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On my laptop, I got tabualr data in a list of strings, ~50k items in the list. Each item in the list is a string that contains tab seperated values (.tsv). I use the following python code to write

I'm trying to create a program that will play tic-tac-toe against itself, using random moves and recording the moves of the winner, for a set amount of times, but I'm struggling with the looping of

I've been trying to update a template in my plugin for an hour now, but unsuccessfuly. Template I'm editing is showthread_newreply - but the code doesn't work in header template too. <a href="

I want to create one main magnet in Spritekit and the main magnet is surrounded by many small magnets. How to make these small magnets rotate when the main magnet is moving? Also, how to make a node

Hi currently I am having issue with building project using Android Studio and cmake. I was looking for solution here at stackoverflow but nothing came out of search. So heres the chunk of compile log

With public List getArzt() I try to get every "Arzt" from my SQ Lite Database. Each Object from "Arzt" as you can see, has a name, arzttyp, straße+hsnr. etc When I try to run my project, the app

I have a weird problem - as you can see from the title, there is a ");" at the top of my website and I can't find where exactly it comes from. The website is brideprintables.com and it uses Wordpress.

I have to write client/server aplication where server has to change a port to answer to client. How do i do that?

My usecase is this: I connect to a service with a websocket and get periodic (but unpredictable) health data from the service. The app may have multiple users of this data stream, so I want to share

I am getting error getting error in selenium automation tool in Python to login and test web browser. Can anyone please help my code is belowfrom selenium import webdriver def browse(email,pwd):

I've looked around at some open question, but I cannot figure out how to use flycheck-clangcheck mode to read the include dirs from the compile_commands.json db. I currently have a largish c++

In order to bind the CTRL+Q key using Perl's Curses library, it'll be $cui->set_binding( sub {exit 0;}, "\cQ" ); . How can I bind the ENTER and the ESC keys? Where can I find a good resource except

Since Roku devices are bluetooth-equipped, is it possible to use one as a peripheral device? For example, the Apple TV supported the Core-Bluetooth framework, whereby it is possible to make an Apple

I created this Dll in C ++: extern "C" __declspec(dllimport) int number(int a); int main() { a=20; return (a); } I want to call C ( Console.exe ) this DLL What should I do? My

My apologies if this is answered elsewhere; I looked and have tried several things, but am unable to solve this. What I want to do: In MySQL, I have one table containing calls for service data from

I am trying to customize the sample TreeListView described on MSDN TreeListView and downloaded from GitHub Ariesy TreeListView. I would like to apply one styling change - introducing separate

Animation code works fine for my animator until I added the UI into the mix. Now the animation doesn't activate when the player steps into the trigger. However, the UI works fine. Apparently the issue

So I had my final and I did everything required and did well but my professor said that my files weren't finding the database. I really don't get why. My files when I'm using them work just fine in

I am struggling here to see if my linear probing technique is correct and if it is efficient at all. Is there any way for me to make it more effiecient? static void enterValues(int values[], int

I have a function called createTheme. Inside of createTheme there is a function called createVariation whose last argument is buttonIteratee. If buttonIteratee is in the same file as createTheme I

Hi I have two tables and for the same contact "email" in the two tables, I want to know the first time the "email" gets in touch. conversation_and_id contact Expected output So far I only have

I get an incomplete migration of my database when I run laravel command 'php artisan migrate'. Just one table is migrated out of 3 in my migration file. See the error I get below: === C:\wamp64\www\

First of all I have done a great research and tried many approaches to look for solution but maybe I am doing it wrong and was not able to find a solution. My data: 13-12-2018 00:00:11 000014F0:

I want to get ONE store location in each of the zip codes I have got as far as getting all the stores in the zip codes, { "address.zip": { $in: ['10003','10038','10121','12401'] } } How would I

I am making a tower defense game in Unity using C# where NavMeshAgents (enemies) spawn and travel along this path to the end point, where they are destroyed. When I have many agents grouped together

(1,2, #958B85), (21,27, #777769), (12,11, #6A655D), (15,4, #AAB3B2). These are the pixels that form a photo, 32 x 32 pixel size, Legend: (x,y, colour) Anybody able to help me ?? Need this desperately

Can anyone tell me what's the solution for this? When I run it and load it from the browser It's only loading and never displaying the "Hello Word!" text. But the text will appear in the browser

I am unsure as to why I am getting this error: Non-static method printCustomerDetails() cannot be referenced from static context. I am trying to pull printAllLoyaltyCards() from LoyaltyCard class.

Using three.js, I want to place markers at the vertices of a glTF animation while it is playing. Is there any way to get the interpolated, transformed positions of the model vertices?

So to put it simply, I'd like to know how to do this: import sys sys.stdout.write("Hello World") => Hello World #print something to go left maybe? sys.stdout.write("Im Back Here!") => Im

I'm a beginner to python and am in the middle of producing my first program using python. The aim of the program was to enable the user to register solo students and teams, and then score them.

I created a new Ionic project just after a new installation of ionic and cordova. When I run $ionic serve the browser renders a long list of errors as the image below. I'm using the next versions:

In my SQL Server 2016 query results I have the following displaying: In my SSRS report the 60000.00 value is displaying as 0.00: The dollar amount is a calculated column value. The datatype in sql

I was update ionic 4.5.0 so latest version I get this errors. enter image description here ALL İNFO Ionic: ionic (Ionic CLI) : 4.5.0 (C:\Windows\System32\node_modules\ionic) Ionic Framework :

I'm using tweepy to automatically tweet a list of URLs. However if my list is too long (it can vary from tweet to tweet) I am not allowed. Is there anyway that tweepy can create a thread of tweets

I have a problem with a PHP script triggering a "connection refused" message. Im trying to execute file_get_contents('http://some_domain'). I have also tried fsockopen(), socket_create() and curl_exec(

I'm learning computer science by going through Harvard's CS50 course. I'm learning how to define new functions and link two together. I randomly created the script below. My new_function is failing to

I've been reading up on how NEAT (Neuro Evolution of Augmenting Topologies) works and i've got the main idea of it, but one thing that's been bothering me is how you split the different networks into

I have the following code but it shows marquee output in 2 rows, I want it to appear in a single row. Check screenshot.. Please help. I know marquee is deprecated but I have to use it. Any help

Here's a mode detailed message: selenium.common.exceptions.ElementClickInterceptedException: Message: Element <a class="card-product__btn" href="/shop/iqos/offers/297/"> is not clickable at

I have a requirement to update S3 bucket policy ( Get the current resource ARNs and append new Resource ARN ). here is the snippet of code. import os import boto3 import pprint import json import sys

I'm trying to dynamically add objects/elements by getting the data from the database. What I'm trying to achieve is, I want to copy the same HBox with the same attributes, such as FontAwesomeIcon etc.

I want to slice my data in Python. The very basic task to slice my dataframe throws unexpected errors at me. My code is: import pandas as pd test_file = pd.read_csv("C:/Users/Lenovo/Desktop/

this code is not working .. I want to read that new message "Test" But its not working public class A { public string message = "None"; } public class B { public static void Change {

sorry I may be a little vague here but I'll try and be quick on what I need. I'm looking for ideas on how to do the following. maybe there is a plug in - such as Editor for Datatables that can do

I ran the below MCVE snippet on two different systems which produced the windows depicted in the screenshots. As you can see, their border styles differ. I do not mind that. The border styles are

I am building DSL and try to define a custom class CustomClass that you can use in expressions like def result = customInstance >= 100 ? 'a' : 'b' if (customInstance == 'hello') {} Groovy

I am trying to pass variables to the order by snippet of a DB::select(DB::raw('')) by doing something like this: $sort = 'sort'; $order = 'order'; .order by :sort :order;'), array('sort' => $

I have quite a heavy workbook. I am curious if any of you could advise how to best do it so that the processing speed isn't affected much. sheet Occupancy: TblOccupancy[code] TblOccupancy[start]

I'm facing a new problem..I use BigDecimal for money input. There is a little problem. Let's take a look at this piece of code: BigDecimal a = BigDecimal.valueOf(5); BigDecimal b = BigDecimal.valueOf(