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I have an DropDownList ,Which is Showing Diffrent Status to Users and when User selected one of Status from DropDownList and than hit submit button, it should Insert the selected Value Into


I am using the following command for about 100 users. I would like to put the email addresses in a list and have it run through them. Set-User -Identity name@company.org -LinkedMasterAccount $null


I am new to using Apache Syncope, and the lack of good documentation is making it very difficult to use right now. I already have a Spring Backend REST application that works great, it's using Spring


I have three 2D-matrices (A, B, D) and one 1D array (C). A contains mostly NaN values, but also a few non-NaN. I would like to assign NaNs to all elements in matrix D whiwh fulfill the following two


I have the following directory structure: root /src file1.py file2.py /libs __init__.py package.so I wish to import package.so within file1.py. I've tried the following import

我能控制Web RTC信令服务器吗?

I am new to webrtc development.I have requirement on control the webrtc signaling server using spring boot. I referred more sites and examples but still i am not getting clear idea.I want to know Is

Java Spring将会话作用域配置注入到WebSecurity中

Context: A WebApplication written in Java Spring Boot 1.5.x. Problem: I would like to reload my authorization settings every time a new Session is created. Hence, I thought it makes sense to have the


I am running Apex on an Oracle Server with Apache Reverse Proxying traffic from 8080 to localhost/ (port 8080 to port 80) Turns out that Ajax Requests are really slow or they even time out unless


I have a small macro that is supposed to copy/paste data from sheet 1 in Book1 to a fresh workbook (Book2). After that, I want it to loop through the rest of the worksheets from Book1 and copy/paste


I am planning to build a chatbot in Java which would do the following steps. This would answer application related queries. (1) accept a message from a user, (2) identify & extract keywords(from


Lets say I have this code: new_and_updated = Post.where(:published_at => nil).union(Post.where(:draft => true)) post = Post.arel_table Post.from(post.create_table_alias(new_and_updated, :posts))


How to create a browse button in dynamic365 form,by which i can browse and upload documents from any file location of pc?

Excel VBA如何对Striketrough Cell

whats the VBA code to strike trough a cell? (check the attached image). I can change the Borders and the Interiour but i am unable to find the striketrough/cross out property.. Excel cell


I'm given the array with n elements and I need to find k-th sum from sums of every pair n^2 in time complexity O(n*logn), sums are in ascending order. Example input 3 6 1 4 6 where n = 3 number of


I'm trying to use preconfigured .box files from https://github.com/clong/DetectionLab These boxes only go with virtualbox, and the Vagrantfile path to the machine is set correctly. while trying to:


I'm setting up an array reduce like so: const applemap = apples.reduce((obj, item) => { obj[item.thing] = item.other return obj console.log(obj) }); And the problem I'm having is that when


You can see the problem by going to grahmlux.com and clicking on the header image, you will see that on the next page (the product page) the shopping bag icon in the top right corner is a square


Currently, I have a sql script which grabs a couple hundred thousand records and I want to page through the data. Paging works for the most part but my problem is when filtering my results from a


I'm having some current trouble with some collision I'm trying to implement into a horse racing game. I have the function move, that moves the horses fine but as soon as the horses hit one of the

用于Spring Cache事件的自定义记录器

I am using Spring Cache with Hazelcast and I wonder if there is a way to add a custom logger / interceptor for @Cacheable events (like hiting cache, putting new keys and stuff). The only thing I have


I have "manual" file loading. However, I have about 20 files. I try to read them using loops, but I have a lot of problems with that. manual: library(igraph) graph<-read.table("R_test/1_1.txt")


I have been fiddling with a generic C# WPF program that utilizes the SmtpClient class and SendAsync() method to simulate sending emails. I came across a scenario where if the application is in the


I wanna use the data that I load in the tableview to populate some textfields Is there a way to make a OnMouseClick action event that will populate a bunch of textfields with the data from the


I am drawing x-y plots and say my x-axis ranges from 0-2000. I am more interested in showing the behavior from x = say 0-10 and then x = 1500 - 2000. And x = 11-1499 is not of much interest to me.


enter image description here import { ModuleWithProviders } from '@angular/core'; import { GlobalConfig } from './toastr-config'; export declare class ToastrModule { error(arg0: any): any {


I am developing an app that displays advertisements. It will display in fullscreen and divide the screen into 2 parts. One part will display an image (or a slide of images). The other part will


I have tried to get the individual values of a JSON response gotten from file_get_contents("php://input") using json_decode() but it has failed each time. However, if I write the result of the


This might be a but, but possibly just me who is missing a step or doesn't understand something. I am trying to set up a dedicated submodule in a maven project, which sole task is to generate a


Given the following pandas dataframe: mydf = pd.DataFrame([[np.nan,np.nan,'hello',4],[np.nan,np.nan,'hello',5],[np.nan,np.nan,'world',5],[np.nan,np.nan,'world',7]]).set_index([2,3]) print(mydf) How


when i'm trying to use ngx-permission module it will giving some errors in console this is the error i'm getting can anyone please help me Report1Component.html:78 ERROR TypeError: rxjs.merge is


I've built a Fragment with constraint layout with a ListView, empty view and a total count view. The bottom constraint is working (with an artificial adjustment though), but the top is overlapping the


My pip install pyspark worked, I get a message in my command prompt that SparkSession available as 'spark'. However, when I do: from pyspark import SparkContext it gives me a: ModuleNotFoundError:


I have an application that is calling a rest service. I need to pass it a URL and right now I'm creating the URL by concatenating a string. I'm doing it this way: String urlBase = "http:/api/


Following is my spring configuration bean for pop3 connection, @Bean public IntegrationFlow mailListener() { return IntegrationFlows.from(Mail.pop3InboundAdapter("pop3://sample.test:


I use fetch to get data from my REST service. Once the Response arrives, I want to get the error message, if any, and display it to the user (the user is mostly me). fetch(address, attributes).then(


If you have a class with a constructor that doesn't initialize anything, is it necessary to define the constructor? Is it good or bad practice to omit empty constructors? For example: <?php class


Can someone help me to understand why the below doesn't work? object obj = 1; Type t = typeof(int); int x = (t)obj; You get a "The type or namespace name 't' could not be found" error. Is there a


How to split string on the basis on escape sequence() in java. Like : String a ="23\45\20"; String b[]=a.split("\\");//this doesn't work What is best way to do this.


I'm using the new FB api "reachfrequencypredictions". I generate the post and get the prediction_id. But when I do the get in order to obtain the data for thar prediction I only get the same


I created a multiselect dropdown with jQuery. There is a problem. When I click on drop menu it open, but when click outside the box it doesn't hide. <dl class="dropdown" id="hiddenDiv" style="

在WordPress 4.9的图像、视频、iFrAMs周围自动带P标签

NOTE: I've tried to be as clear and concise as possible with the question. If you downvote the question please leave a reason so I know what I need to improve. Thanks. THE ISSUE I'm trying to size


In AWS Lex, I am using the default AMAZON.Country as a slot type. However, when I interact with the test bot, I can enter any value (for instance "I don't know") and the JSON when I inspect the


I'm trying to get the next available day after a result set. This is the query I'm using but is totally wrong: SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY B.Date_key asc) DateID, CASE WHEN cast(convert(

在Type Script中指定对象文本中的值类型?

This is a different question than the one at Type definition in object literal in TypeScript I have an interface that accepts any object as one of its properties: interface MyType { /* */


I'm currently working on a project to display DXF files on a paper.js canvas. However, when I read the spline objects in the DXF file, I am completely confused by the naming and how I should translate


This works fine in node right now: (function f() { console.log(f.name); //logs f })(); But some of the answers posted here are a lot longer, which makes me think that I might be missing a

在同一个URL上安装2个VUE JS应用程序是可能的吗?

I have a client project with the requirement that a user visits a single URL. Then using PHP detect what device they are on and provide them with a different Vue js app dependant on device. The

APERTC ICONIC3中全屏显示的视频呼叫

We are working on video calling app in ionic3. When we are starting the video call, then the size of video is in full screen. But after sometime, the size of video is shorter than the full screen.


I have the following code: TextField vSuchenTextfield = new TextField(""); vLblSuchfeld.setMnemonicParsing(true); vSuchenTextfield.setPromptText("Suchbegriff eingeben"); vLblSuchfeld.setLabelFor(


In the following: <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="inputText" placeholder="Type here"/> the inputText is a string(obviously) which I want to display in view({{inputText}}) replacing those