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I want to make tinymce input to read only. i have tried with the below code. Please help me with this issue. tinymce.init({ selector: '#deliberations', menubar: false, readonly: true,


I want to use gestures in my nativescript-angular app. When I log this: console.log("Pinch scale: " + args.scale + " state: " + args.state); args.state gives me numbers (1,2,3), but in the docs they

只有我的一些物种被转换成NCBI ID,使用Pythython将物种转化为ID。

I have some code which strips a species name from a list with underscores in, to a format appropriate for the NCBI, this then searches for the ID associated with that species name, however for some


thanks in advance for the help that you may give me! Im doing a project using a shoping cart, but having some dificulties. I'll explain how I did it till now, and where I'm stuck because it seems


i have a bit hard task. I have an entity with a lot of nestings that have another nestings, so it makes big problems for frontend developers to send JSON of this object to my controller for creating


I am trying to upload image+text as a div in reactjs, using TinyMCE package. For render-- this.state = { services: [ { id: 1, image: '', description: '


I've set up a ASP.NET Web API server on my Win 10 machine. The server should be able to process several incoming requests per seconds but I have encountered the problem, that at the 7th request the


I'm trying to write a program to get the path to the folder it's running from (on windows). This is what I've got so far: char path[MAX_PATH]; GetModuleFileName(NULL, path, MAX_PATH); This works


There are these two dictionaries that eventually have their differences printed and I need to also provide which line belongs to which dictionary : from collections import OrderedDict >>>


Situation: I need to add a library (HDF5 in my case) to my qt project. I know how to code c++ enough for my purposes, but i have no clue about the .pro file. When i try to google my problem or


package concurrencyTest; public class concurrencyTest implements Runnable { @Override public void run() { System.out.println("Hello from a thread!"); } public void


Following structure: @Document public class Palace { @Id private String id; private Location location; // getter setter } . public class Location { private String id; //


I would like to add a new container layout to an existing XML item of a RecyclerView Here is an example of what I would like to do (based on R.layout.item_simple XML) @Override public ViewHolder


Im using PyQt and I need to access a list item from another class method, how do I do this? I want to use the self.list_item in the item_click(self, item) method and use it in another class method.

Hibernate 4更新/删除后插入

I use Hibernate 4 and I don’t want the actual data from a table in the _AUD table Does anyone know how I could do this?


I am using VS 2017 to debug a running process. First, I generated PDB with DotPeek. Second, I pointed the directory of pdb location ("C:\PdbDestination") in VS 2107. Third, I attached to a process


Good morning developers, I have built a HTML/CSS theme from scratch and I’m having issues with the mobile navigation. I have a separate nav for Mobile (<div class="menu">) and Desktop (<


Which operation is more expensive?Order by or group by?


I need some smart people to help me out with this. It doesn't make much sense to me since it's basically sending a request to the same exactly url but is ending up with different end results. Here is


I am oppening a cameraCapture ussing videoCapturer = createVideoCapturer(GlobalStaticData.context); videoCapturer.initialize(null,GlobalStaticData.context,null);


So i'm trying to do a basic get request. I have an access token through an implicit grant but when I do my request it returns me with 401. When I change my request headers manually to say "


How can I post in my Facebook group by using Facebook API and Python? I was a bit confused with tokens, which exactly token should I use?


I'm not able to pass list of strings in postman in my data.The exception I'm getting is Exception Occurred : groovy.lang.MissingPropertyException: No such property: key for class: java.lang.String {


I am a trying to make a simple program in OOP javascript. When I try to call method2 in method1 I get the following error method2 is undefined class Hell() { constructor() { alert("


In my eclipse RCP application, A view which we are launching to show data hangs in Linux environment but able to show view data in the windows environment. What can be the reason? Thanks in advance.


I've noticed recently that the style of my scrollbars has changed and I'm not sure whether it's come from a Chrome update or somewhere else. Before they would default to an overlay effect where the


I'm new to JavaScript and I'm struggling a little bit with getting used to all of the terminology and syntax. While I was learning how to do a drag-and-drop feature using JavaScript(vanilla, no jQuery)


Bower install fails with 502 - Bad Gateway when downloading bower packages. For example bower install for ember library gives following response in command line. EINVRES Request to https://bower.


We are investigating Azure Maps for an authenticated site where Google Maps would not be free and Azure maps would be easier from a billing perspective. Heatmap would be one functionality we are


I want to copy a range of cells in my .csv file into a template.csv (named "pp"). Then I would like to save the template as "name of the original .csv file_2", without closing the original template as


i want to change textView's background color from main activity, but textview is in adapter's onBindViewHolder method.how to access that texview in main activity?


Imagine following code: int foo(){ int i = 3; } void bar(){ foo(); } This is of course toy example, but anyway. Is exiting non-void function without return in C++ undefined behaviour? Or


Please feel free to let me know if this is best directed else where. Like everyone had to one day, I am desperately trying to cut my teeth with clicking a website button in the background/without


In my project I have encrypted password with MD5, now I want to decrypt password in order to email it to user in case of forgot password. What is the php code for decrypting password.


Hey I am doing a reporting generate program. I need to update certain part of some TextBox in PowerPoint (such as date). I tried to do it with vba, but it turns out to be very complicated because


I have a DataFrame with columns "id" and "date". date is of format yyyy-mm-dd here is an example: +---------+----------+ | item_id| ds| +---------+----------+ | 25867869|2018-05-01| |


I'm playing with machine learning algorithms, I use my laptop to develop but when I want to run some more demanding training I use external server. The problem I have is how to set a path to dataset


I'm trying to make this query which return results select s.code from clients as c inner join clients_records as cr on c.id = cr.id_client inner join clients_survey_records as csr on cr.id =

让WebPACK 1.13与ES6供应商合作

I am trying to add some external dependency cryptowatch-embed js to my webpack project (of version 1.13.3) as vendor. The concern is that this dependency is written in ES6 style and js file ends with


I am recieving error when reloading my angular application published on gh pages. The error is: 404 File not found. The site configured at this address does not contain the requested file. I have


I have two fields field_1 and field_2. I have a to find exact match for my query in either field_1 or field_2. multi_match is not giving me exact matches. And constant_score does not support


I've been working on an itinerary-planning project and am having trouble coming up with an optimal scheduling/path-planning algorithm that works under certain constraints - namely that the path must


So basically I have a script that gives a number and I want to save it to a txt so other computers in same server can access the same value as me.


I'm currently loading over 50,000 markers into a cluster which then renders the map showing all the clusters. The issue is it takes over 50 seconds to load this(In IE the browser dies). Is there


I'm new in using python and therefore my question may be stupid :D I want to show a dialog box, where the user can insert the values. Unfortunately I'm not able to store these inputs as variables,


I had some experiences in React Native, which handles button press event like this: onPressButton = () => {console.log('Hello')} render() { return ( <Button onPress={this.onPressButton} /

===================================================== -----> starting network ===================================================== Starting business network from archive: zerotoblockchain-


I am working on an app with these configurations: 1.@ionic/app-scripts : 3.1.9 2. Cordova Platforms : android 6.2.3 3.Ionic Framework : ionic-angular 3.9.2 I am using translate library from @


Main question: Website wait time which is also called TTFB is around 5.5Seconds? The website is made on WordPress CMS. I want to know is it server issues? is it Plugin issue? is it Theme issue? is


What is the version ngxs/store, angular needs to use this feature? On my version: angular - 5.2, ts - 2.6.2, ngxs/store - 2.1.0-beta.9 i can't use it. In official repo i find this information