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I have a python code below x = [1, 2,1] y = [0] lis=[l+r for l,r in zip(x+y,y+x)] lis The output is [1,3,3,1] Not sure how this works

I am writing a script to pass up a list into Google Sheets to append to a sheet already created. I have already ran the sample code from the Google Sheets API documentation here (https://developers.

I installed coreapi in my django application. I have set the url normally as the default in the documentation: http://www.django-rest-framework.org/topics/documenting-your-api/ When I open the url, a

Currently I have a list of items someone can buy as follows: my_list = [('Candy', 1.0, 20.5), ('Soda', 3.0, 10.25), ('Coffee', 1.2, 20.335), ('Soap', 1.2, 11.5), ('Spoon', 0.2, 2.32), ('Toast', 3.2,

I do not understand how this cycle causes one variable to change another variable in an unknown way. This should not be. Or it's not obvious to me ` c = [['1', '2', '3'], ['4', '5', '6'], ['7', '8', '

Before gradle 3, we could use configurations { client1DevCompile } dependencies { client1DevCompile project( path: ':common', configuration: 'app1DevRelease' ) } after

I have a form that when an error occurs when saving, the data filled disappears. I don't know what is missing, any tips, please? My controller: def new @conn_request = ConnectionRequest.new end

I am pretty new to php and I want to learn php, but most of the free courses I see is using php 5.6. Can I learn using those courses and code using php 7.x

I am trying to get information from a website as a JSON array or object using CURL but it always returns NULL, just NULL. This is how I am trying to set it. $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch,

I have query like this in jpql select new com.example.CustomGroup(m.id, m.title, (select count(w.id) from MessageGroup x join x.messages w where w.readers.id <> ?1) ) from MessageGroup m join

I have the following (sample) dictionary: d = {'audit' : 'class1', 'audit log' : 'class2', 'audit log entries' : 'class3' 'user : 'class4'} I have the following strings: (not meaningful

I'll use a contrived example below to describe what I'm (sort of) trying to accomplish. Let's say I wanted to log something to the console when an Angular Material2 progress spinner is rendered or

I'm new to d3.js and I am building a simple bar chart. The code shown below shows bars at the very bottom of the browser window, not within the svg region in the html code. Here's the html code: &

I'm trying to follow this tutorial to set up AJAX requests. I've followed every step and installed everything that is necessary, but I am getting this error: Uncaught Error: Target container is not

I have a data frame with 99 columns, some of which have a header with randomstring_HET. I'd like to remove all these columns. I've tried df <- df[grep(pattern="HET", colnames(df))] but to no avail.

Estou produzindo um codigo no arduino, e acho que esta com algum problema. O codigo deveria fazer com que dois sensores ultrassonicos funcionassem separadamente, e ao encontrarem um obstaculo

I'm using last version for bootstrap 4.1 I'm trying to use carousel indicators. but when I try to press on one of my indicators. it's not working. I don't want to use the: "carousel-control-prev" "

I am doing my assignment rn and there are some problems showed up, I want to return true or false in my function, but It shows nothing at the end. import math import decimal #1 def pythagorean_pair()

I am using angular 6 calendar in my anguar project. https://mattlewis92.github.io/angular-calendar/#/kitchen-sink. But the size of calendar is overflowing the viewheight. It is showing the vertical

Very new to coding, and VBA is my first foray into the subject. Took on a project at work and thought "hey, maybe I could macro my way out of this". Need to go through a column and if StatCell

I am doing a GET request to RIPE's API and not getting the HTTP status code or anything inside curl_getinfo($i). $i=curl_init(); curl_setopt_array($i, array(

I created a DynamicTabbedLayout and added 4 toogleButton to the one fragment i use, but i got a problem wich is i can't use onCheckedChanged(), because it changes for all tabs. I could use a switch to

I don't have much experience with URLSession, but I'm trying to do a POST call, and I keep getting two different errors. Here is my function: func test() { let parameters = ["username": "

I'm having an issue with unwinding View Controllers on top of a Tab Bar Controller. Path: A button from (1) segues to (2) with a show segue. A button from (2) segues to (3) with a custom segue -

Why i cant put args in function func ex(c string,ex string) { exec.Command(c,ex) } get error cannot use args (type []string) as type string. Why?

What i'm trying to achieve is a product index page which show the result of my search if it's match a record in my database, all my products if the user input is blank (or if i simply visit the /

Is there any way out to access java objects on worker nodes through pyspark ? Below is my working sample scala code. I am trying to achieve same with the help of python on pyspark. import test.

How do I set defaultSelectedKeys in Dropdown on onDismiss property? Let's say I have a multiselectdropdown with defaultSelectedKeys a and b. On unselecting both options and clicking outside Dropdown,

I've been using the GoogleSheets API from a C# application in windows without problem for quite a while. When I port this program to Linux, and run using Mono, it freezes regularly at "Execute" for

Here is the JSON I am trying to parse from the Strava API: { "firstname": "Evan", "lastname": "Arthur", "city": "", "state": "", "country": "", "sex": "M", "measurement_preference": "feet", "ftp":

I am trying to add a gradient animation to my website background, I can get the gradient in there but the animation part is not working? This is through a pre built shopify store. does webkit not work

I am trying to tag a git repo using Jenkins pipeline script. I am very new to jenkins pipeline script. Is there a command like the one below, to tag the branch, which is used to checkout the branch

I'm having some difficultly making this site (phil-ga-surge.sh) mobile responsive. Since its just a landing page, I'm not trying to make it too complex so just wanted everything to just fall in place

I have a bash script where I have to set the command that the user puts in before it is even executed to a variable. Here's what I tried, but failed: VAR=$(history -a; tail -n 1 "$HOME"/.bash_history)

I have this array coming form a DB PDO result, where users have made Hello there, I have this array coming form a DB PDO result, where users have made some feedback so it can be duplicated projects

I am sending an email using PHP through the mail() function. I specified HTML content in the header, and the email usually is formatted fine until this <div> inside an <a> tag. Sometimes

I am trying to build a pretty simple seq2seq model and I keep getting weird error. The model I am building is similar to https://github.com/tensorflow/nmt. I keep getting ValueError at the decoding

f(n) = 100 + 10log(n)n^2 + 45 O( )? I thought O(n^2log(n)) was the big-O, but I've been getting different responses from other people

In Visual Studio Code / vscode, when I search for something, the beginning of the line in each search result may be cut off. How do I see the cut off part? For example, say I search for 'directory',

Is there anyway to cut a video in half (i.e. only the left half) in Elastic Transcoder if you don't know the dimensions? i.e. I've read this https://docs.aws.amazon.com/elastictranscoder/latest/

I have tried Laravel 5.7, i installed it using composer -using this command : composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel blog-, composer update, key:generate, database config on env. its

I am trying to display a base64 encoded string as jpeg. On the server (C#), I am just returning the encoded string (just hard coding for test purposes, ignoring the passed parameter): [HttpGet("[

Recently, I found some external thunderbolt GPU docks are made for laptops by many top brands. But I have a question came to my mind that why laptop building companies don't include PCI express slot

I am automating the import and plotting of data (in rows of columns, so a 2D array) from a test instrument. My data after import has an index based on the specimen number in the first column of each

I keep receiving this error when I try to compile this code: #include <stdio.h> int main(void) { int userInt; int x; double userDouble; char userChar; char

redux to do advance search. I have this search page how it look likes: Default Search Page This is my SearchAction. SearchAction.js export const GET_PROVIDER = 'GET_PROVIDER'; export const

Trying to make a hex decoder in order to read arguments from a command line file, and I'm having problems in C with operating string functions easily. The purpose of my hex decoder is so I can take a

I am not a developer but I am tasked with figuring out how to get this done. Please don't flog me right away. I am trying to use PHP to parse XML files made up of key=value pairs and for the life

Android Studio 3.1.4 minSDK 23 targetSDK 27 buildTools 27.0.3 In my Activity I have some EditText, and the user enters the necessary data and taps the right arrow on their soft-keyboard to advance to

My code takes in a string and returns a list of strings that are permutations of the input string. (No repeats) def perm(slist, c): rTup = [] for s in slist: #O(n!) for i in range(len(s) +