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I'm looking for a solution to make a scrollable selectbox with heading like in the picture. If I user a table, I can't choose any of the lines. I want the user to mark one option, so he can delte it,


I have this array : int[][] multi = new int[][]{ { 3, 4, 2}, { 2, 2, 5 }, { 1, 2 } }; I would like to print the produce of each cells. It's


We are developing an app which will display a button on product details page to perform some actions. We are using product.metaifields for displaying the same based on a condition. So basically the


I'm working on CentOS 7 with Spark 2.3.0 I linked PySpark with jupyter but I get an error when I try to read an xml file df=pyspark.SQLContext(sc).read.format('com.databricks.spark.xml').options(


How to achieve UI like below. like scrolling tab, horizontal paging and header minimise.


I'm using EclEmma plugin for Eclipse, and the coverage report shows 0% coverage for an Enum I've defined, public enum Call { INSTANCE; public int add(int a, int b) { return a+b; } public int


I'm trying to implement sidenav with Auxiliary routes, but without a success. This is simplified example of my router: { path: 'admin', component: MainLayoutComponent,


I have fast question about Topself. To initailize topsefl I use: -- public static TopshelfExitCode Run(Action configureCallback); HostFactory.Run(c => { c.Service&


ItemListComponent This component renders a list of items, each of which is an object with a unique itemId property. The user can add an item to the cart by pressing the plus icon. <FlatList


I am trying to use whereIn() to find records who have 'prov' that can be found in this array; array:3 [▼ 0 => array:6 [▼ "id" => 1 "contest_id" => 1 "contest_zone_id" => 1 "province" =&


I have a document like: { "Id":"1", "Name":"product1", "Categories":["Cat1", "Cat2", "Cat3"] }, { "Id":"2", "Name":"product2", "Categories":["Cat3", "Cat2", "Cat6"] } Now I want


I've received a crash stack trace below. But no idea what each line is doing actually. Symbol of libmono.so should help, but it didn't come with Unity3D like libunity.so. 1 #00 pc 0003a360 /system/


I have code in my razor view: @Model.DateUpdated.ToLocalTime().ToString("dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss") In my model the property is as follows: public DateTime DateUpdated { get; set; } This is populated


I have this data table which shows incoming calls at a grocery shop. The call time is when the call came in, the activity_time is when the employee started using the software, activity_des is the


I have the following code working fine, but how do I add a where clause in, tried numerous approaches but to no avail, getting syntax error can some please help? Been trying the following string:

Jasmine createSpyObj服务不注册呼叫

After reading what feels like every single post about Jasmine spies not registering calls, here's my code with that exact problem: describe( 'shared.FormAutocompleteComponent', () => { let

IE 11中未设置只读值

Hello this question may sound repeated, but I wasn't able to find the correct answer even after looking through a lot of posts. I have a "read only" field in my app that is set using the data entered


The array pulls information from the spreadsheet and does a multiplication resulting in a number with 2 decimal points, when I do a sum or have the code loop and add the values in the array they


I want to execute an admin process like Cheat Engine without having to write the password every time. I got it working using PowerShell but with C WinAPI it still asks for the password. PowerShell (


So, I have a matrix named "mat" which carries expressions with respect to theta_r and phi. In the next line, I substitute these out so they are with respect to theta_x and theta_y. Now, I want to


I have written a python program that uses multiprocessing to populate a dictionary with data, and I have other functions (API) within in the same class I have created to get and set the data. I am


I've been playing around with namedtuples from collections in classes, and came across this simpler 'syntactic sugar' naming assignment, but when I assign foo to 009 and try to put it into the tuple


I have a table called transactions and I'm looking for one specific transaction type for every person. Here are my tables: Account DateTime | Balance | PersonID 2018-01-02 |

I recently found a SO question / answer regarding not being able to edit a file that is TFS write protected. The answer involved right clicking the Solution and selecting "Go Online". After doing this,


I have this in one modal and I need to put some data in my user_link_path : <div id="modal-myvalue"></div> //DATA <%= link_to "Delete link", user_link_path(NEED TO PUT THE DATA HERE),


I have searched but could not find logic behind following in JavaScript - When i type in console {} == null returns Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token == But {} == {} returns false why ?


I have two pages I need to redirect from HTTPS to HTTP. I have working code for a single page but I am struggling to figure out how to get it working for two pages. It redirects request to /modules/


I got this error while integrating Twitter sign up by using Code Igniter-HybridAuth.


I am new to PHP and Laravel. I installed Laravel and Composer , created new project and it is working fine. Now when i tried to migrate a database using this command php artisan migrate i got errors,


I have been developing an app that allows users to chat with each other. The users can send either a text message or a voice recording as a message. When a message is received, the view that should be


Hi I have been trying to implement the following: When a slide is changed, I want to fire typed.js so that the animation starts when viewing each slide. I haven't been able to achieve this so far


What's the formula for adding a space before a date in a cell? Eg, [space]25/12/1999


I am attempting to use google`s gantt chart for a website, by passing values from a mysql database. However I am only seeing a blank page. The chart I wish to use is: gantt chart The current gantt


I have an app server and I want to use an HTML page to create a client socket to that app server send a request and receive the response. my app server is not a web server (no HTTP). for example, you


Below is a bash script which treats a csv file. #!/bin/bash IFS=";" while read -a line;do printf "xxxxxxxxxxx Adresse: " >> retour.txt printf ${line[0]} >> retour.txt


For someone new to R, what is the best way to view the range for a number of variables? I've run the summary command on the entire dataset, can I do range () on the entire dataset as well or do i need

支持Java 1.8和DEV模式调试的GWT版本?

I have a requirement to use highest possible GWT version which support Dev mode debugging as well as Java 1.8

如何在VS 2017 Vistx扩展C中启用/禁用命令扩展名

I'm developing an exension for Visual Stuidio 2017, using C# VSIX project. I need to create a variable number of command, base on a .ini file. I thought to create a max number of command (because in


I would like to redirect (301) all the requests like "/cgi/.*" to a "parking" page of my symfony (3.4) application "/park". I've created a route like this : old_legacy: path: /cgi/{catchall}


I am using django geolocation for showing map with position in my application built on Django2.0.6 + Python3.6 + Mysql. But when I open my form it shows following error- Exception Value: (1054, "


I am a student who is making a tree structure in cpp for a project. The program is supposed to get a string from an input and enter it into a tree. The tree is organized by each node having the


I would like to change line's parameters of data visualizer (I'm not sure is the data visualizer module) like in the following image : data red line. I tried to change lineColor parameter of all


I have a sqlalchemy model: class User(Base): __tablename__ = 'test_user' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True) timeout = Column(Integer) last_receive_time = Column(TIMESTAMP) I


I recently wrote a piece of code (an decryptor) to convert the result to a specific number (I took inspiration from Shamir's Secret Scheme, which uses Lagrange Polynomials as core). I previously wrote


I am deploying a Stored procedure that check the backup age of every server I support. However, with a little of programming experience that I have, I know I can add or delete part of my code with an


I trained several ml pipelines with SparkML and persisted them in HDFS. Now, I want to apply the pipelines to the same dataframe. I implemented a generic scoring class which reads in the pipelines


Given the below code sample: import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core'; import { timer } from 'rxjs/observable/timer'; import { tap } from 'rxjs/operators'; @Component({ selector: 'foo' })


I want to include a google map with markers on the owl carousel (v2). The script I am using for the google map is working elsewhere on the page, but not when I include it in the carousel. So, the


i have codes like this in vb.net If UBound(aTicketEntry) < 17 and aTicketEntry = Split(sBarcodeValidation, "|") and i try to code them like this but i got error on both them aTicketEntry =


I recently stumbled upon this strange behaviour, while trying to get styleinformation out of excel, especially the border color. using Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel and Excel 2010 I set