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I would like to have a button that would be place back to the default place when it's scroll to the bottom and when its scroll past a certain height , it will be fixed to the bottom of the screen, but


Recently, I loaded my index.html and my stylesheet.css to my Geocities directory, and I can't get the css file to load onto the website. The site only shows the HTML code. After using Googlefu, I


Need to look up values under column A of sheet1 and match it with values under Column A of sheet2. If matches , Return the corresponding value under column B of sheet1 as result . Display the result

Redis的AOF fsync与LSM树

My understanding of log structured merge trees (LSM trees) is that it takes advantage of the fact that appending to disk is very fast (since it requires no seeks) by just appending the update to a

使用AWS codedeploy化:在哪里设置

I want to set "Overwrite the content" in a CodeDeploy I created in Terraform: https://docs.amazonaws.cn/en_us/codedeploy/latest/userguide/deployments-rollback-and-redeploy.html#deployments-rollback-

I am starting to learn some react, and trying to learn how to combine ReactJS and Django. I am currently following the proposed tutorial here After setting up the django urls, and installing django-


I am trying to achieve these things with my selectOneMenu. Make the f:selectItem's width to adapt the size of its p:selectOneMenu Wrap the f:selectItem's text if the itemLabel is too long Hide the


I'm a beginner for codeigniter, could you help me to convert this PHP code to codeigniter please? $kuerimatpel = "SELECT id_matpel from matpel where id_matpel order by bobot desc, nama_matpel asc";


I am developing a functionality where I need to specify an url on an anchor for Android, iPhone or iPad, but when there is another device, I have to set another default url. See my code: var


I was using promises in my code dealing with async problems. But, I have to resolve an entire web scraping procedure before implementing the next step. I tried doing something like putting it all in

未定义的符号:_znk10tensorflow *

Following this guide on running TensorFlow within unity. I've looked around but can't seen to find anything that helps. I'm placing the libTFModel.so file inside "project_name/Assets/Plugins/

Python isinstance()不能如我

I have a class called Route (with its own __repr__() function), and an instance of a Route called default_route. However, if I call isinstance(default_route,Route), it unexpectedly returns False, viz:

SQL操作的工作室在Mac无法连接到SQL Server(MSSQL不支持)

I have a problem with SQL Operations Studio on a Mac. SQL OS cannot connect to a MS SQL Server Database. On the bottom right, the notification "mssql not supported" pops up. When I try to connect to a

R闪亮的DT -输入搜索文本程序

Is it possible to enter search box text through code? Required behaviour is: user enters text into textInput('search2', "Search 2") and this text replicates in the DT search box and search is


I have a larger data set (about 5,000) colleges that I will need to occasionally have my users query on the app. It is simple as looking for the college (data entry) associated with the unique key


I have a dictionary like below: [{'mississippi': 1, 'worth': 1, 'reading': 1}, {'commonplace': 1, 'river': 1, 'contrary': 1, 'ways': 1, 'remarkable': 1}, {'considering': 1, 'missouri': 1, 'main': 1, '


Recently I wrote some code in which I need to identify a newline character. I believed using if(str == "") would not return true if the character was a \n but I was wrong. If you run the following

java /安卓环随机数据分配到Android SDK中的按钮

I'm building a variation of an quiz app for Android (so in Java). I have quiz question and a list of four quiz answers A, B, C and D. I want to randomize the possible answers (A, B, C and D) so that


Hi I have a private Subject that I do not want to expose, so I am creating different Observables from the single Subject: public numberChange$: Observable<number>; public oddChange$: Observable&


Which of these is a better practice when defining border properties in CSS.. this.. <style> .thick-green-border { border-color: green; border-width: 10px; border-style: solid; }

NPM犯错!Appium chromedriver @ 3.1.4安装:`节点安装JS ` NPM。

install appium on os x Command execute:$ sudo npm install -g appium@1.7.2 Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-chromedriver/2018422-31132-


My popup consists a parent React component that then renders other components alongside this button React component that contains a button that when clicked opens a new tab, and then I want to have a

我如何使用LINQ to正确填写这个字符串数组?

Trying to use linq to fill a string array but my debug line only is working in my website for 'debug' and not 'debug1'. It's hard for me to see what's wrong with my array but I know my directory is


I think I'm having a brain fog day But is it possible to pass back a block from within a block? For example: typedef void(^SomeBlock)(int someValue); typedef void(^SomeOtherBlock)(int


I spent a few days trying to discover volleyball and finally I managed to find ways to use Method.POST. I am using equalsIgnoreCase to create a login. My web services returns a string with 3


I would like to put together a simple web form with couple of comboboxes. Once the user would have picked the values, some derived result should be displayed (based on some static configuration /


I'm reading K&R programming language 2ed. In section 5.3(page 99): By definition, the value of a variable or expression of type array is the address of element zero of the array. It tells us

无法读取数据expressjs使用findById mongo

I am trying to read mongoDB data in expressjs and return it back, but am getting the error { "error": { "message": "Cannot read property 'DiseaseID' of undefined" } } Code is :


I'd like to apply a series to the end of a dataframe, but have the same series in each row of the dataframe. Wondering how I can do this? Example below. Thanks! Dataframe: a b 0 2 3 1 6 5


This is my code: const cookies = new Cookies(); var name = (cookies.get('name')); var key = (cookies.get('key')); console.log(key); const theme = createMuiTheme({ palette: { primary: amber,


I am trying to run a docker-compose application and build from a private GitHub repository. version: '3' services: my-awesome-app: build: git@github.com:Tarocco/my-awesome-app.git:


I've done plenty of searches but couldn't get this to work. Seems quite straightforward. I am using Bootstrap-multiselect by the way. class MyProject extends React.Component { constructor(props) {

GAMLSS错误而(ABS(g.dev.old - g.dev)

I'v been working with this data year rango_edad Sexo zona_2016 conteo siniestros expuestos upc_millon valor_millon freq 1 2010 01. < 1 F Alejada 180 87 75 121

如何让inheritance_column JSON

I need to expose the inheritance_column in the JSON response so that I can retrieve it in my frontend (Angular) application. How can I make it real? I have searched a lot for an answer to this

一维数组C错误:从int * int无效转换

I’m new to coding and I’m having some trouble with one dimensional arrays. I keep getting an error that stated “invalid conversion from int* to int [fpermissive]”. Please advise //function


Since I install I18n, some of my forms do no longer work. I realised that they are the one that include datetime inputs. Is there a step that I should add/amend in my setup? I am trying to create an

当将jobinfo推出套我的话,我setpersisted Android?

I know the jobInfo will be launched after mobile phone reboot if I set setPersisted(true) and add permission. I think that I need invoke mJobScheduler.schedule(jobInfo) at least one time before


When I use gunicorn to deploy the project, I can't find the module. When I use the test environment it is normal. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/

填充曲线下面积- R图

I am trying to fill the area under the plot curve with color. This is my data: WOL EB1 EB2 EB3 -4 -9.61818 5.38182 15.38182 -3 -11.75152 3.24848 13.24848 -2 -13.01212 1.98788 11.98788 -1 -

API的回复在App Store的评论吗?

Is there any API for replying to customer review in App Store similar with Google Play Store API: https://developers.google.com/android-publisher/reply-to-reviews I need a way to reply the customer


I'm studing a way to insert images into a firebase storage in a New app project, but in all my attempts I Just got base64 strings, who are not interpreted by the firebase API (I had errors all time).


Is it possible to dynamically update the document? Otherwise, for example I have if I have UserProfie as String name String lastName Object Address String token Then I'm looking to create about 3


I am working with android studio and i want to import data from an XLs fil and insert data to my sqlite But when i wlick on the Button to import data my app stopped


I use spring boot 2 with hibernate and postgres. In an entity, I have this @Embedded private TestCar testCar; In testCard @Embeddable public class TestCar { } I have many boolean, int; When


I am trying to read the table from the following web using Pandas https://www.eloratings.net/ I use the following code; df = pd.read_html("https://www.eloratings.net/",header=0) It threw me an


For my project i have scrapped twitter data in multiple jsonl file which needs to converted as single file and then read the single file again to extract informations. Code used to combine multiple


I am going to take in a users input consisting of their identification and their mark, separated by a space. The code compiles and I can enter answers at the prompt, however, at the end of the prompts


I come from a background in Angular, but I wanted to start learning React. I want to make a React front-end for a nodejs Express web service. In Angular, I could simply build the source code into a


I am trying to fetch the record from mySQL database and group them. Lets take this table as an example: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DATEADDED DOCTYPE SUBJECT


Sorry for the inaccurate title. Here is the detail description of the problem: assume a tensor of shape (?, 2), e.g., a tensor T [[0,1], [0,2], [0,0], [1, 4], [1, 3], [2,0], [2,0], [2,0],[2,0]]. How