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I'd like to overide the axes.prop_cycle defined in a matplotlib stylesheet that I'm using matplotlib.pyplot.rcParams to avoid needing to use matplotlib.pyplot.gca().set_prop_cycle(None) during each

I am trying to understand analyzing the average case runtime of algorithms however, I am struggling to find a book or a website which lets me practice with some problem sets. I have tried looking into

Im trying to identify a way to list all running instances with grafana. Have any of you been able to do this? Essentially I want a grafana dashboard to display: Instance-ID >> Region >> Status(up or

Here's my problem: I am new to Javascript and I am trying to make my image change on click. It's a simple counter game that does a 2 frame animation of squidward hitting the dab. So far I have got

I need trigger a specific dialog in ibm-watson conversation, but without ask the user to type something (like a intent). I need to use bootkit to init a specific dialog. That's is possible? I'm

I'm working on a C program to solve the Dining Philosophers' problem. I loop through 500 philosopher state changes, and output each philosophers' status on each interation with the following statement:

I've got an annotation that isn't being processed and I'm not 100% sure why. The goal is fairly simple, to populate a list of all classes which are annotated. Code below: // ServiceAffiliated.java

Thanks for reading the mail. I would like to know is there any support provided by PowerShell to automate the application developed in AngularJs. I am looking for support similar to IE Automation

I wanted to create an android app that adds two number. First;y i set up the Layout design. Secondly in the main_activity file i wrote the code. This is my code: package com.example.asus.calculator;

Using Loopback 4, I want to use the type-safety of Typescript in my application code while getting the schema validation from the repository decorators, but store a property as serialized json (in

How can I make webpack recognize a custom index.js file? For example, I want webpack to override index.js with index.ios.js when importing from a folder. import thing from './thing' I tried the

NOTE: Before I begin stating my question, please don't criticize me about my skill in coding. I'm still a beginner in terms of using python/pygame and that is the reason why I'm here. Anyways, I've

This program's objective is to generates Fahrenheit temperatures from -40F to 120F and their equivalent Celsius temperatures. My two issues are getting each line in the table to be 5 degrees F more

I'm developing an application that utilizes Google sign-in and the Gmail API. My test users, once logged in, keep receiving an email like the attached file. Other applications with similar

I have the following code running to check for prime pairs up till a certain condition (p*q<=n) and I'm unsure if the Big-O notation for this would be O(n^2) or O(NlogN): In main.cpp: int main(

W: The repository 'http://deb.debian.org/debian stretch Release' does not have a Release file. W: The repository 'http://deb.debian.org/debian stretch-updates Release' does not have a Release file.

I already have Tree View as shown in the attachment, Now I have Expand onclick of button, I know the code to perform Expand, but it doesn't expand complete child nodes, instead it does just only 1

We are using JBOSS EAP 6.4 with WMQ adapter. We have a MDB whose activation config properties are configured inside "ejb-jar.xml". Application is already deployed into the production and we need to

Say I have a file with the following numbers separated by spaces: 5 9 4 2 6 With MIPS, how can I put this in an array such that (C++ equivalent) array[0] = A, array[1] = B, etc.?

When the client changes his profile picture it hits the update method, which responds with update.js.erb. This is a fast and straightforward process. However, behind the scenes on the server, a bunch

While C# and Active Directory : test if an OU exist is a useful example, C# appears to be moving away from the System.DirectoryServices functionality to System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement as

I have a file structure that goes like this: config/ config.go utils/ utils.go utils.go needs to access a struct in config.go called Lapse. When I try to import config, I get an error that

Is it possible to add custom text notice below the email field in the checkout page?

I've been working in a algorithm to convert RGB to HSI and vice-versa in python 3, which it display the resulted images and each channel using matplotlib. The trouble is displaying HSI to RGB

Every column name ends with a colon and the next column name starts on newline with the previous line ended with a fullstop , so there should be a way to get a list of column name from the string

I am trying to sort this dictionary. d={'FNP': ['0.02', '0.02', '0.02', '0.02'], 'TestName': ['Test1205', 'Test1206', 'Test1207', 'Test1208'], 'eno': ['0', '0', '0', '0'], 'GRE': ['0.00', '0.00', '0.

I need to save the response code that was sent via json, for example 404: Route::fallback(function(){ return response()->json(['message' => 'Not Found'], 404); })->name('api.fallback.404'

I am having issues parsing the response from an API call using Siesta for iOS. After I post the JSON, it fails trying to parse the response. resource("/SaveEmailAddress").request(.post, json:

I have been working on a custom shell script and have come to a small error when redirecting output with the code given below. In its current state the code works perfectly but when passing to execvp

I would like to create a custom attribute for each option element in a select element, but I am having trouble creating one that can be accessed via AbstractControl and event.target. Here is what I

This compiler are forked from https://github.com/eubnara/flex-bison miniC compiler. Im building a converter to PDL and after add "FACTOR TERM MathEql MathRel" to fix shift reduce error, i have

I'm using Nexus 6p and Android Oreo. How to kill other process or use adb command line in app? Is that possible at root?

I have a bokeh server application that takes input from the user (let's assume "id" as our input) using the Bokeh TextInput field and perform some analysis using callback function (basically it will

I am trying to update my Sticker Pack. When I validate the archive within XCode I get App Store Connect Operation Error CFBundleIdentifier Collision. There is more than one bundle with the

Ok, I'm trying to build a skateboard object where the skateboard can be tossed around but the wheels will rotate only on their axes - To do this I've added a (gravity checked) box colliders and

I'm using a TextPrompt in a waterfall dialog to ask a user a question. I see in the emulator that Luis Trace is returning a recognizerResult which contains the top-scoring intent, but how do I access

I would like to create a time series portrayed visually as a spiral graph like this one. I would like for the ticks to be in months instead of hours. Each spiral will represent years instead of days.

My website is running on Apache, and i m using Symfony version 3.0.9 framework. it is a click tracking application. Now, my website's users will have to assign a costume. (point a CNAME record to my

Ok, I give up Something very strange is going on and, after days of messing with this, I have to ask for help. I have a PHP script that serves an MP4 file from outside of the document root. This

I am trying to deeply compare two objects. However the problem is, one object has keys with value undefined. And the other object does not have the keys when they are undefined: expect({ a: 1 }).

OK, I feel like this should be explained in some obvious place but I have searched and found nothing (and I always found an answer for my previous 999 problems, so normally I am not bad at searching).

Are we able to use GitHub API to create a commit? Can we use API to upload a file/blob, like what we can do using Git command, especially in API v4?

I've been using prase_expr() function of SymPy to evaluate string expressions that refer to variables. Now I'm faced with a problem parsing a expression that contains a variable which has "nan" value.

So I've was coding in Visual Studio (Community) for quite some time now and decided I wanted to switch to a different environment, VS feels really slow and heavy and since I don't use 95% of its

Since Report Services API has a limit of 20 per day, I had used scraping on the V2 Analytics to automatically download the reports. Scraping was as easy as opening a URL via CURL on linux webserver,

I am trying to parse a .tsv file into an array of objects so I can pass the array into react-stockcharts to display a chart. Here is a working example from react-stockcharts: https://codesandbox.io/s/

I'm on Windows 10, build 1809. When I execute sudo apt-get update, I'm stuck in Waiting for headers: Ign:63 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ondrej/php/ubuntu xenial/main Translation-en Ign:24 https://deb.

I am creating chart using canvasjs. But trial version watermark appears on the bottom of the chart. Is there anyway to remove this mark? enter image description here

I've made a simple test file for adding custom list items with hrefs to a list, it works but when I refresh the page the list items are gone because the actual page source isn't updated. How do update

database looks like this: date value 2000-01-01 foo 2000-01-01 foo 2000-01-01 foo 2000-01-02 bar 2000-01-02 bar 2000-01-02 bar 2000-01-10 yyy 2000-01-10