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I created a c# class library in VS2015, with one class: namespace A_JAM_CLASS_LIB { public class base_class { public string a_method() { return "Hi!"; }

It's working fine on my IDE, but on the test environment, correctness and performance was showing zero: you would like to make a list of N top brand names based on user preferences. You are supplied

I would like to hide an action depending on the value of a variable( if $sType->payment is true then hide it otherwise show it). This is how I am trying to do it without any success. <?php (!$

I want to retrieve a record from table data structure by passing a variable to the where clause. But it only works when value is hard coded and not when given a parameter. public function

Hi i created a Postgres data base and was able to connect with QGIS desktop but when i import shape files using DB manager the QGIS desktop hangs and data doest load ,please help me sorting with the

I want to transfer files incrementally into Aws S3 buckets. Files contain natural keys like SSN_Number. However, security, mainly GDPR, does not allow us to present PII (personal identifiable

I´am using a Angular frontend and PHP backend to try upload files and save them on an ftp-server. To Upload the Files is this code used: uploadFiles(file: File, uploadFolder: string): Observable<

I'm building some kind of a news website in which I upload an article, I store the text of an article as one field The problem is, I want to be able to put links divs across the article but I don't

Which is better / cleaner between calling like ~15 functions one after another or making a vector of functions and why? They have the same signature but differ in functionality, for example: int a =

I want to pass date to a javascript function for some manipulation. The problem I am facing here is: the function is changing the actual date parameter though it works on local parameter. Here is an

I want to use SVG + JS for FA 5 (Pro) self-hosted. FA regards using the all.js which is > 3MB. Alternative I could use "certain styles" with smaller file sizes. But I'm searching for a better

I'm working on a new website layout and have purchased the Kerge HTML 5 template from ThemeForest. However, I am having an issue getting my embedded YouTube video to play (see code below). When I

I recently installed Debian 9 (Stretch) on my new server and Xen 4.8 hypervisor for virtualization successfully. Now i am having a challenge connecting the virtual machine to the internet. below are

Recently, I want to migrate a Storm Topology to Heron. But there are some problems with it. In Heron topology, I can set the resources of components and containers, such as: conf.setComponentRam("

I am working on a VM in Azure. Recently Azure subscription is expired(disabled) & got a new subscription(For some reasons could not renew it). Now trying to migrate my VM to the new subscription.

How do I route to a ion-tab with a router-outlet? What do I write in the login.page.ts in the goNext function? I tried: this.router.navigate(['/profile']); this.router.navigate(['/(profile:profile)'])

I have a form that is per-populated based on user saved information and the user can change those information at any time. A simple example of how this is structured is: componentWillMount() {

According to my UI the situation is totally different from this question How to Submit the form in stepper My scenario is that I have to create one stepper with multiple forms. So that. I have

When i checked prometheus custom metrics, i see container_memory_cache but container level memory buffer data is not available.. When i run vmstat -S M command.. i can get buffered memory as below.

this Download format drive api does not work with MSGraphClient in SharePoint framework solution . i was trying extension and called api using MSGraphClient. this.context.msGraphClientFactory

There are many dependencies and devDependencies in my project and I would like to package my project folder with 'electron-packager' in asar mode. while doing so, does it automatically exclude

I'm trying to publish my Android app on the Google Play store, but it got suspended due to a policy violation, specifically: Issue: Violation of Webviews and Affiliate Spam policy We don’t allow

is it possible to get the variable from first php file to second php file by calling the second php file using xmlhttp.open()? First File: $conn = sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo);

I have a JavaScript file which essentially draws a line when the user scrolls down the page. It draws a line for the first SVG but not for the other (which uses the same class). For example, I have

When sending an email with MailMessage and SmtpClient, I find that unless the email address matches the username of the credentials that were used to authenticate it fails to send, instead giving the

I have created web site using angular-cli. I want this site translate for different languages.I have created src/local/messages.xlf , src/local/messages.fr.xlf ,src/local/messages.en.xlf file in src/

I have been trying to create a video modal using vanilla css and jquery for youtube videos. I am pulling the video ids off of the youtube api and have set up links to click on. Everything is

In BigQuery you give users/roles (or authorized views) access on dataset-level and not views/table-level. The challenge I want to address is how to manage access control in bigquery when I have

I want to change the @type: Article exported by the WordLift plugin in JSON-LD to @type: NewsArticle. How can I do that?

i have a datagrid containing few columns, one of them is in asp:Textbox, and the other is in asp:DropDownList. the dropdownlist contains of operator plus(+) and minus(-), if the selected dropdownlist

The method someFunc() is called after the brackets. I need it to be called right after the sleep method (exactly after the time passes). It seems that the timer calls the execution block after the

I have read this question: Laravel Passport Route redirects to login page and it is not working for me. I am sending the request using Accept: application/json and Authorization: Bearer [access-token],

I have this code: import java.util.*; class MyClass { public Boolean field; } public class Main { Map<String, MyClass> map = new HashMap<>(); private void fillCollection()

I have opened the signing link for embedded signers and I don't find any Assign to someone else option. I am using v2 rest api

How can I create flat icon shadow using CSS with font awesome icons? I can use box-shadow or text-shadow using css but the shadow in flat icon is different than any other. Like below image:

Here when I don't use unset() function and print_r($color), it outputs YELLOW as a result. I don't get why it outputs only YELLOW? $colors = array('red', 'blue', 'green', 'yellow'); foreach ($colors

I am trying this plugin in my sample project but it is not working. Please find my project structure : ├── pom.xml └── src ├── main │ ├── java │ │ └── com │ │ └──

I have tried without success to display a non-contiguous range of row cells into a 2-column listbox in Excel 2016. The lastest suggestion I'm using is to move range values into an array and use the

What is the correct way of writing a grammar in ANTLR for language that is right-to-left such as Arabic or Hebrew? Do I write the tokens and rules in the grammar left-to-right and then create

I have a dictionary below {'PnL':{'Company A':{'Orange':3000}, 'Company B':{'Apple':2000, 'Grapes':1000} }, 'Tax':{'Company A':{Orange':100}, 'Company B':{'

I have long text items in QComboBox, and I want to display complete text of items in multiple lines. What should I do. Thank you. Currently it puts between the text.

Will duplicated documents impact search results? For example, we have an index that we can have the same documents repeated and different by only one field. Index: ChannelID, ProductID, ProductName

I have a use case where I want the user to get logged out when they close their browser. And next time when the user visit the website,user should be rdirected to landing page/login page of my

I´m developing an aspect using spring aop. We usually use JoinPoint as object to retrieve class name, method name, I´m doing this: String className = joinPoint.getTarget() != null &&

So, i want to detect button pressed by user when alert dialog pops up. This is my code. public class AlertUtils { private int BTN_PRESSED; private AlertDialog.Builder builder; public

I have scenario where I want to mapped data fetched from native query in a JPA repository to custom object. My repository code is as follows: @Query(nativeQuery = true,name = "TopCouponOffer") List&

I am trying to embed desktop application in website.Is selenium best for embedded desktop application in webpage?

Created a newer Design for a website and there is a weird issue i have been facing- For the dropdown values on any form, there are two vertical scrollbars are available for chrome browser in Window

How can I make standard json keys schema for multiple API service. What if on original response I want to map to specific keys? Maybe adding or removing keys too? Thanks

Hi i was able to find a way to get the Dept ID but currently facing a problem. the first time i was able to submit the data to the database it worked but when i selected another value from