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Before AndroidX, I would override the Preference's onCreateView(ViewGroup parent) method to pass Custom Layouts to be used as Preference. But in AndroidX's Preference, there is no onCreateView(

I run on Windows-10 and tried to load the site on both IE11 and Edge. JDK8u191 is installed. Actually, I also removed my last JDK, restarted and then installed the current one. Moreover, this

Hi everyone I was hoping someone could point out why I am having a particular error. My program is telling me I am missing a string resource id however, I have not deleted any nor did I need to add

We have setup an ADFS trusted authority with SharePoint to authenticate remote users in another forest, currently below attributes are the only claims we get from the remote ADFS which include the

I have used the code from Embedded Navigation to show navigation in a customized UI. When the user taps the cross icon to dismiss the navigation, I have updated the delegate method with the following

When using Gradle as a build tool for Android Projects like normally, does Gradle always build everything from a given dependency, or does it only build the things inside the dependency that you are

I have a few sensors that are wirelessly connected to a stick that is connected to a usb port. Each time the sensor gets hit, I get a keyboard interrupt with the letters in the following order (chars

I am using CSRF tokens to secure my requests. During the request roundtrip, the UI is blocked by using a global busy indicator. When a user enters a search term quickly, the blocking does not react

I am a complete beginner to all things Visual Studio and Databases and would like to create a project as practice where I input all of my steam game names/genres/etc into a database, then from an

I am working on html table structure and having one problem in mobile. Following is my table code. <table style="width: 100%;"> <tbody> <tr> <th><span style="color:

I'm using advance custom fields to create posts for a particular category. I have used Elementor(Free version) to do the formatting, I want that all the posts that are created using ACF should be

I am creating very simple text block. The block works fine when I add this for the first time. If I refresh the page and try to edit the block it show me the message "This block contains unexpected or

New to Unit testing (using pytest) and trying to workout how I can test a config module which loads its values from an ini file in a way that isolates it from its environment. I want to test that

I have created a gitlab runner in an aws EC2 instance, and i have the following ci script: stages: - unit_test - cleanup_build_when_fail - deploy_to_sit unit_test: stage: unit_test script: -

I am trying to run Bioconductor, then I wrote below lines: list.files() [1] "sample1.fasta.txt" in_f <- "sample1.fasta" out_f <- "hoge1.fasta" library(Biostrings) Loading

I have a Dockerfile with CMD. I want to override this command by docker run command but in my command there are arguments. the command is something like that: MyAppName -DataBase myDataBase -Port

In our company, we use prebid.js together with DFP for our header bidding. An issue we're now facing with is detecting when ads are missing. We'd like to be alerted when ads don't show, to prevent

I have a Xamarin Forms application using a picker as below. On Windows it works fine but on Android the picker items are displayed multiple times when trying to select an item. I have noticed that

My question is basically an extended question to Can you set the Host header using fetch API I have the same problem that my reverse proxy server (nginx) needs redirect the requests to the

So I have two objects address: { id: 1234, city: "foo", country: "bar", name: "baz" } and defaultAddress: { id: 1234, city: "foo", country: "bar", firstName: "ba", lastName: "z" }

I try to write an application that records the sound from the microphone and send it directly to the speakers. For testing I use a headset to avoid an acoustic feedback. I found this tutorial https://

I'm using subscription in Apollo with Rxjava2 as follow Rx2Apollo.from(someApolloCall) .observeOn(schedulerProvider.io()) .subscribeOn(schedulerProvider.ui()) .subscribe({ // on success }, { //

Good Day how can i compute a public function to route and check it on Postman? here is my codes router.post('/post_regular_hours/:employee_id/',function(request,response,next){ var id = request.

how to create a setup file for windows application and run it after installation completed in c#I use Microsoft Visual Studio Installer Projects and setup project.But I can't find a way to run my

I am trying to fetch .wav file from Amazon S3 and modify it using AudioSegment library. For fetching .wav file from S3, I have used boto3 and IO module. For Audio operations, I am using AudioSegment

I have a problem with flexbox. I've created a poll and I have problems with aligning the elements, see picture below. This is my HTMl: <div class="d-table-cell align-middle"> <div class="

I do have a table ,which contains the delete button to delete the particular user. so when i click the delete button, a confirmation modal displays and when i click the delete button ,the particular

I need a video streaming JavaScript plug in with supports auto trans-coding based on internet speed, I tried Videojs but it doesn't support mp4 I need to keep the video files in mp4 format and stream

I have the follwing folder structure -foo --lambda1 lambda1.py(lambda function) -foo --lambda2 --lambda2.py(lambda function) -foo --util --util.py Now i

I want to get scores/achievements of my facebook friends via Graph API. However, facebook has depreciated this functionality. What is the workaround this?

Here are two lines I saw in OpenCV #define CV_VA_NUM_ARGS_HELPER(_1, _2, _3, _4, _5, _6, _7, _8, _9, _10, N, ) N #define CV_VA_NUM_ARGS() CV_VA_NUM_ARGS_HELPER(__VA_ARGS__, 10, 9, 8, 7,

For example, I have an input as 'file' on HTML after file selected I need to make obligatory date selection field.

i'm trying to loop two separate arrays $currentKeyValues[] and $currentKeyName[] to get the 12 first indexes from the first one and 1 index from the second one and merge into a new array with the

In a PHP site I request images (user profile photos) from a PHP file, the image are loaded explicit using HTTPS as the entire site where HSTS are enabled. The problem is that the site gives a "Mixed

I tried running this sample project which uses MapR. I tried executing the class ml.Flight in the sandbox and from the below line, val spark: SparkSession = SparkSession.builder().appName("churn").

I've been playing around with this for a while, but usually the background would come up as a solid grey rather than the image. I'm very new to this so i can't quite grasp how Python works either

I want to find circles on the shooting aim on the image (and then associate it with aim model, which describes below) So I have source image and aim model (array of contours for each circle, so it is

I want to implement CORS for multiple origins and I understand I need to do so via a lambda function as I cannot do that via the MOCK method exports.handler = async (event) => { const corsUrls =

private string GetContent(string url) { var request = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(url); request.Method = "GET"; var content = String.Empty; HttpStatusCode statusCode; using (var response =

Some of the crashes are visible in the dashboard, but some aren't. Does anyone know the reason behind and how to fix it? Gradle: dependencies { classpath 'io.fabric.tools:gradle:1.+' }

Google Speech to text Api not working for files recorded from ionic mobile app. Google api throws 'Bad Sample rate'. Google api in my case accepts just wav file. so while recording I am creating wav

I'm working on a website for a public administration. In this website some pages might have a title which is longer than 255 characters. Is it possible to change the default max_length of the Page

consider following code snippet: export interface IProduct { [key: string]: number | boolean; } export class Product implements IProduct { b: number; c: boolean; } I'd expect TypeScript

I have an Excel workbook, where I have two data sheets: DATA DATA_OLD The data/rows in "DATA_OLD" is formatted as a range, and the data in "DATA" is formatted as a table. The reason for this is

Is there a method to select nodes in a sector based on its radii & angles subtended by it at the origin? Knowing that radial selection of nodes is possible through getByBoundingCylinder() and

I have to implement a statistic gathering in my application. I look at ELK stack and in general, it is enough for my purposes. But I need integration with an external RDBMS. Is there any way to export

I have two models like below, public class Father{ [BsonId] [BsonRepresentation(BsonType.ObjectId)] public string Id{get;set;} public string Name{get;set;} } public class Child{

I have a problem with Google Play. I can't change the app logo which showed in the Play Market's page of my app. What did I do: 1) I changed the icon in the Google Play console (high definition icon

I do the static analysis on class files by soot. I have to get the statements in try and catch block seperately. I use following code to get the preds of an exception handler: private static void

I want to get a trace which contains nvdimm accesses. I'm working on qemu and using libnvdimm with ndctl. I mounted a pmem by daxfs. And i tried qemu's built-in trace functions but anything doesn't