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So, i have the following code: ExcWind ExcW = new ExcWind(); ExcW.Tag = excercises[n]; ExcW.ShowDialog(); I am creating new Form, in which i would like to parse an object "excercises" of class


After installation of turicreate, when I am importing it import turicreate I am getting the following error: import turicreate Traceback (most recent call last): File ""

Perl LBXML通过正则表达式模式更改文本内容

I have to clean a twitter corpus in xml, I've parsed it with LibXML. This is an example: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <tweets> <tweet> <tweetid>

如何缩小锁定屏幕Ubuntu 18.04?

How can i zoom out the lock screen which wrongly zoom in . I donot how. Please help me out.


To find the best neural network auto regressive model for forecasting future values of a series with 180 month of observation I plotted ACF and PACF of series as follows Using Forecast package in R.


I want to write a dot net application where I can read an xml configuration file which contains a set of instructions that drive, step by step, the tasks I want to perform. Let's say I have written

我如何才能在二维空间中动态地填充2D ArrayBuffer?

i want to have (id, ArrayBuffer[ArrayBuffer[Double]]) filled from a Dstream batch. My input data is of the form: "id, counter, value" and each id has more than one values per counter in each RDD. So

I have created a hamburger mobile menu and for some reason there are unwanted gaps between the links there. I have the following HTML: <p class="makeSmall" style="text-align: center;"><a


I'm using angular-cli and implemented nanogallery in my project, now i'm going to build my project: if i run ng build --prod after uploading file to host it throws these errors in console:


i am making android app with paypal payment using firebase cloud functions as server side. user send money and after sending , return an action . how to ensure the ID of the sender of the money to

JS TypeError:不能读取属性

I'm trying to display a countdown on a website using JS. The CSS and HTML work, but the JS delivers no (visible) output. I'm a couple of hours in trying to fix this error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot


I am newbie vscode extension development, when going through the vscode extensions documentation, I understand that we can add dependencies like any other node app and with extra extensionDependencies


I have assigned a variable f to a method list.append. How can I use f to call that method? I have tried the following but it produces error. f = list.append a = [] a.f([1]) AttributeError: 'list'


I am making a random image generator, which needs to display 14 random images. This works, however those 14 random images are being replaced with others 3 times in a call. I don't want this to happen,


I've read these two stack overflow posts: this one and this one. I've followed the answers and am still getting no where. I'm trying to read in a text file (this one) and store it in an ArrayList.

Redux.js Thunk——如何通过将带有参数的括号粘贴到目标函数来向函数添加参数

I'm working currently on Redux-Thunk, I'm astonished of the line 4 of code in which some arguments are passed to the returned function just by sticked braces to the returned function. return


I installed the FullCalendar View module for Drupal 8 and everything works perfectly except I want to display all events instead of +more. I read you can set eventLimit to false but I'm not sure

不能.NETFramework 4.6

I try to load an existing project (not mine) that I get from TFS and I got an error telling me that I need .NET Framework 4.6.1 to load it. So I downgraded it to 4.6, successfully load it, install .


I am a newbie in Python and audio data processing, so apologies if this sounds ridiculous. I have a bunch of audio wav files of variable lengths. I was wondering how to achieve the following: Let's


I have learned that in compile time generics we use changes to most specific type. so what is the benefit of generics? for example in this code: int a=1; double b = 2.1; printArray(a,b); public


My use case is to get all mailboxes which are not being used actively. So that we can take appropriate action like removing O365 license and free up licenses. For this, I am using the graph API


I have created many power queries and power pivot tables in my Excel file. After some time, I think the data structure may have gotten corrupted, because this is happening: In Data Model, I have this


I have my data field as follows DATA = 0x02 0x01 0x02 0x03 0x04 0x05 0x06 0x07 Now I want to concatenate this data as follows DATA = 0x01020304050607. How can I do it using C program. I found a


I want the audio file on a json file to play in media player of android Studio. Is there any way to do it? Couldn't find any references anywhere in the internet.

不能运行Helib,但它是在Windows 10 x64上构建的

I'd really appreciate some help getting HElib to work on Windows 10 x64 using the MSVC 2017 compiler. I successfully managed to compile its dependency, NTL, using the same compiler by following this


The code df<-data.frame(replicate(2,sample(2000,size=29,replace=TRUE))) p <- ggplot(df, aes(x=X1, y=X2*1000,text=X1))+geom_point()+geom_smooth() p <- ggplotly(p, tooltip="text") plot(p)

在Windows 10上运行的系统上设置本地计算机名和静态IP地址

I am trying to rename computers and assign them a static IP by running a vb script. Name and IP will be read from a text file. I have successfully used the scripts below on Windows 7 but it doesn't


I am trying to render a Google Map in ReactJS using React Refs. I want to subsequently use the Geocode() Google service to pass an address and mark it on this map. However I am not even managing to


I'm using Django v1.11.8 and Python 2.7.6 I got some question about edit form. Can someone explain me how to write correct edit form in Django? I'm working whole day and still got some problems I


I installed mysql utilities on my ubuntu server today, so I could use mysqldbcompare, but I just cannot connect to the mysql server with it (localhost). I created an entry into the .mylogin.cnf, using


I have a RDS mysql instance running its assigned in default VPC to all default subnets has a security group, inbound rule set to listen all Traffic, all protocol, all port ranges and source 0.

Alexa Skill自己的服务器媒体(启用CORS正确)

I coded my first skill in php on my own server. I can play music from servers like Amazons S3, but not from my homeserver. (The mp3 file is available via URL in browser and works, but not in my skill).


How to withdraw unique images? I used such a method but it did not work and it gives an error int[] resimler ={R.drawable.yesil,R.drawable.mavi,R.drawable.kare,R.drawable.soru}; int[]

在JavaScript AJAX中设置Cookie

I need your help to set cookies in a select. I just need save the value of this select for the next time load the page, the value will be the same that last time selected. Really I dont have so much


I have encountered sleep routines in VxWorks RTOS and POSIX thread(on Linux ). Once I started with micro controller programming I came across situations where the tasks which are going to sleep will


Is there a way to dynamically remove elements with javascript or jquery. Suppose I have a function createElements() which creates new element and another function removeElement() which is suppose to

R KARAS级联两个神经网络

I need to concatenate two neural networks, as shown in Figure bellow. But, I get the following error message: Op has type float32 that does not match type int32 of argument How can I concatenate


I want to write a script that would listen for directory being opened in nautilus (or whatever), and permanently delete it (or hide) in 5 seconds if user didn't do a secret condition, say clicked 3


I have a series of points each represents each object in an image. I want to map them into a matrix. The set can be a 2*2, 2*3 or 3*3 matrices. Here is an example of what I mean: -108.521881103516

JavaScript HTML中的游戏否决系统

A draft system is used by (amateur-)gaming tournaments to decide which maps are going to be played. You have 2 teams, and each team has one captain, both captains will stand next to the administrator


Source: https://www.mathworks.com/help/images/register-an-aerial-photograph-to-a-digital-orthophoto.html Can someone help newbie like me to get the image overlay like in this example for my image


I have a strange issue with a windows service that I'm developing in .Net 4. After an hour of running the service the memory usage is at 274MB. I have tried to find the cause of the leak by removing


I want to include hyphen words for example: long-term, self-esteem, etc. as a single token in Spacy. After looking at some similar posts on Stackoverflow, Github, its documentation and elsewhere, I

Django 2偏移误差:

I'm having trouble with django. I'm starting a new project with only a single app, and when I'm adding one model, I can't migrate it. Error message when migrate (or makemigrations) : (MapEnv) C:


How do I make the text in the red box always look like that - width wise. I have to keep changing the width by %'s but seems like its too much. Is using percentages the best way or is there a better


I am working on a static template and decided to use handlebars and gulp to generate the html part. I have read several examples and I understand the concept of importing a partial like: partial.hbs


I would like to combine taken pictures of a multi-page document to at least one dataURL, because I need one string of the image Data to send it to an OCR-API. Therefore I use a canvas based on this


I learned mqtt,amqp and stomp all these protocols seems similar to me, on what base should i deiced which protocol would be the most feasible to use.


Enter a number and have the program generate PI up to that many decimal places. Keep a limit to how far the program will go. i've tried the below code snippet But is there any way to write a simple


I'm trying to change the value of a jQuery datepicker input element in a form to the first date in the week of the user-selected date once the submit button is clicked but before the form is actually