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I am new to classes in Python. I am trying to learn linked lists. Can someone please explain to me how self.head.next.value outputs the next value in the list? Even though next is assigned to none but

I want to use "=" method to transfer data from "Sheet1" to "Sheet2" because it is fast. However, the following code doesn't work: Sheets("Sheet2").range(cells(1, 1),cells(1,5)).value = Sheets("

I encountered the SettingWithCopyWarning in Python. I searched online but it seems that all the solutions do not work for me. Here is a simplified version of my code, suppose the input is a dataframe

I'm trying to make sure that some PHP code entered into a textarea is valid and returns a value. Here is my code: try { if (!$return = eval($php_code)) { $error = 'The php code field

I'm new to the Twilio APIs, and I can't seem to figure out how to count the tasks associated with a TaskRouter workspace. const client = require('twilio')(accountSid, authToken); client.taskrouter.

A few days ago, I installed the Deepin 15.8, which is based on Debian 8, on my old Dell Inspiron 1521 laptop. To get its wifi works, I need to run sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer sudo

I'm running ADF framework of Fusion middleware (oracle). and now try to establish a local repository of library for maven.i have added all necessary library manually and all libs are ok but when i

pushData = []; //+ button when clicked function myFunction() { var custOfficeId = document.getElementById('customOfficeId').value; var custOfficeName = $("#customOfficeId option:selected").

I'm trying to create an excel document look alike using recursion in pygame. I got the first if statement to fill the top row of the screen, and looking for it to go down by 50 (height of my rectangle)

Because g = G o = O = 0 = () = [] = <> l = L = I e = E = 3 That's the problem here to solve. Input Format Exactly one word, e.g. "G00gL3" Constraints Here are all possible cases for the

I'm newbie in yii2, please help me, I am tired of this problem how to set this : I have data A with status = 2 if I click button1 then A has two data with status = 2 and 5 how if I want to display in

I am getting errors when I used instance mode in my code. My mini game isn't showing up I am not sure where the error is coming from. It works fine without the instance mode but I need to use the

I am planning to built a web app and a mobile app for a project using react native. I want to use micro-interactions in both the user interfaces especially in mobile app. Examples of micro-

I am getting dirty state exception when redirecting on a new page after login. On this home page I am getting info from preferences. class Home extends StatefulWidget{ @override State<

I have the following array: $everything = [ 'General Information' => [ ['header' => 'Name', 'row' => $cache->username($userID)], ], 'Attributes' => [

I have a table to record staffs enter and exit times. I want to implement this logic: when they enter their code in a text box, the code should go through all previous values, if that name has a

I made this code to mark an image with different colors, How can i use html2canvus or something similar to export this as PNG ? Also i'm not sure my solution to the problem of marking is the best,

I've run into an issue with my website. I need to use different stylesheets for elements visible on the same page. I've decided Iframe or something similar is the best option to overcome this. However,

Issues fiddle here dropdown issue with default selection Below the JSON used to populate the drop down. { "key": "all", "value": "First", "default":"N"

I am using Mojarra 2.3 JSF on tomcat with Weld. My problem is whenever i save a data to the database, the newest data being save doesn't show up, expert i load the data after saving it then it works.

I want to convert Listview to RecyclerView in my app, I tried to convert code but stucked at getView method, can any one explain how to use this getView code in Recylcer view. Adapter for ListView

I am using a Cython Extension code but this code throw error: /Users/rkumar/src/fast-geohash/cython/_fast_geohash.pyx in _fast_geohash.encode() 56 ch = 0 57 ---> 58

is it possible if I want to migrating entire of my containers into another machine/server without losing my volume and settings? I want to migrate my https://github.com/sameersbn/docker-gitlab image.

I'm new at kendo UI and I'm going to use Cascading TextDropDownList. The first one is a state TextDropDownList and the second one is a city DropDownList but the problem is selected value of the state

I get this error when I try to run wkhtmltopdf command from my python script /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libQt5XcbQpa.so.5: undefined symbol: FT_Property_Set

When using slabtop to display the cache size growing, I see that kmalloc-1024 and kmalloc-256 are increasing about 200MB after 1 hour. Is there any way to detect which kernel components cause this

I have a dataframe df as shown below. The column col2 has null values, blank values, integers and even float values. I want to derive a new dataframe new_df from df where the column col2 has only

How to solve 'catch' or 'finally' expected error in android studio..? I am facing this error in android studio "catch or finally expected" I have attached the screenshot of the error.. I have posted

Suppose I have Z nodes in the last layer in neural network. The output logits are w*z. How can I calculate f(i) from each node i's logit following the formula below: enter image description here

for example SELECT company_ID, totalRevenue FROM `BigQuery.BQdataset.companyperformance` ORDER BY totalRevenue LIMIT 10 The only difference I can see between using and not using LIMIT 10 is

The package docs https://magicstack.github.io/asyncpg/current/api/index.html#prepared-statements. The only coroutines seem to be dealing with SELECT queries with prepared statements. The docs list

In angularJS, inside an ng-repeat we could access the data using $parent. Is there an equivalent in Angular 7? Below is the scenario My Model classes :- export class Question { Sections : Array<

I am trying to develop my chrome extention but it take large time to open popup when i use iframe in my code.How to open popup fastly. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <div >

This program is for count number of partitions of a set with n elements into k subsets I am confusing here return k*countP(n-1, k) + countP(n-1, k-1); can some one explain what is happening here? why

void quickSort(int *a, int beg, int end) { int pivotLoc; if(beg < end) { partitionArray(a, beg, end, &pivotLoc); quickSort(a, beg, pivotLoc - 1);

Iam trying to pre-process text as a part of NLP.Iam new to it.Iam not getting why iam unable to replace the digits para = """support leaders around the world who do not speak for the big polluters,

I'm developing a decision dropdown wherein the selection may frequently change based on the user decision. So here is the issue. Sample Scenario: I choose A on question 1 then A-1 on question 2 when

I have a series of steps I need to complete on a list of SpatialLinesDataFrame ('lines' herein) objects based on their relationships with individual features within a multi-feature

I am using this Java Lambda code provided by AWS to detect labels in a video: https://github.com/awsdocs/amazon-rekognition-developer-guide/blob/master/code_examples/java_examples/stored_video/

Suppose I have following routes: /admin, /employer,/jobs, /jobs-view, /companys, /company-list, /user-profile. protected routes: /admin and /employer. public routes: /jobs, /jobs-view, /companys, /

//Migration file, here I have stored two numbers as json in mysql database, ["1234","4568"] like this the O/P I am getting is "[\"1234\", \"5678\"]" but I need to print 1234,5678 public function up()

I faced this question on materialized view. What will happen if a user runs a report which is built on top of a materialized view at the time when the materialized view refresh is going on( refresh

I have a work project that has become quite large, and I am now required to separate each object of the code into it's own file. The following code example is how it is structured currently, all in

I need help with regex. https://regex101.com/r/r3pTh0/2 I kinda have it working with the following regex but still need help: \<\%= image_tag image_url\(\“(.+?)\”\)|\“(.+?)\” %> replaceing

I am trying to sort a nested ordered dictionary in python based on values . sd the original ordered dictionary contains values of the structure: [(113473, {'T113480': (-1.532137, 0), 'T113481': (-1.

I am trying to validate matching password and confirm password and minimum input length. Here is my code: <Field name='password' label='Password'

Basically trying to get Last ReceiptDate and QuantityPurchased from each ItemCode but no success. Below is what I have from table +----------+-------------+-------------------+ | ItemCode |

I accidentally delete a component on Angular. then i delete imports from app.module.ts both import and in @NgModules then i unable to create new components. this are the error messages Schematic "

What I want to do is to reset the filter then delete all the rows below row 9. This should be a easy task, but this is a coauthoring spreadsheet, i want to avoid using ActiveSheet.ShowAllData as this

my code is followed below. I want to add function in my plot, but before the values of a and b, the extra "c" occurred, I do not know how to delete it. Thanks p=ggplot(data=Algae,aes(x=a254,y=DOC))+