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My WPF/MVVM C# App uses the default users settings file provided by .NET. When I create a new version of the App and send it to the user, I test if the settings need migrating using this: bool

Could someone give me an example on how one can compile a model in Tensorflow using the loss function 'softmax_cross_entropy_with_logits'. My understanding is that it takes 2 arguments, label and

i've tried to resize my vector of struct, but VS throw me an error Error C2512 1>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio\2017\enterprise\vc\tools\msvc\14.11.25503\include\xmemory0(856):

I have a website made with JHipster: http://www.jhipsterpress.com that I'm trying to test using Protractor (I'm a newbie). So the first thing I would like to test is to login into the site. When you

I know this question has been asked before, but I've tried all solutions possible (also tried to find a way to do this by my own). So, I have the following graph: All I need is to find the nodes

my name is Anthony, and right now I'm self-studying on MIT's Coursewhare. That is, I was studying a couple of days ago, but for the past few days my studies have been halted by a problem: an infinite

I am try to run an unit test for the following code here is where the error is pointing to: let actions = actionList.map(action => { populateActionDropdown = (actionList) => { let actions =

I want to use drools in WSO2. I checked WSO2 Business Rules Server and it seems that BRS is now integrated in EI. How can I deploy Rule Services in WSO2 EI?

I have the same problem solved in Matlab and I want to solve it with python. I have a function which generates the variables g1 and g2. These two change with time. In the same function, I want to

I am currently working on a Wordpress online shop and I have this problem with thumbnails, because picture gets cropped to fit the square shape and the customer does not want that, he wants the

I'm trying to pass an array list with custom object to a fragment, but I'm getting this error all the time: error: incompatible types: List cannot be converted to ArrayList Oulet object uses

I'm working in CodeHS, and I get this error: constructor Jeans in class Jeans cannot be applied to given types; I've looked, but I can't find how to solve this issue. I've tried using just one of

I have a repeating text in a large file which I want to replace with some other text. For example: some text.\n partition by range (STRT_DTTM)\n some more text\n ); I want to use regex to

I am make random 1:1 chat app with Flutter and Firestore. I am question if I have race condition when I am connect second user to chat. This my client app code for add second user to Firestore (

I'm building a chrome extension which basically uses background.js to communicate with some external website, and after connecting to it I need to run a content.js on it to get some data, maybe an

I created a Skin Dialog in my LIBGDX game and added two TextButtons. I added Listeners to them but they are still not clickable. i've searched all I can all over the internet and stackoverflow and it

I have two repositories and one of them, the main one depends on the other repository. I am trying to pull both the repositories from Git and I can see that the Pull was successful(ls in the workspace

I'm trying to use VBA to search three columns of a spreadsheet for an array of values and then replace those values based on another array. I have defined the three ranges as range variables. I'm

A web application communicates with a 3rd party server-side software via a web socket in the following setup: For testing purposes, I have configured the following setup (which, concerning my problem

Here is my data frame df: str1 str2 str3 str4 key1 3 4 2 5 key2 NaN 3 4 4 key3 NaN NaN NaN 2 and a vector w: [0.2,

@UiThread public void searchNotifyUpdate() { final String queryInput = searchView.getQuery().toString(); new AsyncTask<Void, Void, Void>() { @Override protected Void

I want to set symbols to the start and end of a section, so a define my section like this: .mysec : { _mysec_start = .; *(.bss) *(COMMON) _mysec_end = .; } However, I get

Suppose I want to create the the Following class: #pragma once #include <memory> #include <string> namespace stackquestion { struct Logger { void Log(std::string message);

I have 2 tables and I'm trying to join contents of the second table, into the first. In essence i want to end up with a list of items that contains all fields from the first table, and all relevant

I am trying to output a table field named observation as text where it is stored as blob. The SQL is `select invoice_id, observation from table1` The output I am getting is as.raw(c(0x31, 0xba,

I'm trying to clear the form data once creating a form submission with Axios. The message goes through fine and the response is logged to the page, but the data in each text field remains on the page

I've a problem, I've just installed one external module for add some login functionality, but now I must change the login shape. I've just copy the view for the login from the module as soon as

This is my first code user_schema.pre('save',function(next){ console.log(this.password); bcrypt.hash(this.password,10,function(err,hash){ if(err) { return next(err)

So I'm creating a label that is being dynamically populated with a URL, which is pulled from a class. I want to be able to copy that URL to a clipboard by clicking a button. I got most of it to work

I am creating a web application and I want to pass the variables Bcode, pname, price, vat, desc to a JSP and then to insert them into a mysql database. The Bcode, price and vat are integers. Although

Im having problems dragging my script across to where it needs to be pasted. (From the red arrow to the blue arrow. it just give me the black no entry sign), any idea why? enter image description here

Is it possible that calling Hibernate flush() in the middle of @Transactional method will save incomplete results in the database? For example, is it possible that this function could save "John" to

I am often in a situation when the variable can be object or null. When I put data into the database I have to stick with something like this: // @var User|null $user $data['id_user'] = $user ? $

i have a center servlet to custom handle my all requests. this is my code: @WebServlet(name = "/servletDispatcher", value = "/*") public class ServletDispatcher extends HttpServlet { @Override

I would like the SAF to “launch the navigator in the specified document if it's a folder” (as they call it in the docs). This does not work so i also wonder if i can add storage shortcuts to the SAF

I have a RDD containing "Customer", "Amt spent". I am trying to perform a simple sorting to order by "Amt Spent". When i view the results, i see multiple sorting happening. My code: val sc = new

I would like to add log statements for all methods with parameters on entry and exit in Spring boot application. we are using log4j2 for logging. Is there way to generate code to add log statements

Context Given that the convention for naming an object on Rails is like that : /app/models/foo/bar.rb => class Foo::Bar if I have a folder structure : /app/models/foo/bar/object1.rb /app/

I'm new to threejs I want let an object moving along the ellipse curve, but after I rotated the ellipse with ellipse.rotation.y, the object will no longer moving along the path, the object will still

I have a problem replicated all over the application, but I think it could be managed the same way. I have an IDisposable class in my Winforms application (it is a custom control derived from System.

When running CREATE INDEX SQL I get Error: Cache doesn't exist: xxxxx SQL used: CREATE INDEX test ON PUBLIC.REPORTS (START_DATE) Query data on the table works. Creating index on other tables works.

I have some TouchableOpacity component that overlapping and when press one of them , It seems decrease zindex this TouchableOpacity , how can increase zindex or other solution for show pressed

I'm using ng-zorro components in my project, and I want to show a model that calls a service to delete an entry, this is how I defined the delete confirm dialog : showDeleteConfirm(agenceNom:

I want to scrape google reviews for a website using RSelenium. I am unable to connect to the remote server with this code: remDr <- remoteDriver(remoteServerAddr = "localhost", port = 4445L,

I have a UIBezierPath and i want my uiview to follow the path of the bezier path and curve I have tried creating the UIBezierPath code and tried changing the position of the view with the bezier

We are running Azure DevOps 2019. The users are all authenticated by their domain accounts and are for using Google Chrome. They login to Azure DevOps Server with their windows username and password.

The tooltip isn't positioned directly underneath my social links. They are images, not glyphs, and they had margins to seperate them. https://imgur.com/a/VNiqLpz I've attempted removing the margins.

I would like to list all migrations and the db status (whether a migration has been applied or not). I'm looking for an equivalent of rails rake db:migrate:status. example output from rake db:

I am trying to summation with groupBy and sumBy with lodash on vuejs code. I also try it this link https://codepen.io/cmtliton/pen/bjNNNq?editors=1010 new Vue({ el: '#app', data () {

I am using org.glassfish.jersey and io.netty to create HTTP servers For security reasons I want to protect my servers with SSL certificate. This is my snippet code to create HTTP server: