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Django MySQL客户端后端生成Django.dB.UTL.OctualTaleRebug:(2059)

I'm trying to get my Django project running on a Windows 10 computer and it throws a very unspecific error when trying to establish a datbase connection. In this SO-post the problem was with the


i have a pre-made laravel website and all the files in it are shown in this picture below: image of files my question is that how can i install larvel on cpanel and upload all these files? in which


First, I clicked page 5 then clicked edit on one of item. Second, I clicked updated and clicked back to previous page which has vuetable. Then the vuetable pagination return back to page 1. Is there


Im working with a image classifier and I have a problem because the variable "answer" always give the second position of the array. Any idea whats the problem because I always have the same result.

Access 2013中创建的数据库未在Access 2007中打开

I created a database in Access 2013. it includes forms and macros. When I am trying to open the same database in 2007 version, it is not opening. Can someone help me with the reasons and possible


How to Create a form in Facebook ? I don't want paid option like Ad Form which facebook provides.Is there any possible way to create a form in facebook. After Creating form, When some one fills the


I have read a lot of articles on stackoverflow about configuring log4j but can not write log files. But I followed topics and the results still could not log into the file. my file log4j.xml <?


I am trying to design a set of tables to store an unbalanced tree. Think of something that could be represented in a treeview control on a user interface, such as a Document Object Model (DOM)


I want to assign a path variable called folderdepending on the user. I am using the following code. But I always have to run this code twice to work properly. Any ideas why? Do I need to initialize


Can i use a member variable of class A in class B, when class A has an object of class B ? like this code: class A { public: int Aarr[B::Bnum]; }; class B { public: A Aobject; static


I have had this issue for quite some time now. I am not able to call a static function with an instance member inside of it. I get the error : Instance member 'matomoTracker' cannot be used on type '


The below code is working with string length(no of characters ) but I want string breaking with width of the string. public class splitString { public static List<?> wrapString(String msg, int


When I run my program, following error occurs each time when I use temp->. [Error] request for member 'key' in '* temp', which is of pointer type 'NodeType {aka Node*}' (maybe you meant to use '->


I wanted to create a new View for a plugin in Eclipse. It would look somewhat like the mockup attached: Eclipse View Mockup I am totally new to Plugin Development and need help as how to approach


OS: Windows 10 Using anaconda3 - 5.2, running commands in Anaconda command prompt. Here's the commands I used to locate the word-rnn and activate the conda enviroment, plus the error messages when I


I am trying to create a TS definition file for https://github.com/niqdev/angular-q-extras You can find here the full definition I wrote https://github.com/mistic100/DefinitelyTyped/blob/angular-q-


I have bumped on next script on the internet: #!/bin/bash for i in {0..7} do random+=${RANDOM:+ $RANDOM} done printf "%5d.%d\n" $random but I am unable to find what this expression means:


So a little background. I have a Shiny web app that I wrote for the benefit of easing the work for people who's afraid of programming. in the course of building it I decided on embedding a rmarkdown


I am training neural network several times and then trying to load several copies at once. But getting tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.NotFoundError: Key indics_conv/conv0_2_0/w/Adam not


I use Glide library to get image from server. My problem is that when image updated in server with same URL for previous image, Glide show the previous image. I added these lines to my code but the


I want something like this !if (${Flag} == 5) || (${Flag} == 7) !endif But I get the error message !if expects 1-4 parameters, got 7. Usage: !if [!] value [(==,!=,<=,<,>,>=,&


I just start using Redemption and not really sure how to use the Doc. I using C# VS2017 and Redemption 5.17. RES_CONTENT = 3 FL_SUBSTRING = 1 FL_IGNORECASE = &H10000 PR_SUBJECT = &H0037001E '


For code splitting purpose, I have my "posts" data in json format separated by file ie. sample-post-1.json. I then have my <Post> component targetted to import those posts dynamically (but the

JMUM Java请求插件——插件间移动对象和数据

there is a way to move object (Customize) objects that i create with JAVA code between 2 diffrents plugins? because after running one plugins i JMETER all the Objects i created with JAVA code are gone.


i have a series mySeries with multiIndex (Date, Type) like the following Date Type 2013 a 1 2013 b 2 2016 a 3 i would like to set all the rows with date 2013 to be np.nan. I tried


Tensorflow 1.8 added utilities to apply deformations to images using splines (e.g. sparse_image_warp and dense_image_warp). This is great, but I've been unable to find any utilities to create the


What is reason remote stream freeze and blank? but there is a stream objective are alive?


I have a ASP.NET Core app using Autofac as DI container. I'm also using built-in logging mechanism that provides ILogger<> dependency. Now I'd like to register it in Autofac. How?


I am scraping metrics  a service on a kubernetes cluster. I just annotate the service so that Prometheus detects and start scraping  automatically.    The following were annotations added to the


In the code below when the console.log statement is executed I see: resolve: function () { [native code] } My question simply is, is the code part of the Promise definition and how did the resolve


Is it possible to flat abit the pack layout? This is what I have: And this is what I want: As you can see the second set of bubbles is more flat.. Is there a way to achieve that?


i am looking for ready template for android layout meaning xml and design ( Front-end template ) to implement it in my project. i don't care if its free or not but looking for good quality and good


What is a very short and efficient way to read a .csv file in Java, so it can be displayed into a JTable. I tought, it would be possible to fill the data of the file into a string array.


I want to discuses different approaches for parallel queue processing. Implementation 1, using a BlockingCollection and Task.Parallel: private BlockingCollection<Item> _collection = new


I have created a simple console app in .net Core 2.1 and compiled the following output: HelloWorld.deps.json HelloWorld.dll HelloWorld.pdb HelloWorld.runtimeconfig.dev.json HelloWorld.


iam showing number of rows with images using foreach loop and i want to change image on click on existing image of a particular row .below is the code iam using <td onclick="HandleBrowseClick('

用子字符串Oracle SQL添加CONTAT空间

I'm trying to join two columns together with a space separated and the first column requiring a SUBSTR and the other not. I have written this query: SELECT CONCAT(SUBSTR(FIRST_NAME,1,1), ' ',


With the help of Jenkins in selenium webdriver, how can we schedule jobs, do continuous integration and getting explicit reports using testng


i am new to this react native and i am require to develop a simple app to search something from given api. Given api does not have pages but count of results and sometimes the results that comes out

GPAC/MP4Box MPEG短时分割不工作

I am receiving mpeg-2 transport stream input from UDP source. I need to stream this content to a web client using mpeg-dash specification. In one process, i'm using mp4box to dump the udp content to


Found myself in a bit of trouble with my php script. I am getting a syntax error on my if statement inside a foreach loop Below is the structure of my SQL database which has two records in it. Any

格雷斯UX消息应用程序不发送股票上的MM MM ROM

Recently I ported some Note 7 apps to S5 from this link: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s6/themes-apps/note-ux-ported-apps-project-grace-n7-t3399076 Every app works fine except the Message


I have an Excel table with stock market symbols as column headers, e.g. HES, MTDR, OXY, . The columns contain market data associated with the corresponding header. When I receive a specific stock

如何使用MaGeto 2 API更新M2E易趣网库存

I have created a tool in Python using Magento 2 API which update magento inventory and price through api. Magento Website have a M2E Pro Extension ( https://marketplace.magento.com/m2e-ebay-amazon-


I have a custom field (repeater) called "today". In it, i have a "choose the calendar date" subfield. On a product (woocommerce) i've added 1, 2, 3 or more dates. The return date its like dd/mm and I


Task: I have a dataset with job titles and descriptions. The task is to predict tags for job by job title and description. There are several tags for each job posting. Therefore, the number of


Is it better for performance to use fonts through TypeKit or to include them in your files?


I want to display only "BBPress comments and topics" in Buddypress activity. But I can not find a function for that. ▼【buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress/activity/activity-loop.php】(line:


Currently iam working on p:timeline , select event is working , How to get the value of the closed event in the timeline


I want to add required field validation in dx-list of devextreme control for angular. Here is my html snippet. <dx-list class="checkbox-list" id="chkCentreCareTypes" [dataSource]="careTypes" (