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I want to upload email and name to a database in bulk how can i achieve that and what ways can be used to do it. I've no clue.

We have Contact Center in which there are about 1 million of records are created every days. we use mysql as primary database. Records are about calls time, agents that answer it, call type and

does anyone know, how can I insert data from my double-dimension int array to XML file, which I already created? (I am going to use XML file as a source to GridView) file.xml <?xml version="1.0"

I'm traying to make some tests for an api here is the code: tests.py def test_get_lists(self): response = self.api_client.get('/api/t/') print(response.data) self.assertEqual(

Background I'm trying to write a program in which the user types in a formula of format A?B:C?(X-1):D?(Y-3):(Z*3) and then the code will guide the user through a series of yes/no questions to

How to import data from rdbms to hdfs using sqoop in single file and number of mapper would be 5 or more. Can we achieve this by using sqoop only?

I have created simple logic where on change input function starts to validate input file but its showing ReferenceError: validateImage is not defined <script> $(document).ready(

As shown in the picture above. i just give my long road mesh(not square) a texture,with perspective camera setup. As you can see, the pixels of lane line in the middle of road mesh at the distance are

Currently I am exploring kie workbench. How to create a common decision table for two or more container in one server template?. Is this Possible scenario in kie workbench? Thanks

I have the following class public class InitialSetupWizardData { private final SimpleStringProperty licence_type = new SimpleStringProperty(this,"licenceType",""); public String getLicence_type(

I am currently working on a page that present a pandas data frame. The table displays the over arching information. What I am wanting to do is make one of the columns either click-able or a hyper link.

I can do comments in java code Single line comment/uncomment Ctrl + / Multiline comment Ctrl + Shift + / uncomment Ctrl + Shift + \ I would like do the same with XML, but currently I can only do

I'm using the Spring Boot JPA, with TransactionTemplate and pessimistic lock, I'm trying to prevent the record from being updated by other thread during the transaction. Here is the code:

My app is using Firebase real-time database as backend. Like other social networking apps, my app also has groups which can be subscribed by users for getting future events push-notification. Let's

is there an option to set on pine script that when an order command is submitted it cancels the previous one if previous one is not filled if secondbuycond and firstbuycond and (time >=

I'm using an plugin that working with Ajax for creating a follow button to make our users following each other. I putting the follow button anywhere that i need an user to follow the other users like

#include<stdio.h> int main() { char str[7]; scanf("%s",&str); for(i=0; i<7; i++) { printf("%x(%d) : %c\n",&str[i], &str[i], str[i]); } printf("\n\n%x(%d) :

I have shifted from mongoose to mongodb driver 3.1.13 for nodejs. My db resides on mlab. My problem is I am not even able to create a collection. Collection returned is null. Am I doing it the wrong

Just started learning React, and I'm getting ReferenceError: require is not defined <anonymous>http://localhost:3000/js/script.js:3:5 in console log. Here's my JSX: import React from '

I Have a many to many relationship from WishList to Product. I made codegen property as Manual/None, so I have created respected classes as below. class Product: NSManagedObject { struct constants {

In my app, the authentication is not the first screen to be shown. The home page contains a list of item that a user can browse through and see the details of an individual item. In order, to

I am using Google Firestore. Here is my custom Object class Post(object): def __init__(self, Author, Message, Date): self.Author = Author self.Message = Message self.Date =

Helper which includes saving and loading methods public class ImageSaver { private String directoryName = "Display_Pictures"; private String fileName = "image.jpg"; private Context context; private

I have a problem in Angular, when I want to create a modal window like this (https://stackblitz.com/angular/odaogjmkqod?file=app%2Fmodal-basic.ts). It creates it, but it doesn't show it. enter image

I have translation in my project for templates and routes. when the locale is set, the translations are working except the locale parameter in the links is not correct. my default language is nl. so I

I have the following model definition: class Photo(models.Model) : def get_gallery_path(self, filename): ext = filename.split('.')[-1] filename = "%s.%s" % (uuid.uuid4(), ext)

What is the difference between sonar.sources and sonar.tests in while configuring sonarqube in Maven project configuration in jenkins?

My Problem is very similar to the one mentioned here and here, but for some reason these are not working for me. Basically, I want to do some simple I/O operations (on a mobile), returning of list

for example , below example is simple. DATE=$(date -v-7d ) echo $DATE but how to calculate 2019-02-28 00:00:00 - or + 01:30:00 # date&time - or + time or 2019-02-28 00:00:00 -

I have two strings. str1: "Connection to %s is down and error %d is thrown" str2: "Connection to DataBase is down and error 401 is thrown" In str2, with the help of str1, i want to find out what

I have been looking to develop a linter at initial stage which can lint an html code from a php file like finding a language inside other language. Is there any opensource program which does this,

@Override public void onLocationChanged(Location location) { float speed = location.getSpeed(); if ( speed >= 60){ longitude = location.getLongitude(); latitude = location.

We are using .Net Core template of ASPNET BoilerPlate framework. It works fine with SQL Server, but now we need to use Oracle 11g instead. Is it possible? If yes, how can we implement it for our

I have a custom layer which reshapes the input tensor, perform some dot products with kernels and returns back a tensor with the same number of dimensions . The input to my network is images, say of

In nesterov momentum, the Gradient of the error function with respect to the parameters is calculated at a point different from that where the cost was calculated - that is, the model jumps ahead a

dear all: Last week Vscode asked me to update to VSCodeUserSetup-x64-1.31.1. So I did. Then sometimes VSCode stopped to execute my main module. The basic screen layout is the following. VSCode

Wrote this to find the prime numbers between 2 to 1000. But it stops after showing that 2 and 3 are prime numbers. I know I can find how to write a code for finding out prime numbers on the internet.

[Flags] public enum Direction { None = 0x0000, Left = 0x0001, Right = 0x0002, Up = 0x0004, Down = 0x0008, Forward = 0x0016, Backward = 0x0032 } Really confused, I'm using

On the way to my first Pomodoro-App (timer) shipwrecking with oncLick, which should start the counter… It starts even without beeing triggered by button click. How can I prevent that? let display

I am working on a threejs demo, it has couple of objects within. What I want is a form element at the position atop the canvas, where a user can input a text. Background I am creating a form

Here i have a sample program i want to add graphical scene to table view for set drag mode purpose.i wrote some logic but i don't have any idea it is correct or not.I wanna use this logic in main

When searching for a word that doesn't exist in the array that is passed, the function will cause a StackOverflow before I can throw the custom exception. I do not want to hardcode mid at an average

I want to learn Linux System Programming. I am working as a Software Developer, have mostly worked on application side but want to go to the deeper layers and understand our embedded devices(Routers,

I have json data extracted from API I converted it to python dictionary response = { "api": { "results": 4, "leagues": { "22": { "league_id": "22",

I have a user table and it has userRole. I want to add condition that fetch all the users having "role_id" 2 that is in userRole. Relationship in user Model: public function userRole() {

I want to monitor a process's system calls but I am not sure how can I do this, I want to do this in Windows. any help would be great.I have tried doing this in Linux using signals but that was not

I have a date as string: 2019-02-23T15:26:22.794624+05:30 Now I want to parse it to show my local time: I used this code SimpleDateFormat sdf3 = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSSSSX")

I am just starting with graph.cool, I am trying to build a graphql data modal with the help of graph.cool. It seems like we always need to make two way bindings. For example User -> Posts or Posts -

After merge there is a new commit with new SHA in gitlab. In CI/CD variables there is a CI_MERGE_REQUEST_SOURCE_BRANCH_NAME variable. Also there are a few ways to know some other commit data in

This is my code. I cant understand why the n variable doesn't change when the loop loops. Right now it just writes the first random letter and do it ten times instead of making it random every loop.