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The following code should print 'Hello World!' on the screen. Insead it prints Error: Cannot read property 'id' of undefined. Why? abstract class Parent { constructor() { console.log(this.

I have a WSO2IS install in development configured with the OOTB PRIMARY user store and a secondary Active Directory user store. When signing in to WSO2IS Mgt Console I can sign in as an Active

I am new to java. It seems really simple but I can't understand why this is happening. for (int i = -3; i < 3; i++){ set.add(i); list.add(i); } for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++){ set.

so i have this environment and reward design that i specially designed to be close to -1, 0 and 1, so (as i got told) the sigmoid wouldn't saturate, also i kept the reward design fairly simple with ca

I've recently been experimenting with Node JS but have come across a problem with my code not continuing on (As you can tell I haven't used Node JS a lot). When I run the code below (with the size

I want to know, how to create a pointer that points to the address of a function. Supose that we have the following function: int double(int a) { return a*2; } I already know that & is used

This is for our homework so i cant use any hacking tool for this and we have to write a script So lets say i have first did the arp poisoning and caused packets to come to me first, the problem is

This is from "What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic" (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19957-01/806-3568/ncg_goldberg.html#1378). The author is discussing the problem

Imagine i am setting up a location background task, for my iOS app, to track the users location. The user granted my app access to his location "Always". Does this mean, the background tasks runs only

I am trying to create pointer link to pdf file in markdown file which is in my local directory. Normally I create hyperlinks to the pages like that. xyz.pdf#page=4 But I cannot figure out how can I

Setup is a docker container running ubuntu 16.04, clang/lldb 6.0. I want to be able to remote debug an application, for now via another terminal instead of an IDE. My docker file FROM ubuntu:16.04

I need to do docker-compose: 1)wordpress with my theme 2) mysql. How is this done in practice? And plus one condition, I will fold the .yam file to another person and it should launch in the same way,

I saw many questions and issues regarding this question, but still none addresses my case. I want to plot the training loss each step and to plot the average validation loss at the end of an epoch.

Should I use HttpURLConnection in a Spring Project Or better to use RestTemplate ? In other words, When it is better to use each ?

i need to go through a huge (20GB, too large for the memory) text file of a biological sequence DB GeneBank) and extract the same information for each DB entry. and each entry starts with the line

I have create a Javafx desktop application, it is a 2 tier architecture. For example: the Server Application have a datasource : spring.datasource.url=jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/mydatabase

Here is the code written below, I want to understand the precendence rule #include <stdio.h> int main() { int a = 5, b; b = (a++)+(a++); a = (b++)+(b++); printf("a = %d, b = %d\n",

I am making a game, which involves the user clicking on a rock. If the user clicks on the rock, then the rock loses HP (hitpoints) and it displays text above it showing how much damage the user dealt

Given array1 and array2 I should create an object where the properties and the values come from the intersection matches between the two arrays. function objOfMatches(array1, array2, cb) { var

When trying to perform polychoric analysis on items from a questionnaire, I get the message "could not find function "polyc", even with the "psych" and "polycor" packages. Is there any way to solve

I'm fighting with this issue for about 6 hours. Can't crack on what's going on. I have an ASP.NET Core 2.2 app that I'm currently running in CodeBuild in AWS. I'm using Docker containers with the

I have drop down menu that lists all the country codes of the customer. At the moment I have the problem that I have a lot of double entries, that is if I have three customers from India my dropdown

For a python protect i'm using repl.it for a text-adventure game. But webbrowser.open('url went here') is not working in repel as its not opening the web page page. Any idea why?

The overarching theme of this project is to sort stuff. My full code works (sort of) but the issue is that it always sorts my data as a String and I am pretty sure its caused by that fact that I am

I am trying to write a Markup language for my Haskell app which supports plugins. Plugin writers should not only be able to use it quickly but also be able to extends its functionality and create

So i'm making snake game by python2.7 but i'm not allowed to import any library else than this one: [enter link description here][1] I have two problems: first, the snake doesn't move. Second, if the

I installed Django debug toolbar and configured it as explained in the docs. I am in local development configuration. As soon as I set up Internal IPs as indicated I get the following error >

I was working on android project, I needed to use Unity I tried a very simple scene with a cube and simple UI text object as shown below I spent a little time searching how to use this scene in

I am using a condition to lock the login account after a fixed number of attempts with the wrong password. The update portion is as follows : loginAttempts (INT(1)) is read from login account first

I am trying to build an expression tree dynamically to fetch data from a database. The following codes are used for this. Expression<Func<Client, bool>> expression = x => true;

So recently I have been trying to create my own circle menu. I tested it in a new file and it worked. But when I put it in my website. I wasn't able to scroll up nor down anymore. And the menu did not

I have a data.table with the following columns: game score probability class 1 probability class 2 probability class 3 date many others Now I'd like to apply mLogLoss from ModelMetrics. It asks for

I'm developing a pay for win Android app, in which users are, among others, ranked according to the amount they have spent. The payments are Android in-app purchases. My questions are: Is an

I am trying to use this code to Hide rows from row 15 to row 59 if the sumi from B15 to K15 using i to undex the rows from 15 to 59. SEEE BLOW ' On the sumi line below I get a runtime error 424 "

how can I write a ruby-function, that can calculate the average of an array? It should return the result. If the array hasn't got any elements the result should be 0. I should use a loop for the

The question I have is : Now in order to find the answer for FCFS do i arrange the table according to the priority numbers? That is P4,P3,P2,P1?(if yes, then what would be the arrival times of the

Hey the user data is not appending into the 'database' list when i use option b to display inventory after imputing user data nothing prints out id love some help as i cant see where im going wrong

Good evening, This is probably a stupid question but I've been fiddling with this for a while now. I have a string coming from an AJAX call. To inspect the actual string that gets sent to my PHP from

I have a class that implements PropertyBusinessObject with an entry : public final Property<Boolean, TestClass> isAdmin = new Property<>("isAdmin", Boolean.class); When inserting this

I am using flexGrow to achieve right alignment of AppBar buttons, similar to the examples shown in the docs (https://material-ui.com/demos/app-bar/). However I am also experiencing the same problem

So I am iterating through a hash where one of the key/values is {date: => 'MM/DD/YYYY'} When I iterate through, I am using the date gem to find out what day of the week that each date is, (0-6). To

I am developing an ASP.NetCore web application using Visual Studio 2017. Previously when I ran dotnet publish --configuration Release --output "path to output directory" I simply got the Project DLL

Im a beginner programmer in java script, im trying to replicate the game pong in the p5.js web editor and i want to make player collision detection for the ball so it bounces of the players tile if it

I'm writing an emulator, and it's getting stuck in an infinite loop. After a while I tracked the problem - I set a zero flag to 1 inside a switch case, but for some reason it resets to zero as soon as

Let's say we have a client SPA, and an API for our application: myapp.com api.myapp.com Using OAuth2 authorization code flow, we need to specify a redirect_uri. I thought it was best practice to

I am successfully using an asyncValidator for a password field to check the password's hash against a Rest Service. It is working just fine, but sometimes it just takes "some time" for the async call

So i am creating this craps game, which im really close to finishing(or so i think). i know it looks sloppy and i plan on factoring it into smaller concise code. But i am running into a couple issues

What method is better or they similar? l = list(async_gen) or l = [i async for i in async_gen] where async_gen is any object has a aiter method

remote: Compressing source files done. remote: Building source: remote: remote: -----> Python app detected remote: ! Requested runtime (Python 3.6.4) is not available for this stack (heroku-

df.loc[df.Survived != -888].to_csv(os.path.join(os.path.pardir, 'data','processed','train.csv')) i am trying to put the train data set into my current working data, where i created \data\processed