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I have a table says, menu. In which only 5 records are available, but I need more than 5 records including duplication. Actual scenario, a group of people can order the same menu for example If I


I have an issue. I'm currently using bootsrap version 4.1.2 on xampp. The problem is everytime i make a change to the bootstrap.css file, i need to clear my browser data before i can see those changes.

用于输入ASP的核心2.1 MVC DATE

I'm pretty new to mvc, razor and core 2.1 and this issue is keeping me up for hours. In my view I have a textbox of type datetime. I want to be able to select the date from a dropbox (see jquery


I have two tables. class Writer(models.Model) name = model.CharField() class Article(models.Model) name = model.CharField() writer = model.ForeignKey('Writer', related_name="


I am creating a chatbot and i need help, i have googled alot but nothing helped me. I want to do something like this: var input = $('#InputField').html(); //consider it as hi, how are you! var

NoDEJS Express重用另一文件中的路径获取方法

In file groups.js, I have the following route: router.get('/status', function(req, res, next) { // some data return res.status(200).json(someData); } module.exports = router; and in file


User table with position (Right,Left) I created user register system with referral link. New user can register under this referral id easily and I set new user into right and left position. But I


Have a WebDesktop app. common window definition Ext.define('Desktop.v2.CommonGridWindow', { extend: 'Ext.ux.desktop.Module', requires: [ 'Ext.data.ArrayStore', 'Ext.util.Format', '

JavaScript执行命令-Windows .Orth.HREF

I took a look at this is-javascript-location-href-call-is-asynchronous but I am in need of specific details for specific situations for more clarity: The following is the script order in source code:


I am using golang to run a simple server on http://localhost:8080. I need a way to stop the server and restart a different server when a user accesses http://localhost:8080/winrestart. So far I have

Python 3.7的MySQL包

I am in the need of saving data into a MySQL database, my problem is I can't find the package Solution explored: Oracle website: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/python/ Trying to


Okay I currently have a column of dates whose dtype is object. Output is as follows: 720344 31/12/2016 720345 31/12/2016 720346 31/12/2016 720347 31/12/2016 720348 31/12/2016 Then I


I am having problems displaying pictures using bxslider like they should. Currently I am using full screen width and 450px height to display picture like this: The way I want to display my picture is


I've found an example in .Net documentation on how to implement AsyncCache. They suggest the following: public class AsyncCache<TKey, TValue> { private readonly Func<TKey, Task<TValue&


If I have a single embedding vector, I can find the most similar word using similar_by_vector(). If I have a series of vectors from the output of a recurrent neural network, which represent a


I am testing Firebird NUMERIC / DECIMAL fields behavior in JDBC (Jaybird) in Java. When using FBResultSetMetaData to check the column properties (for using ResultSet.getObject method for e.g. SELECT *


Here is my situation: I defined an R function that contains a matrix, a vector and a parameter a. I need to compute the results of the function for different values of a parameter. This is simple to


I'm building an API service so that my webserver (shared hosting) sends calls (curl) to an external Server (Ubuntu Server 16.04). On the Ubuntu Server I have Flask installed with nginx, and works ok,


I am trying to switch between divs each time the on/off button is clicked. also when "off" is clicked "add new" button show disapear and when on is clicked "add new" button show appear again. html


I use admob for android and I need to display two ads one is a smart banner size and the other is a square size one so it works fine if I use the same id for both but should I keep doing it or should

在MVC 5中动态加载jQuery POPOFE

I got this code from a tutorial and it does not work properly. It does not show the details when I hover over a name in the jQuery DataTable. 1.) How does it know to execute the setData(id) method?


one can change the line ending setting by git config --global Is there a way I can overwrite the global line-ending settings in individual repositories ?


I am trying to solve this problem: there is a string with length N and integer coordinates (1,…,N−1). You select 2 unique coordinates at random without replacement, cut the string at those 2


I am implementing Google map in my activity. I can place marker on my default place but i want if user click on any other location my marker should move there and i want lat and long position to send


Problem I want to send my wordpress form data to my .Net API. Link of my api http://remote.hhds.com.au:49172/API/api/addonlinebookings?jsonData=@test I am using Contact form 7 and also use contact


So I am trying to make an app that takes in ZIP files and use them as Themes. I have started with an Observable Collection that contains the name themes(Folders in the internal storage folder) and

如何将“2017—05-21T20:37:08221-0500”格式的时间戳转换到爪哇/ EpochMilli的Scala

I have strings in ISO 8601 format with timezone offset. They are in the format “2017-05-21T20:37:08.021-05:00”. I want to convert to EpochMilli in Java/Scala. Instant.parse( "2017-05-21T20:37:08.021-


I have used the following code to generate a ROC plot library(plotROC) library(ggplot2) library(e1071) library(mlbench) data(BreastCancer) BreastCancer$Class <- ifelse(BreastCancer$Class == "


Not Able to get the details, can someone help, I'm using PHP get_file_content for fetching data in json.


How to extract a specific portion of a one page PDF into an image using C# to prepare it for OCR? I have got CAD drawings in PDF that I wish to extract data from like title, revision number, author,


enter image description here Hi I would like to add an automatic increment to the head of my application. For example; "Permission Certificate #1", "Permission Certificate #2", "Permission


How can I group a set rows by 'product_id' from a table and create a new column by comparing a set of column values within the group ? For example, product id part_id availability 1 1


give a number N, a array of all its factors, a number K we need to find number of ways in which N can be represented as product of K factors, i.e. if N=64 K=3 arr = [1,2,4,8,16,32,64] so number


I'm trying to understand the difference between these associative collection classes HashMap TreeMap HashSet Hashtable and which one allows synchronized access to its elements ?


I am not very familiar with the documentation but so far I have not been able to find anything regarding the ability to create a region comprised of some MGLAnnotations. In MapKit you can join


Sonicwall NSA 220 routing performance is less than I expected. It is just doing routing - no content filtering (the system is out of support). My test setup: two laptops, each with 1 gig NICs. The


I am trying to forward all traffic from port 80 to port 5000 using nginx. Here is my /etc/nginx/sites-available/default file (which is symlinked to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default): server {

Sorry for the vague question, but wasn't sure how to phrase it. I'm creating a timer (with a progress bar, that goes from 100% to 0), and I want to add something like a 'onStop' function for the user


I've a GoDaddy Dedicated server that has CentOs and I'm trying to run my Node.js application in that server. First of all as I want to run my node.js server to serve my frontend, so I restricted the


Currently we are looking into the development of a mobile app (native) and we would like to login the customer to the backend (Java) which has a REST API using a 5 digit code, their fingerprint or

用Python 3.66脚本显示网络(外部)IP地址

Do you know a script that allows me to view external ip in the bar ? I use i3 status.


I'm working on someone else's code and I want to modify it as little as possible, and here is what I came up with. The only problem is, it seems that when I want to recursively run my 'end_method', it


I'm loading an obj and rotate this object (y-axis) by mousemove. works fine, but console gives me an TypeError: worldscene is undefined main.js in: function render() { worldscene.rotation.y =


my question is about Android studio. I am trying to implement the method: setNetworkSelectionModeManual from the telephonymanager library unsuccessfully.. Whenever it is getting called, the app


I am trying to figure out how I can outsmart the time-to-live (ttl) if a server goes down. If every application on our devices carries a cache of queries that isn't always responsive to ttl changes,


I'm working on a project in which i required to crop/mask an image at run time like shows in image and the cropped area as transparent. I've tried few things but couldn't get anywhere. any help please


I'm trying to make my program named ZawTennisPlayer to output the following using constructors and display methods. I am using a sample code called TestTennisPlayer2 to test it out and to get the


I would like to have a function that converts any iterable type C[_] of Either[A, B] to Either[C[A], C[B]]. I got it working but I used asInstanceOf method and I feel like this approach can fail in


I am looking for a robust way of finding functional parameters in a Sympy expression. For example, in the example below, how can one retrieve f from operator? import sympy x, y = sympy.symbols('x y')


I've made a struct to retrieve types from a list, so-to-speak. This version compiles. template<uint16_t index, class first, classrest> struct type_at { type_at() = delete; static