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Hello great teachers in this forum, please can someone provide good examples of java to python equivalent using pyjnius, for better understanding.


So, super weird use case. Basically, a client created objects and syncs them to the server. The server persists them, and returns that same object with a UID. When the client gets that UID object, it


I found that flipview's background is unable to change <FlipView Background="SeaGreen" x:Name="flipView" </FlipView> And I tried to modify the template of flipview, nothing


Please i need to mutiply Total no of Jobtype and the Value of MEAL_Ticket for a particular date SELECT DISTINCT Datename(dw, Time)+', '+CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), Time, 107) as Date_to_Display,Vale,

声明中的参考周期——Swift 4

extension MyClass { let aString : String = { [weak self] in if let index = index { let i = (matchingString == "abcd") ? 0 : 1 return "success" }


I'm running WordPress 4.9.6 with BuddyPress and BuddyPress XProfile plugin. XProfile is getting the users location and returning it as a hyperlink in their profile to search the rest of the site with


Hello i got often the exception that i cannot access to a closed pipe and have no idea what can be wrong more than one namepipeclientstream communicate with the same namepipedserverstream and the


I can not figure out how to use .gif figures as points in x-y plotting, and tilt each point according to data in the dataset. Demo dataset: library("ggplot2") library("ggimage") N=5 d <- data.


I need to catch up writing a suite of test cases for a java app. Does anyone provide a suite of pre-written tests for standard things? For example a standard test for a 200 response to an API call,


I am new to c++ and still trying to feel my way in. I have attempted to adapt a function I have found on SO to convert my string into bytes as I need: void hexconvert(const char *text, unsigned char


I want to run a correlation matrix in R stemming from getSymbols(c("AAA","BBB","CCC", ), $AAA.Close for a somewhat large list of stocks in QuantMod. Any ideas on how to set this up as a script or


Pressing Enter Key on my javaFx application triggers wrong button, In this case it triggers the logout button What exactly could be the problem. FXML Excerpt <VBox layoutX="7.0" layoutY="160.0"


I have this data set which is in this format in this way in csv file: 1st question : I am trying to find duplicates rows in the table just created in python below? I did try to use the set function


I have the following class that has a business method which is not abstract called isSastisfied. I realized that this method is not present in the generated class. Im using autovalue 1.6.1. Am i


Make a class Student, Which allows: User to Add student details(name class age marks) // Delete Student //Print percentage


I am creating a website powered by ASP.NET Core 2.1 and am attempting to use an SDK that was designed to be used on an AppDomain that is unique to one specific application instance and/or session;


ok, this question was asked on SO many times, but still I didn't find a good solution for this problem. Why do I need this to do? Well because project me and my team develops has iOS style. What did

如何解决GIT错误:服务器不允许对未被广告对象3A2CEEFF1AF3399 4DFEB0D8EF57 ED6A52EF423 8进行请求?

I wanted to pull commit "3a2ceef391af73994dfeb0d8ef57ed6a52ef4238" from branch android. I used the command: $ git fetch origin 3a2ceef391af73994dfeb0d8ef57ed6a52ef4238 and it is showing this error,


If I have a test and I repeated this test say n=2000, then I will evaluate type I error while I am fixing the nominal level alpha =0.05. I found the type I error is different in some scenario, not


I have the following code which creates a yaml file from dictionary: import yaml from collections import OrderedDict import json from pprint import pprint import random import string data = {

Python Sele:从下拉列表中获取值

I'm using Selenium in Python to open a web page and I'm trying to get the list of values from a specific dropdown list. Let's say the HTML code for the dropdown list looks like this: <select class=


This is run automatic. i need it run when call window.onload, not run before call window.onload, because i want to create function as a template code to embed other side, just change id, or className


How to create blur div with transparent text on it? Example:


I have design list of product using table and also use jquery datatable feature I want to make table responsive using css Please help me how to make a table responsive using css


we are working on an assignment with different statistical exercises that need to be programmed in Python. It's going pretty well, we are now only stuck with a technical question. We imported a


Is it possible to track movement of mobile device? I want to open the 3d scene from mobile browser, walk in reality and move in the 3d scene. Rotations in the AFrame demos work nice.


I have tried many regex expressions but unable to get the desired output. My string is Ms.Evalyn J Hobbs AND Mr.Jan K Hir sch AND Ms.Gale D Bannister 3611 I need to extract the digits

NET 4.7服务安装升级

I inherited a .net service project which does not support TLS 1.2, project was upgraded to .net 4.7. Previous .exe file was replaced with the new 4.7exe and the service was restarted. Service cannot


Im building a little Js project in which you can select 2 types of motorcycles, and 3 types of weather, and based on you're choices you will get street and snow tires. But right now im trying to


I have very huge amount of data, which I plan to store in Cassandra. I am new to Cassandra and am trying to find a data model that will work for me. My data is various parameters for commodities


I am developing one android application where I need to play music from website like gaana.com,hungama.com etc. Is it possible to play music from these sites or Is there any alternative way to do so?


I am trying to create a tinder like swipe deck animation. I am using FlatList to render the images. To stack the images one above the other, I am using 'absolute' positioning. The issue with this is


I am using rellax js on my project. I want to use rellax js for a specific area, not the whole. I read the document of rellax js. I did exactly as written in the document. But it does not work. I

集合中的某一元素的Trigger PropertyChanged

lets say I have class Foo public class Foo : INotifyPropertyChanged { private int mProp1; public int Prop1 { get { return mProp1; } set { if (mProp1 ==

如何在Python FulkAppBu建器中映射LDAP广告组到用户角色

I'm currently trying to map automatically user groups in LDAP to user roles in a flask AppBuilder framework based application but can't come up with a solution. I have read through the entire flask


How can I show customer's or user's information such as Name and Surname on the header? Firstly, I have a login page. Customer and User can login to the dashboard on the same login page. While login


Suppose I have three array wich have the same structure like this: { "team_name": "Boca Juniors", "team_id": "95", "team_rank": "1", } I want return one array with three index like:

通过Python或PuthBek控制无线调制解调器(Windows 10)

I have a small Python program running on windows 10: This program observes and configures the wireless mobile access (mobile broadband) of the tablet it's running on. This means: detect whether the


here is my html code i tried. <body th:with="firstId=null,lastId='123'"> <table> <tr th:each="document, state : ${data}"> <td th:with="firstId = ${state.first ? document[

I have used vue cli to create a custom vue project. I included router and vuex. I have bootstrap.min.css and styles.css in src/assets/css/ in my App.vue styles tag I use the following: @import './


I want to get vertical scrolling (one item at a time) but can't find they way to implement viewpager on my code. can anyone help me in implementing view pager on my code. I tried using Fragment for


I have a large pandas dataframe, which is a log of user ids that login in a website: id datetime 130 2018-05-17 19:46:18 133 2018-05-17 20:59:57 133 2018-05-17 21:54:01 142


I have models X, Users, and XMember. XMember is like this: class XMember(models.Model): x = models.ForeignKey(X, on_delete=models.CASCADE) user = models.ForeignKey(


I want to write a script that simulates 1000 concurrent users without using JMeter. What is your best recommendation to do that? I can use nodejs or powershell..

WordPress A到Z列表,但忽略

I've hit a bit of a roadblock with an A to Z listing for Wordpress. I have the code for the page, which works great, but ideally, I'd like it to ignore the words "The" and "A" at the start of the post

When I make a React project on github.io, I Can't see any components in chrome. In 'myUserName.github.io' repository, there is a general HTML file. And a directory in the repository is my React


My App has alot of sync tasks and I'm trying to run these tasks when user left the device idle and charging. I read this but did not understand how can I benefit form that https://developer.android.


im working on some project and i have to make login page with angularJS, and when someone enter password, that password must be "123456" if not "123456" customer must get an alert, otherwise he can


I'm having a problem with an exercise that asks me to receive two integers and print them. But, the program ends when the user enters with the entry '|'. However, I'm testing this and the program


I am trying to simulate the following code for an asynchronous ram in verilog. but dout remains xxxx all the time. The first time I tried the code dout was equal to din for the time when write signal