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I am implementing a class library where I have exposed a public method called ReceiveC2DDesiredPropertyChangeAsync. It accepts two parameters, one of which is a callback function as follows. public


I want to send TCP and Ethernet packets from one machine to another. I want to create a script that will start multiple packet streams (TCP, Ethernet) to send packets. To do this in Python, can I

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Context I am developing a project that requires intel's anaconda distribution, and we use googletest to test our natives. I am using clang for my compiler. When I build googletest via cmake, I get


I think it's problem of asynchronous things How can I resolve this? below is the code that I want To do, I get specific data from db and on for loop, I get data and then show it in suggestion. I


I'm having problems trying to make a overlay effect on the slick carousel. The idea is to position the text on the center of the block but when the widht is 100% it fills the whole lenght of the


The following webpage is a container with three different tabs: Uploaded Datasets, Bought Datasets and Integrated Datasets: 1st Tab each tab content is a UI-Grid that I call through an angular


So I have a contact form with server side validation, it should be printing errors for any fields that are left empty but instead nothing prints at all when I run it. The worse problem is that nothing


I've tried run yiic migrate application, but have error. Also frontend app still works. Error CDbException: CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002]


I am multiplying each item's price in a shopping cart by its quantity then displaying the total. Trouble is I am writing the code out item by item as in p1 * q1 = total1, p2 * q2 = total2 etc. then

PHP SimeXML通过属性获取一个带子节点

Have not found a direct solution and would prefer to do this with SimpleXML want to get a single node and children via an attribute (id) from a sent url Address is clicked www.website.com/


I have fit a logistic regression model to my data. Imagine I have four features: which condition the participant received, whether the participant had any prior knowledge/background about the


When I try to run and mnist example it gives Traceback (most recent call last): File "D:\tensorflow\tensorflow_python_code\basic_programs\tfBasics_numberDetect.py", line 3, in from


I've been trying to implement a paypal listener, which sends information to my database, mostly i've succeeded however I still have 1 big issue which I can't fix. First I need to retrieve the "Event


how do I clear the HTML canvas, Object is leaving a trail in the second canvas where it is grey, really need to fix this, please help. At this point, i am just typing to git rid of the message "your


I have 3 tabs as "super tabs" with default edit. How can I edit them to be like 3 circle tabs? My HTML: <super-tabs tabsPlacement="top" toolbarBackground="secondary" toolbarColor="light"

I haven't found a specific answer for the code to replace the "?" mark in this html form. <form action="?" method="POST"> <input type="hidden" name="mailfrom" value="www@www.


The first function creates some html to display a photo. The second function uses the filename of the displayed photo, compares it to filenames in a database, and then gets some details about the


I have the following problem when executing the function insert sending a text type parameter and I do not know how to solve it. {-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-} module Main where import


I'm building a Dialogflow application which heavily depends on the location given by the user which may/may not be the current location of the user. So, I want to ignore the current location and go


This code working for an import version check numpy from numpy import * print('numpy: {}'.format(numpy.__version__)) This code does not work blaze Data migration utilities import blaze Data


I have a problem with docker-compose, once I mount a volume to my laravel image(which works good alone) the vendor directory gets deleted, how can I postpone running the composer until the volume is


I know this will probably be a lot of code, but I'm very new to Python and can't find why the code is skipping executing the functions I have defined, and so I can't figure out if the rest of my code


I have a simple image search form that open in a new window: HTML <input type="radio" id="google" name="image" onclick="googleImages();" checked/> <label for="google">Google Images</


I'm trying to implement Shopify JS SDK in Nuxt So this is what I did, a plugin // plugins/shopify.js import Vue from 'vue' import 'isomorphic-fetch' import Shopify from 'shopify-buy' export


I have a problem that is driving me nuts. It should be straightforward, because I have done it many times before, but for some odd reason it is not working now Background I am doing a few checks


I'm using Timber (the WordPress plugin implementation of Twig) and the Advanced Custom Fields plugin gallery field. I have a working gallery under a custom post type, so ACF and Timber are working


I've deployed a simple Flask Application on Apache2 in Ubuntu 16.04 x64(Alibaba Cloud) with mod_wsgi. I'm using mysql as my database server on the same ubuntu server instance. The python version is 3.


I am having a pandas dataframe with several of speed values which is continuously moving values, but its a sensor data, so we often get the errors in the middle at some points the moving average seems


I need to create a method that takes in multiple dictionaries and return the one with biggest value. If some dictionaries share the same max value then it should return the one with bigger key int


I have a basic coding question for the code aliens = [] #Create 5 different aliens for alien_number in range(5): alien_type = {"color":"green","speed":"slow","height":170} aliens.append(


I created few widgets using for loop and placed them using grid. But later when i tried grid_forget() it says no attribute. self.sc_button = None self.cv_button = None self.


Below is the my code. I want to get the value of Test.Details & Test.Events public partial class Test : BaseTypes.ValidationEntityBase { public bool Active { get; set; } [System.Diagnostics.


I'm looking to understand how to add text to seaborn plots. See my function below. I'm looking to add the 'coef' column to the barcharts, right inside the bar. I've looked around online and am


I am new to Java web developing and I am having a lot of trouble working with Hibernate. I looked at a lot of examples online on how to do this and so far I don't have any luck getting any of it to

傅立叶变换在EmguCV 3.4.1中的应用

The following code doesn't compile in EmguCV 3.4.1. Image<Gray, float> image = new Image<Gray, float>(path); IntPtr complexImage = CvInvoke.cvCreateImage(image.Size, Emgu.

Safari在iOS 11错过了不处理点击事件有时jQuery

Sometimes, on same elements, witch exactly same css and jquery behaviour safari misses to fire click events - state of the element is changed to :active (i've added simple background color change just


I have a DataSnapshot that comes from Firebase, I try to cast a value to dictionary like parent["child"] as? [String: Any], but it returns nil only in some cases. Here is exactly what happens: Non-


I am trying to attach to an app running on my android phone using lldb on my MacOSX. This link explains a little but its not clear on how to deploy lldb on my android phone. It explains a little about

使用SQL Server在带分隔符的字符串中获取最后三个值

I would like to extract only the last three values from a delimited string and generate a delimited substring with those three values. Could anyone suggest what is the best way to do this. I tried


Between the trip dates I'd like to add a hyphen then spread them the entire width evenly but I can't get it to work. And I'd like to left justify 'Enter destination'. How would I do that and add a


I just installed Canopy because I had some issues running code in Jupyter Notebook. I have an Anaconda distribution installed. I installed OpenCV through anaconda and can easily import cv2 in Jupyter


I'm currently in the process of building my own chess engine and could really use some suggestions on how to make this segment of code for calculating diagonal moves more efficient. (This is obviously


I tried converting a pytorch model into deployment (ios) so I'm converting a model to either cafffe or Onnx (https://discuss.pytorch.org/t/typeerror-forward-missing-2-required-positional-arguments-cap-


I am trying to make an Uber jar in Intellij and have run across this issue with maven shade. I have looked at other solutions but nothing seems to work. My project is to make a plugin for Minecraft,


Hi I have tried and googled everything I can think of but I couldn't find an answer I have this simple database technicien +------------------+------------+------+-----+ | Field | Type


I have created a network using tflearn as self.model = tflearn.DNN(self.net) Now I want to call the fit method as follows self.model.fit([xs,zs], ys, n_epoch=1, batch_size=1024, show_metric=True)

NUXT JS页面显示404未找到

I have a nodejs project created with adonuxt. I have ssl enabled in my site. I am using nginx reverse proxy that take requests to localhost:port in my server. There two problems. It always shows


The exact problem that I am having is that we were assigned to make a program that had 2 command line arguments, both being text files. The code that I have for arg[1] works fine, it reads in the text


I was pushing my code to my remote repo when I saw this strange multicolored output on the command line: I have no idea what that means. Did I break something?


I'm using Bootstrap 4 and some nested cards with tabs and headers. I have forms inside these cards. I'm also using Handlebars to read JSON data and populate the forms. When I switch from hard-coded