have the issue with social media meta tags showing the default home page meta tag content instead of the page that was loaded. This is not a problem with Google as

For the sake of learning I am trying to abstract away db access, hoping to make it possible to just plug in an XML file or a JSON file to serve data access. Now my type has the following constructor

I have folowing relationship in my entity @ElementCollection(fetch = FetchType.EAGER) @CollectionTable(name = "merchant_to_merchant_user") @MapKeyJoinColumn(name = "merchant_id") @Column(name = "role"

I have arrays like this; $scope.result1 = [ {id:1, name:'pppp', type:'user', username:'345'}, {id:2, name:'John', type:'admin', username:'johnny2'}, {id:3, name:'Peter', type:'user',

if anyone shouldn't understand what exactly the task looks like, I posted a question previously which explains it quite good. COBOL Unstring into an Array So the task is if I have the same entry in

I have a policyData which is my very huge data set (millions of rows) and I wish to add some info to it with a mapping table (tens of thousands of rows). Sample: policyData <- data.table(plan=c("

I have an sql query that I want to implement in Javascript query type in Mark Logic. The goal is to return all the URIs of the query result. Below is the SQL query I want to convert: SELECT * FROM

I just added the following in my pubspec.yaml geolocator: '^2.0.0' and now I am getting the following error: FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: The library com.google.

I am trying to implement a program wherein the user's input(n) is given and the program will follow this algorithm: if n = 0, f(n) = 2 else if n is odd, f(n) = 3*f(n-1) + 1 else if n is even, f(n)

I have 4 push buttons (open outer, close outer, open inner, close inner) which control 2 doors (via 2 relays), an inner and an outer door. Only one door can be open at a time, I have got this much of

To identify people in my web app i use Oauth server (google) - only. Is good idea to put if(!DB::tabele('users')->count()) { grant this dude admin privileges;} in login controller ? everytime when

I would like to set the default value in one form from another form. How to do it correctly ??? class def_val(models.Model): bnumber = models.CharField(max_length=100, blank=True) def

I've got a problem with ngBootstrap in the sense that it's not making my app fully responsive, and I'm not completely sure if I'm doing something wrong, or if there is some error in the library. Okay,

I am trying to render correctly a Kendo grid that gets it's data from my store. The resources I have used are: Vuex How to bind store to KendoUi-Vue Grid in transport read https://www.telerik.com/

I have 50 TextView with mix colors(colors in ArrayList).How I can sort by colors?For example red in first Column. This is Adapter.java: public class Adapter extends BaseAdapter implements

I have the child class of QGraphicsView. mapView it is a widget to represent map. m_scene = new QGraphicsScene(); QGraphicsLinearLayout *layout = new QGraphicsLinearLayout; QGraphicsProxyWidget *

This is a Spring @Configuration annotated class I'm using into my spring boot project: @Configuration @ImportResource({ "classpath:cat/gencat/ctti/canigo/arch/web/rs/config/canigo-web-rs.xml",

I have a table view with each cell having text fields. I want to get the text written in those text field in an NSMutableArray Currently am doing this on button click - - (IBAction)saveClicked:(

I am working on docker and terraform deployment, both of them have the features to manage version dynamically. But are they 12-factor applications? For Docker, I can set tag for each new built

I have a python GUI application in which I'm trying to do some image editing. My GUI is in PyQt5 and for image display I'm using matplotlib. One of the tasks I'm going to do is to crop the image using

I want to click (onmousedown) on a static image on my page and when clicked, a new draggable div is created at mouse position. Since the draggable is created after the click happens, it isn't selected

Am stick on Odoo domain condition for a search function to compare two datetime if they have the same date. How can I do that Thanks.

I have generated web clients for SOAP web services using Apache Axis2 1.7.8 And I have written the below CustomStub class which the stub class extends/inherits. public class CustomStub extends Stub {

I am using react-native-google-places but I need to restrict search for 2 or more countries such as Denmark and USA. But in react-native-google-places only option I have is country which takes only a

I recently went looking for coding programs because I wanted to see if there were any good ones. For a while, I was using just plain ole' notepad but I went looking for some and found "Sublime Text 3"

I have a real specific problem. I usually got this and I couldn’t find why. The main issue, even though I use disposeBag some of my “subscribe(onNext :” calls multiple times. But I found something;

I started working on a single page application with angular 6 and web api. I have a search box in it which searches data on key up event. I am seeing the behaviour that old response is loaded first

I need to use a written python script, which include some defined functions and is supposed to extract some data from a website. It needed some modules which are installed. I work in windows and