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Is it better for performance to use fonts through TypeKit or to include them in your files?


I want to display only "BBPress comments and topics" in Buddypress activity. But I can not find a function for that. ▼【buddypress/bp-templates/bp-nouveau/buddypress/activity/activity-loop.php】(line:


Currently iam working on p:timeline , select event is working , How to get the value of the closed event in the timeline


I want to add required field validation in dx-list of devextreme control for angular. Here is my html snippet. <dx-list class="checkbox-list" id="chkCentreCareTypes" [dataSource]="careTypes" (


I would like to use the R package rsample to generate resamples of my data. The package offers the function rolling_origin to produce resamples that keep the time series structure of the data. This


@Parameters(name = "{0}") public static Collection<File> data() { File folder = new File("src/test/resources/test"); return Arrays.asList(Objects.requireNonNull(folder.listFiles())); }

使用离子3的HTTP GET请求?

I am new to ionic i am trying to fetch result using REST API , with GET Method but not successfull , can anyone please help me. My code is here let headers = new Headers(); headers.append('

在Mac OSX上发现排除

I have a folder which includes hundreds of sub folders with html files in each of those sub folders. I made a mistake and removed a line calling a menuzord.js in some of the html files. I’m looking


When resizing and moving with wmctrl, the outcome is both incorrect and depending on application. Example: At the time of writing I have emacs, chromium, spotify and gnome-terminal running ws=$(


i have previous asked but no answer so i will try to rewrite the problem. I have two lists. first list is dates (yymmdd) and second list is only months. eg(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12) NOTE: assume any


I have a Dataframe in R which i want to use a code on; sum((df$variable1 == x & df$variable2 == y & df$variable3 == z), na.rm = TRUE) variables x, y & z have different levels e.g.


How do I Code my application using Xcode 8 to perform File Open & File Save if it needs to save numeric data from a text field on a form using the NSMutableDictionary data type? I am using a 2014


Good morning everyone! In my SQL database single record consists of four rows: id, name, age and email. How to get a single record by typing in a JTextField id of that record? So later we can for


Im trying to delete all objects of type "Lead", using realm, i tried this code : RLMResults<Lead *> *allLeads = [Lead allObjects]; for (RLMObject *object in allLeads) { RLMRealm *


how to generate random Location (longitude and latitude) within a radius and Linearly in java?? i want to generate all locations that available in the radius. How much should I add to the current


super.onCreate(bundle); wb = (TextView) view.findViewById(R.id.wb); bt = (Button) view.findViewById(R.id.bt); lx = (TextView) view.findViewById(R.id.lx); fz = (Button) view.findViewById(R.id.fz);


I have a little problem with authentication. I am writting a script, which is getting login and password from user(input from keyboard) and then I want to get some data from the website(http not https)

当筛选器标准位于预先存在的字符串(Type Script/No.js)中时,使用.Futter

I'm trying to process an array of JSON objects that have various common attributes, filtering each array entry on one or more of those attributes. Normally, I'd just do it something like this: let


I'm running a copy of gitlab-ce on a server of mine and I would like to do a custom pre-receive hook that searches for TODOs in the committed code and doesn't allow the push if there are any TODOs


I use python 3.6, and I am trying to play an audio file with pyo, but when I try to run it, I get this message; Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Python27\pyotest.py", line 1, in


My Requirement is that two user have 2 or more then 2 different dialogue but user are same. so when one can type at that time another then other one get typing state in all chat dialogue associate


How to get the count of childCompetency through childDomain which having has many relation 'childDomain' => array(self::HAS_MANY, 'SkillRelDomain', 'skill_id'), 'childCompetency' => array(


I'm a beginner. I've been working on Django project. Now I'm trying to create notification part and I get the count of notifications. The notification part is on like mypage. There are list menu on


I have a travis-ci project connected to Github that tries to update content in the Github repo and push them back to Github, both master and gh-page branches. However, although my travis-ci log files


How to open an .mrc in CryoEM using python scripting? I tried to use mrcfile module to get the array of data from it. But, couldnt open it or display it.


I've got a keras model with the layout below def keras_model(x_train, y_train, x_test, y_test): model = Sequential() model.add(Dense(128, input_dim=x_train.shape[1], activation='relu'))


Suppose Team A is working on library A version 1.0.1 Team B is working on library B version 2.0.3 we want to deliver these two artifacts together. library A depends on Library B In this case should


I am a new/beginner at coding and I coded a multipeer connectivity. For some reason when I test my app the bluetooth function keep "searching". Moreover, nothing comes up in the results to connect to


When I add the validates before my case it works normal, but add the validates after give me a error Started POST "/users" for at 2018-08-20 07:19:33 +0000 Cannot render console from


Data frame 1: Stationid 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 Data frame 2: Station id Maintanance 10 55 15 38 21 100 10 56 22 101 15 39 10 56 I


What is the difference between Active geo replication, Auto failover groups and Read scale out in Azure.


if 1^x=5 Math.Pow(1,x) = 5; Math.Pow(14,x) = ? then 14^x=? How can I solve?


I have downloaded the tar file for influxdb 1.2.0 and have also extracted it to a folder, in the config file I have enabled the admin and HTTP ports respectively to 8083 and 8086. I also ran the

Android工作室YouTube API错误

I'm working on a project where i need to embed my YouTube Channel in my Android Application and this happens. When i make an APi request from the activity i get this error :the request did not


I keep getting this error when deploying with Heorku and have been getting it with several different repos that I'm trying to deploy to Heroku after running their build through travis. No stash

Spring调度,调度程序只运行第一天11:57 PM不是每天在春季MVC

In my mvc project here i want to reapeate a Scheduler Everyday, But it working only First day when started device not Every day when device start permanently. if i restart my device then it also


We try to make swipe to left but we failed to implement like Instagram message UI in android Native App. Please suggest me what can I do and how to implement this


I am currently new to prometheus. I just want to know is there any way to get currently logged in(active users) in a linux system using prometheus node exporter


I need this and I have no knowledge. I did not find it in a source. I want to request a Firebase Cloud Message when I press a button on my Android application. In my application I will use Edit Text.


When changing the language of the AppleTV the templates automatically adapt to these changes. For example, picking a right to left language completely mirrors the template. I need to be able to change


I am learning selenium and intend to check methods available. browser = webdriver.Chrome() browser.get(start_url) help(browser) The help document is too long so I'd like to copy them to a file. In [


I have a JSON read to UI and modifiled as part of review process. Finally I want to save New data to a New folder/File. Code Sample below - Always ends with POST call in error : SaveFinalData(){


Here's a description of my data set (which I'm analyzing using R): I have 90 rows, each with 15 columns, numbered 1-15. These columns contain values, but not all 15 columns are filled in all rows.


I have pending migration and I want to know when there are new ones. In my environnement/developpment.rb file I set to : config.active_record.migration_error = :page_load But I don't get errors

Word WebAdvin从服务器头/页脚加载整个文档

We are trying to load a word document from server using JavaScript. We send the document using a base64 encoding. With our current approach, only the body is loading using the function: context.

jQuery jQuery倒计时定时器循环

Using the following JavaScript, how do I make it automatically restart the countdown adding 7 days when the deadline is reached? (function($) { "use strict"; function getTimeRemaining(


I have been working on creating a blockchain application on a flask based environment. I want to deploy it as decentralized web application on the internet, which is accessible to certain nodes which

为Android DealVIEW进行刷新/刷新

I have created an app to get RSS Feed from XML file and show it in a recyclerview within card views. I want to implement the Pull to refresh to load the data. where exactly the method supposed to be ?


Hello everyone i have a header with a div in my header with a pic in it but i want to display my pics next to eachother but instead of that its displays it under each other how can i fix this i tried


Actually i want to write some mock unit tests for telephony manger , i am using mockito framework to mock telephony service. I am returning particular operator name based on my configurations it is