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I have app using firebase by kotlin I want change/update password in Account I use this code but don't success change password val user = FirebaseAuth.getInstance().currentUser println(

I'm trying random number function. It works at the first time. But the second time I run it, it shows me the numbers from the first time I ran. The third time, fourth time all happe n like this.

I am unable to fetch data through URL, can any one help me to find where I am doing mistake? function currentOpenings(){ var url = 'https://hrms.innovationuae.com/api/hr/openjobs?API_USER=api&

I have the following two lists: x:(("AA";"AA");("BB";"BB")) y:(("11";"11");("22";"22")) I am targeting this result: z = (("AA11";"AA11");("BB22";"BB22")) I have tried: x,'y but this results in

I have been trying to use getpass in python 2.7.0 my code is to get information from user the code is from getpass import getpass open this to see the code. the result i get is this everything works

This is my first question here, but i'm a little bit desperated and i would really appreciate some ideas. My dataset looks like this (a small sample): Mydata with every row representing one person.

I have define this block code. Does anyone tell to me is this code asynchronous or parallel? This block code just only an example create 4 threads and in the end wait for all threads to be complete.

I have a Outh react-express app that is not able yo send response from server to React component This is my react code : onLinkedIn = () => { fetch('http://localhost:8080/auth/linkedin',{

I am building an app that records video - quite simple. I am using the Camera2 API along with MediaRecorder to achieve this. I have been able to successfully record video, but the sound and video are

I am deploying my first website and currently have it running locally with React on the front end communicating with the Django backend which has a database and a rest API. I am now at the point I

I'm having a bit of a ui problem here. I have a nav bar that fades in and out on scroll up or scroll down. The problem is that when you click on links in the nav, the nav bar completely disappears

I need some help. I'm developing this software, which I want to have some ComboBoxItems in a ComboBox which has a name and a color sample. Kinda look like when u do like this: cmbColors.ItemsSource

I'm trying to randomly select users from the dB that are not recognized as afriend in the current users (userLoggedIn) friend array. I have users in the friend array tabled like this: ,

I'm working on QtCreator and I want to use a python script with a xml file from QT Windows. The file is open, but I can't use the script : QString p_stdout = _process.readAll(); show me :

I have Database first and I and create the Models manually for my entity framework I didn’t generate any model I have this error : ModelValidationException was unhandled HResult=-2146233088

I've this object on reference collection: > db.reference.find().pretty(); { "_id" : "Ref1", "metadata" : { "values" : [ { "hola" : "adeu" },

I have trouble with following groovy code (I first tried without explicit closure parameters types): Files.find(path, 4, { Path target, BasicFileAttributes attr -> def file = target.fileName

When I run the code, it turned out to be like this: TypeError: 'NoneType' object is not subscriptable I am a Python beginner. I just picked a sample project from a site for Python beginner: https://

I am trying to create an json file for the app to simplyfy the working. I want to use the json for showing cards like GooglePlay. Like this But i don't know how to create json which helps to easy

I want to visualize a value_count aggregation or a cardinality aggregation. but there are only a subset of Elasticsearch aggregations present in Kibana visualization. what should I do?

I have setup nodejs sdk for IPFS, everything is working fine, but when I try to fetch a non existing hash, the sdk hangs. I'm using this package https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs-api Here's what my

How can I get the eye(s)' position(s) in an image of a human face ? For instance, my program searches for eyes and then their positions could be stored in 2D vectors like : Vector2 leftEye = new

For a void function involving a linked list parameter, how does one affect the movement of a node that isn't on the first position? I can swap the first position and any other position, but to move a

I'm trying to get the index of a value in a list, doing so like this: items = "Test" zipItems xs = zip xs [0..] thisItemNumber item = snd . head . filter (\(i, _) -> i == item) (zipItems items)

i have been encountering so many codes in polynomial which creates the polynomial using double pointers as arguments and in the following code i have a question that why a new node is created for the

In my Django application I have the following two models: class Event(models.Model): capacity = models.PositiveSmallIntegerField() def get_number_of_registered_tickets(): return

I have installed the lamp in the aws instance, When i tried to connect with my phpmyadin i am getting blank page phpMyadmin config.inc.php file: /* Authentication type */ $cfg['Servers'][$i]['

While invoking MVC controller action method successively with different inputs I noticed in the server logs during the second call still holding the previous call inputs, but if I noticed from client

i have created a url using NestedSimpleRouter. And the url that i have created is that : http://localhost:8000/api/category/1/subcategory/ And In above url 1 in the id of category .And my problem

I'm trying to send post data to a website and then download the source of the response page. the problem is that I can not send the data to the form because the action parameter is not an url. the

I had got a problem when i try to install flutter. Here is the log. Help me tks. ~flutter doctor Downloading Dart SDK from Flutter engine 58a1894a1cd798de2f9a206f157a90d45944028b % Total %

My name is Reeta and I am fairly new to AEM. So any help will be useful I have a created a site using AEM. Now I am trying to shorten URLs and facing challenges in sling:mapping My site structure is

eI'm using Automapper in my .net core 2.2 back-end service. i use ProjectTo method to generate my result.This is my StockItem class: public class Product { public DateTime? SellEndDate { get;

Starting off with a simple form that requires an email address: <form action="NextPage.php" method="post"> <input type="email" name="contact[email]" required id="frmEmailA" autocomplete="

I am building a modular application in Laravel 5.7. I need to create a dynamic menu for each enabled module. My solution is to create a file config/menu.php for each module, in this file I return the

All is in the title: Is RKE (from Rancher) production ready? I tried to google it without success. And is there any best practices to set up a production cluster with it? Thanks for your help.

I'm lookin for a way to find in my XML file specific value for different node. I'm looking for "Marque" and "ReferenceVehicule" and they have to contains a specific value. It works well and return and

Can i just use a bootstrap CSS file without installing the complete package in my angular 6 project. I am using material UI with angular. Now i am afraid if i use material UI with bootstrap , what

This is my urls.py url(r'^password_reset/$', auth_views.PasswordResetView.as_view(template_name='accounts/password_reset.html'), name='password_reset'), url(r'^password_reset/done/$', auth_views.

The code is giving the wrong count can anyone suggest some approach. I am using sliding window mechanism to get the count of sub-Array. I have taken two pointers- start and end i keep on increasing

I have the following data frame import numpy as np import pandas as pd import os csvFile = "csv.csv" csvDelim = '@@@' df = pd.read_csv(csvFile, engine="python", index_col=False, delimiter= csvDelim)

I am working on pagination , I have created a table, in which initial limit is placed as 5 that 5 table rows will show in page , I have made a dropdown in which there are five option are provided to

I have an array of arrays, to sync possible outcomes. My sequence in building this was from the image attached.1st Sequence array The coded version of it is as followed $bidMatchArr = array('

How do I change the size of a FloatingActionButton? I've tried increasing the size of the icon, but it doesn't affect the surrounding circular shape. I've also tried wrapping the button in a

My question is this. Apache Hadoop, in its documentation mentions one following example code for hadoop streaming: $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar $HADOOP_HOME/hadoop-streaming.jar \ -input myInputDirs

I am trying visual studio code to send http request to my server. When I send request to my server, I am using GlobalSign ca and add to my request with curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_CAINFO, my-path);

Regarding RumbleTalk chat widget, the chat window can be toggled to open and close by clicking on a button. See Demo. However the position of the button is fixed to float left or right only.

How can I parse the given string? I want to extract the following values - username & ref_id { "User":{ "username":"Vinayaka", "email":"Vinayaka@mindsol.in", "ref_id":"

anyone here knows how to make a save and continue? I have a multi page form and it have many different parts so I need a save and continue form so they can fill out this form on the other day. So

UIView is scrolling with indicator of UISlider on sliding. But the UIView's centre is not just above the indicator of UISlider. When I sliding UISlider the UIView is shifted left or right of