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Trying to show URL error through pattern but it's not working.

Using GeneticSharp, I started working on some optimizations in order to lower the computational power, required. For that purpose I try to lower the totalBits but it does not seem apparent how the

Got lots of thread blocked on "My-remoting-thread-12" #784 daemon prio=10 os_prio=0 tid=0x00007f9418071800 nid=0x1861 waiting for monitor entry [0x00007f91de54f000] java.lang.Thread.State:

I have a database of teachers details as given { "_id" : ObjectId("5bcc0a44f2752576a8545d99"), "Teacher_id" : "Pic002", "Teacher_Name" : "Ravi Kumar", "Dept_Name" : "IT", "Salary" : 40000, "Status" :

corda deployNodes fails. The log shows: [ERROR] 2018-10-04T11:16:05,466Z [main] util.PropertyElf.setProperty - Failed to set property url on target class org.postgresql.ds.PGSimpleDataSource {}

I am experiencing an issue whereby a datepicker control does not render on my html page. When viewing the error on the console I see: SCRIPT438: SCRIPT438: Object doesn't support property or method '

i want to hide or show button according to tabel data if data is 0 then button show else hide $variable="SELECT * FROM tabel"; $variable1=mysql_query($variable); $

When I use vscode to debug, I always meet the error message. This message appears since I updated to the latest version of vscode ( 1.28.2). The log is: Error evaluating: thread_id:

I am super new to access and having difficulty with a query. My table (tblpacks) is the following: id user_id group_id quota_id 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 1 3 2 1

Pretty new to Angular. My app contains 1 service and 3 components. Compiled successfully. I'm getting this error and have no idea what went wrong: Uncaught Error: Can't resolve all parameters for

Please have a look at the 6 Date(x) outputs: System.out.println(new java.util.Date(0)); System.out.println(new java.util.Date(Long.MAX_VALUE)); System.out.println(new java.util.Date(Long.MAX_VALUE /

I made a simple sticky element via css but I'm using Bootstrap, if I include BS, sticky not work but if remove, it work fine, why? any idea? .navbar { background: hotpink; width: 100%; height:

I'm using Sequelize-cli and have some trouble with using it. Note that it's my first time using Sequelize, might be I lost some concepts, will be very appreciate it told me what am I missing. I made

I am attempting to include in my android project the dagger android processor version 2.18 with kotlin-kapt. I am also using the androidx package structure. I have added all the required dependencies

So there are these properties for rounding the bottom edges of a bottom border: border-bottom-left-radius: 25px; border-bottom-right-radius: 25px; However, I want to also round out the top edges of

This is some part of my code , first three event is already defined in system , but when user want to create an other event , Event ID should be ++1. I could not defined Event ID. Which way I should

i wanted to hide search icon when user searches for something even i want to hide icon and clear icon to be left x as it is Problem is shown below: NOTE: i wanted to maintain same gap between

I want insert array of link image insert to mongo-db by factory and faker my factory: $factory->define(App\Feed::class, function (Faker $faker)use ($fakerIR) { return [ 'title'=>$fakerIR-&

With Android x the DialogPreference is moved to DialogPreferenceCompat . As there are many ways to make a custom layout in the Preference settings . I am looking for more clean and better way to

My teacher has given me a txt file in this order: 8756 John Manager 4050.00 4345 Sally Sales 2985.55 2846 Henry Admin 4836.88 .and so on. I have a "Employee" class with id, name,

If i have RichEditBox what contains some text how could i get all of that text and move it to RichTextBlock? Example text below: Closest what i have got looks like following I have used Microsoft

So I have a code that goes on a LAN hosted server to get some information. This LAN server is of course only available when you are connected to the right internet connection. Is there a way of which

I have an array of objects data: [ { eventId: "EVEN00001", eventType: "call", startDate: "2018-08-01T21:30:17+05:30", }, { eventId: "EVEN00002",

I have list of product item which generated dynamically. I calculated each item total using calculateItemTotal() method. what I wanted to do is take the sum of all these item totals in to the total

I am using the DotNetZip Library to generate a Zip File from byte arrays being retrieved from a SQL Server Database. I keep getting CRC32 as 0000000x0 for some of the files due to which the entire

I have ACR1281-C1 device. I want export data from ID card. Found source example https://github.com/grundid/nfctools ACR 122 USB but not supported my device. Please give me any information or advice

Hello, I'm new at SQL, I'm starting to use phpmyadmin and this is basically my first SQL database. I'm creating a table, and when I tried to save it, it sends me the menssage that one or more

I am using Selenium with Python to download certain files from a website. I am trying to access a option called "View all products >>". From there, you could select the kind of file(csv, xlsx) and

Expo-cli: 2.2.0 React-Navigation: 2.18.0 I have the following two screens for React Navigation, where one is to input the form details and another is the screen where the user can either edit on the

AWS DMS has schema conversion tool and other advanced features in database migration.So is it possible to do SQL server database inside a vm to some other cloud's mysql(due to business reasons)

I need to run a service at a specific time and I'm using AlarmManager for that. but It doesn't trigger my BroadcastReceiver class which starts my service. Even in debug mode, It doesn't pass the

How do we save file in localStorage and later on retrive it and send it on server to save it. <input id="File1" type="file" onchange="saveLocal();" /> <button type="button" onclick="

First, I've written this code and it worked well. program test implicit none integer i,n real dl, lambda real tr, top, bot integer, parameter :: imax = 1e4

So I'm new to Perl. I know the code below is suppose to generate full binary trees. But what does the if ($n) mean. Does it check if the variable $n is null? sub tree { my ($n) = @_; my @result =

Take a look at this GIF For the right, bottom and bottom-right handle I would say that calculations are right, but still there some problems when painting the rectangle. I need help with fixing that.

I am beginner in c++ , so i am getting stack over this can anyone help me here. #include<iostream> using namespace std; void starline(); int main() { myPro obj1; obj1.starline();

Does adding @torch.jit.script before forward function of a neural network improves inference time? Or must I save the model and convert it to c++?

I have a table product_id | price | date 1 1 2018-10-01 2 1 2018-10-01 3 1 2018-10-01 4 1 2018-10-01 1 1 2018-11-

i am continuesly getting address as my marker move on map for single time.If i move my marker to Gujarat(India) then it continuesly display toast message for this location how i stop it? public class

I have a Spring boot + batch application which reads a source CSV file, process it and write to target CSV file, I'm struggling with writing tests that will: use an input - "simpleFlowInput.csv" and

Some popular websites send email/push notifications to their users if they notice unusual or suspicious login activity. Examples include Google, Facebook, Mozilla, Booking.com. How to implement this

I am trying to understand fork, sleep commmands. I want to do 4 children and one parent operation exactly in this order. Parent> child1> child4> child2> child3. The tasks of these processes are as

I use the script below to plot a Kaplan-Meier curve. I think that the median survival line is a great tool. However, the median survival line is drawn as a dashed black line, which is graphically

I have seen and tried the 'showModalBottomSheet' widget in flutter, and thought whether there was a widget like 'top sheet modal'. like whatsapp when a message comes in. as below, Thanks in advance.

It must have a simple answer, but it seems dereferencing is used in more than one meaning. And I doubt what is correct? Here I listed what I found as definition of dereferencing: set a reference

I'm working with styled-components and try to use a function within a media template. Thats the media template: const media: any = { desktop: (args: TemplateStringsArray) => { return css`

I am using am-map in my android app.the click event fired twice in touch device,how prevent the second time?and how recognize click event happens in the mapObjectes rejoin or in the div tag ?

I am trying to add text from a text file to ListView sorted in descending order by the second element one each line in the text file. This is how my text file looks like: Utkarsh 2 Stephen 1 UT 11

I'm building a new app with Angular and Spring, I followed this tutorial to setup spring security : https://spring.io/guides/tutorials/spring-security-and-angular-js/ But when I try to run the "

I have a form repeater like this form repeater image which submits a code(should be same all through) a product name and a quantity in thousands. eg code-1234 product-book Qty - 5000 code-1234