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I am very new to cloud platform and docker and I am trying to run a shiny app on Google Kubernetes Engine however when I try to access my application I get the error connection refused on the webpage.


For 1D I can use: a=np.array([1,2,3,4]) b=pandas.Series(a).rolling(window=3,center=True).mean() But the problem is, if I have array a, in 3D then using this method gives error Exception: Data must


I am unable to install GGTS on STS 4.1.2 with grails-3.3.9. Can you help? https://spring.io/tools/ggts/all is 404


The following formulas are used to determine compliance. i need to sort on the results which is N/A. NO, YES. Any suggestions? i do not get the option to sort or group with this formula. below is the


I am new to tensorflow. I read few articles and tried to use it for text classification. The dataset is a excel file with 2000 entries. Few entries I have shown below. I want to make a text classifier

如何使用LelaVIEW 5.7中的GETelEntByTAGNT获取XML的值

I want to get error value from an xml. I am using Laravel 5.7 to get this. I have tried it but i don't get what i want. This is my xml error message : <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://


what's the difference when we use add data to firestore and use Transaction? I still don't understand this use. because he produces the same value. thanks


I am making an android tone generator app which generates a tone based on phone's accelerometer data. soundPool.play(sound_a,1,1,0,-1, y); this is my code for it. y's value is given by


have two methods, values recolected for the "main" are not being readed by the "nit(R):" method, if i bring the "nit" method inside of the main it returns "Syntax error: Operator priority clash"


I want to redirect the Wordpress from HTTP to HTTPS with and without www. Namely: http://example.com will redirect to https://example.com http://www.example.com will redirect to https://www.example.


I'm "transferring" my projects website to Vue.js with Nuxt.js on top. I'm copying over the contents of all the files stored in the remote server to the local "static" folder. Everything is working


App takes user input on first screen and when hit submit, only displays "credit limit" and formats for those TextView I specify, but not the amounts. I've taken out some variables for this but it


I have submitted the version 0.0.2 ( update for 0.0.1 ) of the application to Play Store. If there is auto-update , Do I need to something so that app automatically gets updated on the devices it is


I have a table with 3 columns: 1.id 2.string1 3.string2 id and string1 together form a composite primary key i need to update value of string2 update tablename set string2="abc" where id=1 and


i have give all the cookie response bad request where is the problem import requests cookies = { 'ps_trk': '1', 'AMCV_70D658CC558978FF7F000101%40AdobeOrg': '1099438348%7CMCIDTS%7C17982%


I have a table (width: 100%) with 4 columns. Column 1 and 3 are set to a fixed width of 190px. I want the remaining two columns to be of equal width no matter how wide the table gets. I've tried


I created a query to update a flag, I used a CASE statement to determine the value. However when I run the query as an UPDATE statement only about half of the expected rows are updated? More


I am working with a dataframe which has a date column. Now I want to bucket the dataframe based counts of date in this column. But the buckets should be cumulative (i.e count_in_6_months,


I have a python application that's meant to be run on a raspberry pi. I've created a docker-compose file to set it up, and my entry point happens to be a shell script that checks various things on the


How can I call my class list from controller? Here are my models: public class AuthJsonResponses { public int Code { get; set; } public string Jwt { get; set; } //public string[] Message {

如何使用Salesforce OCAPI 19.1插入产品图像?

I am trying to insert a new product from my app into my Salesforce Commerce (Sandbox). When I use the Data API 19.3 Put /products, it is inserting but not the images. This is the format of the json

I have a netCDF file that contains (time,lat,lon) dimensions. The time coordinates are in the UTC format. I need to convert UTC to Australia/Sydney time zone. import xarray as xr path = "{path to


I'm trying to get the Ids of users i'm following from a firestore stream and then call another stream with the posts of my followings with the ids from previously. I don't know if this is the right

@Entity @Table(name="PassengersDetails") public class PassengerDO { @Id @GenericGenerator(name="inc",strategy="increment") @GeneratedValue(generator="inc") @Column(name="PassengerId")


I have two databases that are using same lookup tables (including country, state, language-like tables). Currently, these lookup tables are in one of the databases. Should I store these lookup tables


There is such a code that writes all the data displayed in the console into a separate file. How can next to each record display time and date? var fs = require('fs'); var ws = fs.createWriteStream('

Oj.Apj.JasP.JasPeExt:Java.Lang.Null PoExtExtExchange,用于Maven Web应用程序的JSP和Hibernate CRUD

Good day all I am running a maven web application using Hibernate Crud for different relationships. I have one to many and many to one relationships. It is divided into three classes ServiceRequest,


I just need to know which array is faster : a 2D static array or a 1D dynamic array. for example : char* name1[]={"Marc", "Jean-Marie", "Paul"} char name2[][11]={"Marc", "Jean-Marie", "Paul"} if I


I'm trying to display some additional information after clicking on "More Info" button. First the div is dynamically generated based on my database. Which div contains a "more info" button which


I have this QT program that requires users to fill out all of the radio boxes, which I have organized into group boxes. I have this message box pop up if a user forgets to check any of the radio boxes


I have a custom control and I'm drawing the control's text using TextRenderer.DrawText, this is what the OnPaint event looks like: Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint(ByVal e As PaintEventArgs)


I am setting up a Dockerfile for one of my third-party application and I would like to setup multiple entrypoints to two different binaries from the thirdparty application. Is there a way to configure


can anyone help me to prove, using lower bound for comparison-based sorting, that inserts in a balance Binary Search Tree cannot be anything less than log(n)? Thank you


I have a plain "Location" object with a list of string properties (City, Country, Zip, etc.) I want to display, underneath headers of the name of the property. What I've got now works, and looks like


From firbase, I saw a lot of crash logs: Fatal Exception: java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException Invalid index 7, size is 0 java.util.ArrayList.throwIndexOutOfBoundsException (ArrayList.java:255) java.


I am new to Backend, started to learn backend with Node.js Wondering how servers manage to get client details such as client platform (os and type of browser with versions), device location and date


I'm trying to change the background-image of an element on mouseover, and it works all fine and dandy in Chrome. But in Firefox it always blinks/flickers for a split second on the very first hover

我在Android Studio中创建了一个文件,但是我可以

As the title show, i create the file in the res file but my code cannot get the file inside. Also after i create the file, the android studio file bar there didn't show the file i create but inside


I am trying to figure out how to have the "For Resources" select from an array instead of placing a static pdf file. The PDF files are not fetched from the web as they are included into bundle inside


I want to generate a random number for each row(w.r.t ID column) of grid view in asp.net on a single click of a button(placed outside of the grid)and insert that ID and the random number in the


I'm currently trying to create a music visualizer using the music in the user's itunes. However, it seems like you can only create a music visualizer using AVFoundation. Is there a way I can get the


I want to write a function to get a string and then replace the given value to a given character it is like: function(str, charToChange, charToReplace){} I used the String.prototype.replace() Is


I'm working on a simple script to choose best server based. The script works perfeclty on my computer but crontab is not working as expected. Here is my crontab rule: * * * * * curl -s 'https://

数据类型SQL Scala Scala Orthor排序不正确

Have simple dataset and try to order the element based on "firstname" column. I used orderby and sort in scala. but it is giving some weird output. scala> val baseData = data.select($"Account.


Is there anyway to find where to define the linux environment variable? When I print the environment variable using: env the output is: PATH=/home/local/apache-maven-3.3.9/bin:/home/hldev/software/


I'm writing a query to get the 95th percentile on the rate of change in the jvm_gc_collection_seconds_count. I want to trigger an alert when there is an unexpected spike. The purpose is to send me an


Doing some C++ codings. Is the general consensus that using const_cast (to cast away cont) is thick or woke? I use it all the time but am not sure if it's a good thing to use.

不受控制的异常--Sytal.RunTime.IopopServices:CeExchange:不受控制的异常:HESRES: 0x800 A03EC

I'm trying to export a datagridview that contains bitmap images, but it marks me an uncontrolled exception. "System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: HRESULT: 0x800A03EC" I have this code: void


I have done this code to detect FB In-App browser in my website:- My I know how to add in redirection window.location.href = "http://www.example123website.com"; if detected FB-In App browser? <


I have one Dropdown Spinner in my Android project. Previously it work fine, but after i change some code it had some bugs and i can't find out. When I click on the spinner, the list dropdown and