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How would you think the following results be? SELECT CHARINDEX('space and /* comment */', 'Phrase with space and /* comment */') AS MatchPosition; DECLARE @SearchWord varchar = 'space and /*


I have a function that opens the first tab in a new window and then creates the rest of the tabs in that window. When creating the first tab, the title of the tab is not updated, but when creating the


I have table : id | room_type | room_size 1 | a;b;c | 5;7;12 2 | b;c;d;f | 8;2;4 3 | b;c;d;f;g;h | 6;4;5;6;7;2;9 i want output like this : id | name | room_size 1 | a


I had installed Windows on my SSD, but after a lot of customisation and registry tweaks, it was messed up. So I wanted a clean slate, so I installed windows on my HDD too. (Second partition). The


I am totally new to the concept of Object Oriented Programming. So here is the problem Statement. The Parent Class is Restaurant and it has many Objects like Indian, Mexican, Italian and so on. When


How can one deserialize the following JSON { "result" : { "master" : [ ["one", "two"], ["three", "four"], ["five", "six", "seven"], ], "blaster" : [ ["


I'm trying to filter instructor_name but this table has many null values, how should I ignore those null fields and search/filter only from fileds which are not null filter: `item.instructor_name.


I am trying to list all the properties of a selecting shape. In my case it is a speech bubble that I would like to modify with a macro. The following code doesn't work because Properties isn't a thing.


In my Ruby on Rails project I have a module called Node. In that module I have different classes such as playback, if, hangup, etc. They are created using Node::Playback, for example. Each of these


I'm running into an issue where I implemented a derived wxTimer class to override the Notify() call since I'm not using an owner implementation as described in the documentation. When I debug the


I'm trying to establish a socket connection through wifi hotspot for desktop and laptop. My desktop is hotspot and the laptop connects to the desktop. The ip of the laptop is and the


I want to retrieve the data from the firebase database and set the firebase recycler adapter to recycler view. But whenever I run the app, it crashes. Plus, I am confused where should I set my adapter

KARAS VAR2D过滤器(特征提取器)是什么?

I've been studying convolutional neural networks and using Keras for development, developing an intuition for most of it except one remaining part. I am not sure how Keras determines the filters we

WordPress WORKWOR/WORD主题路由- 404页面不渲染

I am creating a custom WordPress theme using Timber and Twig and I am having a hard time getting my custom 404 page to render. Originally, each page on my website had a custom route defined in


So, from what I've read, messaging with Js can be done with window.postMessage("yourMessage", "http://example.com") but from what I've tested, you cant send variables over this. Am I doing it wrong,


I am developing a web application with Tornado and have encountered the following problem: I can't run more than 6 instances of my application in one browser probably because each instance creates


I have a function that I want to execute within a thread. Looks like this: QThread* thread = QThread::create([](std::string nameString, std::string pth){zipUtils::unzip_v2(nameString.c_str(), pth.

角度JS NG选项不用于选择标签

I'm trying to get the ng-option to use a JSON formatted array, but not sure why it's not displaying the select option rows. For instance: index.js: $scope.seloptions= [{ key: k1, name: n1 },{ key:


I have a number of numpy arrays, each represents a series of seasonal data. The frequency is year. The 1st array has all the sales value in the 1st week of year, from year 2014 to year 2018. The 2nd


I have an Outlook Web Add-In, running on node server, locally I need it to run with a valid ssl cert to debug in IE. In Chrome it looks like this I have built a cert using the following command line


I am working with data set you can generate with the following code: set.seed(922) dat<-data.frame("y" = c(rnorm(500,20,2),rnorm(500, 40,2),rnorm(500,60,2),rnorm(500,80,2)), "


I have two different object list like these: public class Person { private int id; private String name; private String surname; } public class Name { private int id; private

When I go to ESPN's website, clicking on the log in button does nothing. I'm able to get to this login page via an email about my fantasy league, but the login bar just loads forever and I get the


I'm trying to call a Spring Boot standard controller from a keyword written in Robot Framework. I want to upload multiple XML files. Here's my controller : @PostMapping(value = "/myUrl", produces = "


closure2['NEXT_PERF_DT'] = closure2['perf_dt'].apply(lambda x: dt.datetime((x.year)+(x.month/12), (x.month%12)+1,1)) TypeError: integer argument expected, got float Closure2 has only 2 columns:


Hey guys so I've made a Rank GUI system that can be seen above players in-game. local billboardgui = game:GetService("ServerStorage"):WaitForChild("BillboardGui") game.Players.PlayerAdded:Connect(


I'm trying to setup AWS Mobile Hub, specifically using Amplify and Angular (5). I've setup authentication, using the provided and it works great. I can login and access the username via the AWS


I am trying to add a python file (which has a map on it) and I am trying to put that map into a tab on my website. How do I do it? How do I link both files? Thanks


I'm making a script that reads a file full of proxy servers and checks if they are up or down. import socket proxyFile = open("proxies.txt","r"); lines = proxyFile.readlines(); class Colors:


I try take photo from adapter but not work. Why? Thanks everybody And in onActivityResult data is null. I try pass MediaStore.EXTRA_OUTPUT, doesn't work.. Any Idea? MainActivity: override fun


How would I convert a string such as "twelve" to its integer form (i.e 12)? Private Sub btnShowHoursWorked_Click() Dim intHoursWorked As Integer intHoursWorked = CInt(txtHoursWorked.Value)

Python BASH提示符:如何打印宽度计算包装?

I wrote a Python script to replace "powerline" as a terminal prompt solution for myself here: https://github.com/diogobaeder/dotfiles/blob/master/.bash_prompt.py Then all I do is to define the prompt


I am trying to put my routes into multiple files to organize based on module. if i only use one file like this all works fine const apiRoutes = require('./routes/api') app.use('/api', apiRoutes);


I'm new to swift language can anyone help me how to save and load eureka form data to Firebase database

是否可以自定义VisualStudio 2017 SSRs RPTPRJ MSBug文件?

My company has made extensive investments into a library of custom MSBuild targets files that we use to build our full product. Every project file we have in source control imports at least one custom


Objective I'm trying to write to Oracle's ADWC (basically oracle database) from a Spark application running on Yarn. The only way to connect to this database is by using an Oracle Wallet file, which

Narrow TypeScript型通过外部函数?

I'm trying to write an external function to narrow the type of objects with TypeScript, however as soon as I pull the logic out TypeScript seems to lose the thread. I've got the following code: if (


I want to run my scripts parallel so I have added the cucumber-jvm-parallel-plugin to my pom file but at the step I am getting an error as bellow Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle


I have 2 individual code components like zipping and encryption, based on given sequence order they should call one after one. Example: If I give sequence as {encryption, zipping}, 1st encryption

参考多重(不同)Div Id

I'm using script editor web part in SharePoint to create a Full screen overlay navigation feature. I got the code from https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_fullscreen_overlay.asp. I modified it


I am creating RESTful API on node.js (express.js + mongoose). I have mongoose model which has _id and title. When I handle GET request to find specific object by _id, I use findById method and I want


So, I have question similar to this but now I will work with Windows Forms, I mean I make library which will be used in simple .exe-application. I need three background tasks/jobs/services: Every


guys! I have some problems in mapping/fitting some text to a XSD schema. I thought something about converting XSD schema to JSON schema and then somehow extract the attributes and values, and try to


Im new to python and Im trying to write a code that will solve the Velocity Autocorrelation function of a 3D array. I've tried to use double summation methods but I cant quite get it to work correctly


I have two tables in my SQL Server database, Foo and Bar. Table Foo is like so: +-------+ | Foo | +-------+ | Id | | Type | | Value | +-------+ The table has values like: +----+--------+------


I have data files in which the information is the same but in different columns. E.g Year Month Time Value. From different source I have the same type of information but columns are for example:


Please help me get the configuration for running Action Cable and Redis correctly on Docker. I have attached the screenshot to the error I'm getting. This what I have now in docker-compose.yml


I found this question asked here and there on the internet but there was no obvious solution for my problem. Currently I'm working on an AngularJS app secured by keycloak. I did the following :-


I have a weird issue on GAE standard (running node), more precisely with my app.yaml below. runtime: nodejs8 # Environment variables env_variables: GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT: '' # Static


I have the logic that is written and is compatible for sql server database.I am trying to use the same code in postgresql database . Can some one help me in getting the equivalent code to postgresql.