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I am trying to detect the lines within an image using the Hough Transformation. There for I first create the accumolator like this: from math import hypot, pi, cos, sin from PIL import Image import


I am using python 3.6 and requests library to call SOAP service. I am getting RAW response but I want xml data as a response. Can anybody please help me out if there is any option to set in requetst


I recently started setting up firebase's cloud functions. I started with a simple helloWorld function const functions = require('firebase-functions'); const admin = require('firebase-admin'); admin.


When using remote copy/file_get_contents without an Internet connection, PHP fails as follows: Warning: copy(): php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: nodename nor servname provided, or not


I'm using react-router-dom for implementing routing of my reactjs App! but I have an issue with this , in which I can't find any working solution for scroll to top on page changing. can any body help


When an exam question ask for this In the language of your choice show an implementation of the quick short algorithm. does this mean that I have to write the whole code including main class and


It seems like Java is ignoring one of my for loops that's nested in the following code: (Java only adds the last Array of GLines from the ArrayList arrayListGLines - and not all Arrays from the same


I would like to remove all the rounded rectangle boxes from the below image I have tried cv2.approxPolyDP() with cv2.findContours() but looks like something is missing . Here is the code I used


I have 2 tables having OneToMany realtionship, and created entities as below Table 1- Network is having primary key as networkId Table 2- NetworkAttributes is having FK as networkId, but records


I have two input files: channel0.aac channel1.aac I was able to get the right output file using the this command: ffmpeg -i channel0.aac -i channel1.aac -filter_complex [0:a][1:a]amerge=inputs=2[


I want using Mirror to add to the parent class without having to add a clone of the child's class Do you think this is possible? base class : class BaseModel { func clone() -> BaseModel {


I'm trying to make a discord command where users can change what my bot is playing, but it changes for all servers and I don't want that. Is there a way to make it so that it only changes for the


I am currently working on a project which requires me to generate an amount (let's say 50) random images from a gallery, with some having a smaller chance of being generated than others. The script


I have a result of a query, a section of which is described below with a sample of data. Id JobId Code DateAdded 1 100 FR1F 2018-06-22 14:19:57.807 2 100 W2OO 2018-06-22


I am trying to show a document (called zzz.txt so it appears at the bottom) in a text box, and I have put it in the debug folder (TextViewerthingy > obj > Debug) and have used CurDir() & "\zzz.txt"


I'm very new in PhP and trying to modify the code of may website. I want to display a line only under certain condition but when I use if in the code, the site is showing blank Thanks for your

请帮我把这个伪代码转换成Java LAN,它

INITIALIZE list as list of integer READ number (integer) from stdin WHILE number is greater than zero IF number is even APPEND zero to list ELSE APPEND one to list ENDIF DIVIDE number by two


I downloaded the Keccak Code Package from their website and I'm now trying to implement the Kangaroo Twelve algorithm using the sources they provide in the package. However, I have a problem that I


I know how to create USDZ files using Apple's command line tool bundled with xcode beta 10. Example code: xcrun usdz_converter magnifying_glass.obj -g frame magnifying_glass.usdz -color_map gold-


Quick question, I am wondering why I am required to set the width of my input-field to 83% when I include padding? Here is what I am referring to: HTML <div class="wrapper"> <div class="


Input : I AM A STUDENT Expected Output: I Am A Student how can i achieve this using css?


I am using viewChild to take reference of that element but it is throwing me error native Element of undefined. I tried set time out also but still getting same error.


I need to understand the code segment below in Python. stem = [] // A 3D array // Some code was here to populate stem prob = sum([item[1] for item in stem]) confidence = prob/(len(stem)-1) #


I already installed the wazuh manager on RHEL 7, now I'm trying to install the wazuh API. I installed nodejs 4.6.1 as the wazuh installation guide suggests, ran the configure file, make and make


Im trying to create a collection like this in order to use in a react component: let data = [ { group : 'A', children : [ { name : 'Animals', id : 22 }, .


How can I use the dictionary with the key is the type of enum? I had program like this: enum A{ case a1; case a2; } var dic=[A:String](); dic[A.a1]="a1 is set"; and I set breakpoint in xcode ,I saw


How do I parse a JSON like this? This is Keenio Extraction API query data to be fetched into a Google Spreadsheet. I tried using the following code to parse the returned JSON, but don't know how to


Are there any convenience methods for joining URL segments in javascript or specifically in Angular2+ (or Ionic2+) that will normalize slashes? For example, given URL fragments of: http://example.


I want to display text with directwrite in a specified rectangle and with a specified font size, the text outside the rect should be cutted off. By searching I found something about CreateTextLayout

如何用SQL实现Spring MVC中的审计跟踪?

We have developed a Spring MVC application for UAT. Now our client is asking for Audit Trail. Requirement Should be A proper Trail(SQL Entry or File) with one user which he was Audited.


I am getting data in this get_item . how can I get this data in scan query where EventName='newevent' and 'RekognitionId': {'S': match['Face']['FaceId'] face = dynamodb.get_item(


Trying to add Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0 for SQL Server sqljdbc4.jar to my eclipse project. I do Add Library in java build path, select connectivity driver definition and have menu below. But there is


I am trying to run the following code: function LCS(s1, s2) { let m = s1.length; let n = s2.length; let table = []; for (let i = 0; i <= m; i++) { table.push([]); for (let j = 0;


Users can connect to a server via simple HTTP or Websocket. What happens to the Websocket session when HTTP Session expires ? What happens to the HTTP Session when a Websocket session is closed ?

I know, there are a lot of questions asked about this error and I read them but it didn't help me. I checked if the zip extension is installed and it does: $ php -m [PHP Modules] bcmath bz2 calendar

在DOCKER群VelSOIN 17.03上使用主机网络

This links says: In Docker 17.06 and higher, you can also use a host network for a swarm service, by passing --network host to the docker container create command. But I'm using docker version 17.


I need to block a few domain in javascript. However there is one domain which contain so many subdomain. I don't know why, but typing the top level domain doesn't do the job properly. Alas I need to


Can I put my bean-making methods in the main class of Spring Boot application? @SpringBootApplication public class DemoApplication { public static void main(String[] args) {


I've been developing an app with React Native (with Expo) and Firebase on the backend. When running the project through Expo client on the iPhone, I can normally login with email and password and then


I have the following html: <div class='navbar'> <div class='home'> <button class="btn" onclick="location.href='#';"><i class="fa fa-home"> </i></button&

Oracle XML表解析不取无节点的节点

I am running the below sql to parse the XML, but it returns me only the parent nodes only if child nodes exist. select nvxml.catalogs,nvlvl.levels L1,nvlvl.L1_CAT_ID,lvl2.l2 , lvl2.


axis refers to the dimension of the array, in the case of pd.DataFrames axis=0 is the dimension that points downwards (column) and axis=1 the one that points to the right(row) However, while dropping


Assume I need to select .my-class But that is not yet in DOM elements It will load by ajax After complete dom loaded. Now question is How can i get it work after it is loaded. var class = jQuery('.


I´ve a question related to my lerna monorepo. So far I´ve 3 packages (all angular Apps) in there. When I start them for local development, everything works fine. The Routing from one app to the other


For example, when a supplier elects to receive payment for a $10,000 invoice in 15 days through the FinTech and the buyer submits payment to the FinTech 90 days after it approves the supplier invoice


Understand that for POST method, the key - Data is being used instead of Params, however if the data is being used for filtering is it possible to have conditions for these Data ? var proxyData = {


I am new in Unity, so sorry if it sounds like an obvious question I want to create an effect of a projector and holo screen in AR view. I have a marker and tide with it projector cube, then I


I have an office, and I want to have a solution where I can have one Extremely Powerful Windows PC (2, 3 Graphic Cards, 32GB Ram, 2x Xeon 6 Cores ), and basically have just several Displays,

如何创建SPFX WebPu饰器,共享步骤直到部署和调试

I want to know the basics and creating webpart using SPFx(SharePoit framework) i need the completed steps till the deployment and debugging in sharePoint online. Please reach me nagarajan.x.elumalai@

为GODAD中拥有的域验证AWS ACM的子域

I am trying to use AWS Certificate manager to get a public SSL for a sub-domain and facing some issue with getting the domain validation. My CNAME configuration from AWS Certificate Manager is as