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I would like to receive the streaming RTMP, RTSP or HLS in Unity and I do not know where to start, this is completely new for me. How can I create a client to access the stream and include it in Unity?

Background: In order to allow developers to build and unit test code on an easy-to-use environment, we built a local Spark environment with other tools integrated to it. However, we also want to

I am trying to insert some values into a table X with partitions based on column cx if X is empty. I am trying to use a query like that: INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE X PARITION(cx) SELECT DISTINCT

I've learned the basics of JS from W3schools, but I want to be a professional in writing JS Code. How to do that?

CODE: def redirectTest(item): try: headers = { 'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.95 Safari/

I am trying to write a .ts method that disables all the elements having a specific name in the view. It looks like public updateCars(rowId: number) { $("select[name^='car']").prop("disabled",

I have two vectors for example x and ylike this: x <- c(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) y <- c(0.01,0.1,0.2,0.4,0.8,0.9,0.4,0.3,0.1,0.02) I want to create a continuous function y=f(x) in a way that it

i have defaultConfig { vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true } and my xml is <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <android.support.constraint.ConstraintLayout

Let A and B are classes. A is the class which is responsible for creating class B after creating of ,B A is associated with B after some time class A is Delete class B as a example for above

I need some help on my html input field which it does not show my autocomplete data coming from my data source which is in my java can any one help me solve this by showing autocomplete data from my

I'm trying to throw an exception on my server so that my application on Android gets this exception and shows it, I inquired about this service at the postman, the answer I can get, was the message I

I want to create an autocomplete input component that retrieves places from Google Maps Place API. This is a sample response from this API: https://developers.google.com/places/web-service/search#

I tried running the xcode project of my react native application in xcode, and I get this build error: How do I fix this?

How do I get an R script to stop on Error instead of happily continuing on? My file : $ cat tmp.R a = 9 print(a) print(b) print(c) print("Should never get here") Running tmp.R non-interactively

I'm implementing the translation concept in a bootstrap website (Engish, Arabic). I'm changing the html tag "dir" attribute to "rlt" in order to change the website direction. But that doesn't affect

I'm trying to create Flutter plugin, which uses Swift and has one pod dependency (NearbyMessages) First of all, I've added it to .podspec # # To learn more about a Podspec see http://guides.

I use momentjs to parse a Date String and convert it to a native JavaScript Date: let dateString: string = '1980-04-06'; console.log(moment().utcOffset()); console.log(moment(dateString, 'YYYY-MM-

i am try to realize Ajax Long Polling in my project this structure of my project str in json file i have this code {"user": "user","two": "two","three": "three"} When i am try run my project, i

I am having trouble understanding the initialization of the hidden state (h0) and cell state (c0) for LSTM. I know we need to have the initialization for us to feed forward the calculation. I know we

I'm using XRegExp for checking unicode regular expressions. It works without problem in any browser I have tested except in IE11. In my script I define the regex to check as: var unicodeWord =

I want to print the grid html table by clicking the 'print' button so when I printing by below javascript code, Getting simple rows and columns table, How to style print window's table? I have tried

I have started to learn Angular 6/Ionic 4 beta and tried integrating xml2js package as following I used the following commands npm install @types/xml2js --save npm install @types/xml2js --save-dev

I am using kartik datePicker in my site but whenever I try to use onSelect event the doesn't triggered I don't know what is the problem. I searched a lot but didn't find any solution. This is my code:

In my project I have several textboxes with a method binded to TextChanged event: <TextBox Grid.Column="12" Style="{StaticResource txtDataStyle1}" Width="100" TextChanged="Data_TextChanged">

After showing UIAlertController, most of the background gets 'dimmed' and turns black and white. Some elements don't change. These elements are (from top to bottom on the screenshot): UIImageView

I have a minimalist landing page with two texts and one div, containing two buttons. On click of one of those buttons, I want to render the App component. Here's what I've tried so far: import React

I want transcribe longer audio files (at least 5 minutes) using REST APIs from Microsoft. There are a lot of different products and names, e.g. Speech service API or Bing Speech API. None of the REST

I have a Django template render result and images for search of cars. as follow: {% for item in result %} <li class="result-row"> <!-- image box --> <span> <a href="#"

For making the training of a model faster, it seems to be a good practice to populate/generate batches on CPU and run the training of the model on GPU in parallel. For this purpose, a generator class

I'm a beginner and working with Windows Forms. My task it to fill up a Listbox with a list of all of the local firewall rules, and then if possible add a button where you can select one of them and

I have 2 packages: controller and federation. Controller just contains controller class with main method, but federation contains 2 classes, Shuttle (parent class) and MiniShuttle (child class).

Is it possible to have a workspace mapping that includes paths from two projects in Builds in DevOps? I have created this mapping in a build in ProjectOne that includes a path from ProjectTwo, but

How to use or import some external css, fonts & js files from the following path into the project 1) src/assets/css 2) src/assets/fonts 3) src/assets/js 4) src/assets/lib where we need to

In my Android app, I implemented the FFMpeg library, and try to use it so I can extract audio samples from an audio file on the fly. Here is what I did (I simplified the code here so it's easier to

I am trying to send mails with SendGrid from my Rails app (using Hartl's tutorial). It didn't work by simply using the addon at Heroku because it needed my credit card. Then I signed up on SendGrid

I am doing a php project where people can react on posts (give a comment). In my last project I did this and stored all the reactions in 1 table (from a the posts). Now I see that this can be a very

Trying to create an image picker with a tap gesture, so when the default picture is tapped it allows the user to pick an image from the device's photo library. For some reason when I click the view in

we have a table that has its own arithmetic rules for a,b,c aa=b, ab=b, ac=a, ba=c, so on (9 cases) if input string "aaba" is given, we have to print the number of each cases that can be made.

I am trying to handle if required filed comes with a String value while I expect it as Integer. For example; { "transactionTimeMilliseconds": "asd" } but it defined as int in Java code. private int

I have an arbitrary list of lists and my aim is to flatten that list and also get return the level from which I have extracted each element. I should say that the simple lists contain tuples something

I want to create a list of years. Since I just need a handful, I do it like this: create table work.year_range (YEAR num); insert into work.year_range values (2006) values (2007) values (2008)

I have a form that sends a big amount of mixed data (radio input, textfields and checkboxes), in an associative array. To store the data, i would like to split the data into smaller arrays, based on

I have a text material input that is mandatory that says something like "Please enter issue description". However user could just enter spaces or some garbage like xxx and bypass the mandatory check.

I'm currently working on a class I am using as middleware in express. Before i go into the class keep in mind that i will be injecting the middleware later by first creating an instance of my Class "

I am using ionic-v4 and I created an ionic tabs page app for navigation. What I want to do now is add a background-color to my ion-tabs but nothing I tried is working. I tried adding the "$colors"

I have a working URL that goes to Pingfederate and ask for user/pass. Upon entering - it gives me Authorization code. URL is: https://PINGURL.com/as/authorization.oauth2?client_id=MyClientID&

foo <- function() { a <- list(1, 2) lapply(1:length(a), function(i){ a[[i]] <<- a[[i]] + 1 } ) a } foo() In this foo function, it will return list 2,

Consider the following problematic code: #include <iostream> void foo(int64_t y) { std::cout << y << "\n"; } int main() { uint64_t x = 14400000000000000000ull; foo(x);

I am new to Angular 6. I have an application project and a library project. I would like to create a feature module in the LIBRARY project. Can anyone help me how to do this? From https://angular.io/

I have a SQL statement something like this ISNULL(revenue - expense, 0) I'm trying to find if one or both of my columns (revenue AND/OR expense) are blank. If either or both are blank then return 0.