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We are using 102040 build for our application. We want to upgrade the app for distribution for multiple devices. Is it possible to upgrade the app without store?

Attempting to make an api call to https://martialwebapi.azurewebsites.net/api/PostModel which just returns a simple Json object with some junk data. I am retrieving a list the with correct number of

I wrote the following code: <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <title>Mockup TOPdesk</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="

I have date in the format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.sssZ". for example the date is "2018-07-17T09:59:51.312Z". I am using the below code to parse the String in Java. String date="2018-07-17T09:59:51.

I am new to react native development. I Have created one sample application.But when run the application getting only blank white screen. I Have tried many ways but didn't work. Can nay one please

I face the issue that if device no longer exists the fcm response containing the error like that { "message": "Client error: `POST https://fcm.googleapis.com/v1/projects/

is there a way i can enforce compile-time checking of constructor existence in Typescript? ie. I have the following class: @autoinject export abstract class HttpServiceBase { constructor(private

I am working on a WordPress site from my local system and using Gulp with Browsersync to automatically refresh my browser on changes. For this I am using a proxy to my local Apache server. This works

I am trying to run haskell code in C#, but generally speaking I wan't to be able to communicate with command line in c#. I am able to run commands like "runhaskell hask", but I am still unable to run

The createEventInteractively method is very convenient using the create ui of the native calendar app and I was wondering if it is possible to open and edit an event "interactively"? The ionic docs

Please I need newer Answer with Code

I am trying to build a code where the function takes as input an initial cash position (a float), a list of prices, and a list of crossover. It uses these data to make trades at crossover points as

I have used the below code to create an UUID datatype column in JPA entity that similar to the column in PostgreSQL DB Entity @Column(name = "uid", updatable = false, nullable = false) private UUID

Please help as I am getting error of (You'll need a new app to open this veeva) on pressing the veeva:gotoSlide(slidename.zip) button. Below the is code screenshot of HTML. Screenshot of HTML code

When I'm adding a product to my cart I use AJAX to post some custom data. The AJAX post request works and I get the correct data, but when I want to add the data as cart-item-data by using the

I am trying to install the Drools Workbench and the KIE server in Wildfly 14.0.21 (Windoows 10). I am as far as indicated in the enclosed screenshot. But got the following error: ERROR [org.jboss.

I have to change a function. Actually it executes some lines of code whenever an input field is changed. I need to change the function that it executes whenever an input field is changed an a value in

Trying to remove an Address object from the session I get this exception org.hibernate.NonUniqueObjectException: a different object with the same identifier value was already associated with the

var fobs = document.querySelectorAll("td:not([input])"); console.log(fobs.length); td{border:1px solid black;} <table> <tr> <td>test1</td> <td>test2</

I've got a requirement to modify the soapAction in my WSDL to contain only ServiceOperation/ServiceMethod inside. When I leave the namespace property empty it sets it to: <soap:operation

I'm using this Framework in an Angular 6 project: https://github.com/SebastianM/angular-google-maps https://angular-maps.com/ It's my first project with Angular so I'm still figuring out how it

I have drill cluster, with 4 drillbits (drill 1.14). But I can not use dynamic UDF feature in cluster for some kind of reason. Every time, I was confronting with troubles. Let me present 2

Please note that I've also created an issue on the related repo. In the documentation, it says that this function will return a promise which will resolved after all the promises in the array have

I have a couple of questions here. First of all, I want the columns of links go closer to the text "All posts." My second problem is that I want the columns to have gaps between them. I tried column-

A response I'm getting from the server is a 'local' timestamp. Which would mean my local time expressed as UTC milliseconds, but without the UTC offset. For example: 1537747200000 is Mon Sep 24 2018

I have an unordered JSON which I need to transform it into some kind of parent, child and grandchild relationship. I did, transformed it by writing this function but here is a problem that is I am not

We have tried setting up Kafka Authentication by SASL/PLAIN and SASL/SCRAM (both w/o SSL). We found that SASL/SCRAM is more convenient as we do not need to restart Kafka/Zookeeper again and again on

I'm trying to get latitude and longitude by using address list in .CSV file and running codes in R. I'm trying to follow this link Geocoding However, my excel files are non-english (Let say, AA)

I have a table in SAS which contains the format information I want. I want to bin this data into the categories given. What I don't know how to do is create either an xform or a format file from the

The schema I am working with looks somewhat like this: root |-- A: string (nullable = true) |-- B: string (nullable = true) |-- C: string (nullable = true) |-- D: struct (nullable = true) | |-

I used the following command to minimize chrome browser, "driver.manage().window().setPosition(new Point(0,-1000));" but later when I clicked on chrome browser in toolbar to maximize, its not

i need help Youtube API first time i am using API, so got only 20 videos in list, i want all the videos from youtube channel so how to set it, How to set Maxresult Here is my API code: <?php $

I'm trying to auto submit a form when page load using the JQuery code below: $(document).ready(function(){ $("#finds_expense").submit(); }); The form submission require the parameters as JS. When I

I've run into a bit of a wall and I don't know how I've managed to stuff it up. I'm trying to have multiple panels on my application in C# and each slides in and out from the menu along the side. I've

Can someone please help me programmatically click a button using VB scripting that is launched from excel. I am trying to do some web automation, the script launches an internet explorer window and

I am building an App with MEAN Stack and would like to integrate a SQL database, in particular fetching datatables and reading them on the browser local host. So far, Im able to read any datatable

Trying to create the following function in C: bool randBool(double bias) which returns either 0 or 1 randomly. The part that is tripping me up is that I would like to allow for the user to input a "

I want to use webpack in my angularJs app. Currently gulp task runner is used to compile all scss file into single css file and all js file into one (bundle.js) file. I want all these task with

I have trained my neural network using encog 3.3 with MLP, resilientProp (trial since BackProp's learning rate and momentum is hard to set), 9 inputs (including the ideal value), 1 hidden layer with 7

i am using google search console to crawling my website but i am getting a weird error enter image description here I tried to remove https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api from my website but still

Next function is fail on some data. Where it's better to wrap it in try-except block? if attr in obj_request: new_record = GosReestr() new_record.display_name_department = request.user.

I am having a problem with the real time feature in Google Analytics (but I suspect it will be a wider problem too) Backstory: I am trying to set up a view which only includes traffic on this

When i try to setup the the moq object like this: mock.Setup(reader => reader.listOFs(1)).Returns(new List<IIAM_OF_Event>() { new IIAM_OF_Event() { ID = 11 } }.AsQueryable()); It throws

I am using ReactJS for rendering properly formatted menu on our web app: How do I stop rendering list and begin from start if number of elements exceeds n(20 in my case) <div className="

Just out of curiosity- what is the difference in the following.. I have a script and I'm converting from KB to MB. I'm using command substitution to assign variables, but just don't see the

I'm trying to scrape some data off a page and can't quite get document.execCommand("copy") to work as expected. As a test, I am injecting some HTML into the page and then try to copy it to the

I want to list down all the Properties and Methods which belong to 'os' node.js module. One alternative is var os=require('os'); Object.keys(os); Object.getOwnPropertyNames(os); Since the 'os'

I am trying to convert a rgb image to cmyk using profiles I downloaded from the adobe website. The command I am using is as follow: convert Playbook.jpg -profile CoatedFOGRA27.icc cmyk_playbook.

I need to decompress a data model file embedded in xlsx file. The file is supposed to use the MS-XLDM file format and should consist of 3 sections (Spreadsheet Data Model Header, Files and Virtual

First of all sorry for my bad English,Actually i'm stucked at one point. i want to send Arabic text in database. API already works when i send it with post man request. but when i send it with Volley