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I have a table like the following structure: | id | data | | 1 | {"products":[1,2,3]} | | 2 | {"products":[2,5,7]} | | 3 | {"products":[2,4,1]} | | 4 | {"products":[7,8]} | | 5


When I want to make sure that an image / bitmap is really gone, I need to call MyBitmap.Dispose() MyBitmap = Nothing Why is the call to .Dispose() necessary? When can't I simply say MyBitmap =


I have a dataset where each individual is identified by combination of two columns (column1=familynumber, column2= individualnumber) and I have to remove individuals (rows) from this dataset, but


I am learning JavaScript and came to a point wherein I have to load underscore.js in the chrome console. I did some search and ended at this stackflow response: How to enable to use underscore in


When I try to read shapefiles in a loop in R, it always reports "Error in .local(x, ) : file.exists(extension(x, ".shp")) is not TRUE " . The code that I use to read the shapefile is "city.i=


I have to make request to an API to get access token. It expires in a day i.e. 86400 secs or 24 hours. I need to get a new access token once a new day is started. Below is my API access code: def


I am trying to display data between two dates. My input is 08/17/2018 and 08/18/2018 Data is present in Gridview but still i am getting error like ,No records Found Here is my code myConn.Open();


I know there are plenty of questions out there with some good answers, but none seem to work for me. I need to cater for I.E. browsers from 8 and above, Chrome, safari and mobile devices. A lot of

如何使用Read SQL插入列匹配和非匹配标志

I am trying to insert a flag (match/non-match) after the comparing columns for 2 different tables. I am able to compare the two mysql table columns but not getting how do i insert a flag and get the


I am using Dash to build a GUI for sending data to a remote server. The update process is asynchronic - as the data could take time to load. After the user presses a button on the dash GUI it saves


I am trying to profile my code (based on paper.js) and I see this diagram on the DevTools Performance tab: I don't understand the empty 50 ms after the Animation Frame. What does it mean?


I am using the below search pipe to display the set of records and appending the pipe name in HTML file. The below pipe will get the user typed value in search bar and display the records based on


I have a map Map<String, List<String>>. I'd like to merge keys, if one key is a function of another, for example: if the function is "prefix", I'd like given these values in the map: {"


after running create_yolo_prototxt.py file from xingwangsfu/caffe-yolo github repo i got following error. pls help me out to solve this hashir@hashir-System-Product-Name:~/Downloads/caffe-yolo-master$


I'm trying to find out if it is possible for ADFS to send two types of tokens on one authentication ? We have external systems working with JWT tokens but also systems with SAML tokens. We like to

在谷歌地图或背景图像上绘制MatPultLB BaseMax Python

I want to plot my matplotlib result on google map or on google map image. Instead of getting my plot result on simple default result, i want my plot result on google map , showing the exact lat lon


I am currently trying to create notifications when a user has new messages. I'm trying to do this with local notifications because I'm very much a beginner and it seems(?) easier than push


Following are the weekly records maintained by a football team after each played match. Name of the opponent team (other team) Number of goals scored Number of goals received Date of the match (assume


Is there a way to make below text lines aligned like a table. But I don't want to use the table Alpha Omega Team Leader Beta phi Team Member 1 Gamma delta Team Member 2 Dimma


I am using the below code to create and download a Telerik report. var reportName = "../api/Templates/Invoice.trdp"; var reportProcessor = new Telerik.Reporting.Processing.ReportProcessor(); var


I want to get all file names (and path) of files those updated after a date (in directory and subdirectories) using PHP. like all files updated after 20.08.2017 , Below code provide only files from

VMware MACOS XCODE调试视图层次结构显示空白

debug view hierarchy shows blank I installed macOS with vmware, and when I used the debug view hierarchy of xcode, the pages were blank. Who has experienced this?


I am developing a software based on the API of Alphavantage. I designed an object for each stock, which will have an ArrayList storing historical prices for the stock. To do that, I read a url that


This code works fine on my PC <script> var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest(); xmlHttp.open("GET", "http://api.domain.com/api/mobileapp/GetV?ID=1", false); xmlHttp.send(null); </script> But

C 17调试输出

What I want to do, is when I run a program in debug mode, I want it to cout to the console or even possibly the game window what it's doing, like for an example, 'GameWindow::Initialized(args)',

无法为以下模型生成REST API

I'm wondering why i cannot generate rest APIs for following cto model: namespace org.dps.track //asset section asset Item identified by itemId{ o String itemId o String name o String


I run a celery flower on my server. But i can't able to see the workers menu and when i click on worker name it's always loading but doesn't redirect anyware. And Monitor doesn't show any graphs.


I want to remove .html and .php extensions in my .htaccess file. I want the users to be able to view www.example.com/page.php by clicking either www.example.com/page.php or www.example.com/page, but


I am trying to upload a file using multer and HTML form, but getting some strange behaviour. It is working fine with postman and incognito browser window. Otherwise, when I try to upload file, almost


I cannot resolve this problem. In database are 2 diferent tables, 1 TABLES called USERS second is TICKETS. When user registered that information is stored into USERS table, only registered users is


I am working with a one terabyte size dataset on S3. The data is in Parquet files. After executing the following code there are many files created in each partition but not the right number (6).


I am creating a simple income tax calculator and would like too add some user input validations. Currently i am experimenting with a TryParse method. I would like my program to check each input for


I have simple select, He was work before install chosen plugin <select id="product_brands" class="chosen-select form-control" multiple data-placeholder="Select brands"> @foreach($brands as $


My team is working on making our REST API more 'hypermedia' by replacing compound documents with links to related resources. We'd obviously like to use HTTP/2 Server Push to make sure it's as fast as


I got the state values and stored in sessionStorage as below: loadValues = () => { this.setState({ data: [`Title: ${this.state.title},MenuId: ${this.state.code},Quantity: ${this.state.


I am new to Redis. I want to fetch multiple lists from their keys. My code is as follows RedisValue[] valuelist= null; for each( string item in Key_array){ valuelist = db.ListRange("item"); //


Here is the event onClick thing that i have at one place . <Button onClick={onClickAddTopics(e,dataid)} variant="fab" mini color="primary" aria-label="Add" className={classes.button}>


I am new to firebase databases. I created a new realtime database and currently on the spark plan. I found that I am unable to edit/enter data using their online interface. I created the database in


I'm using jQuery plugin from these websites web , github. This is screenshot whith my problem: For some reason some months are not full ie. last day in month transfer in next month. Why? This is


Suppose I have a nested list which looks like this: my_list = [['Germany', 'B-LOC'], ['Angela', 'B-PER'], ['Merkel', 'I-PER']] So each element contains two strings, the first representing a word


I have a modelform that I want to populate with autocomplete values from another model. The models look like this. class Company(models.Model): short_name = models.CharField(default=" ",


Hey i'm using phonegap cordova for my app. i'm selecting image from gallery , and saving the location of image in localstorage. what i want to do is, reuse that stored location of image whenever app


I have a certain CSS class which holds width property with value set to: calc(100% - 17px) Now I want to completely ignore this property for devices with specific resolution, I tried applying media


I'm trying to export Charts as PDF using Jaspersoft integrating PHP(Codeigniter), I could see the charts are working fine when I preview in Jaspersoft. But, when I tried to export with PHP I could see


I am working on webshop where we sell 4 variable products with 3 choices that the buyer can choose from. Every extra option increases the price but the buyer can also choose not to add the extra (for

CSON中的JSON Web令牌脆弱性测试

I've attempted to check if the JWT Token Bearer support in WebAPI for .NET Framework 4.5 had the vulnerability as reported by https://auth0.com/blog/critical-vulnerabilities-in-json-web-token-


I am trying to convert JSON to XML and back to JSON using load stash. But in the conversion list and empty key values does not map to original format. I want to compare two json and check if the


There is the ldapsearch output stored inside the LDIF file also an LDIF file, we need to compare the two. For "hi=1234,u=t,q=hello" we need to compare the attributes in both the files and check which


Here is my sample code: when (i) { 0 -> { bottomNavigationDashboardId.menu.getItem(i).icon = AnimatedVectorDrawableCompat.create(this, R.drawable.


I tried using TinyLog for a sample application to make sure understanding how it works, so that i can use it for my work application. But, while using i get an exception to type cast the Writer (