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i am trying to connect a userform with an access table(3 collumns FullName, UserName, Password) so when the user(in excel useform) types UserName & password and are both correct access teble

I'm trying to use this function to print several numbers(without using scanf, just change the value of a each time), how to achieve that? coding #include <stdbool.h> #include <stdio.h>

I have a big code that runs well before I do the following modifications. Now I pick out the following block of this big code, if ( dist_tab_sq(i_center_L) .le. & atom_radius_sq(

I have a list of different environments I am trying to build for every env in a single task. for example: Blockquote gulp.task('ci', ciBuilder); function ciBuilder(){ var envs = Object.keys(

I'm working on a scraper using Selenium. I have written the script and it is scraping properly, however I am trying to scrape multiple URL's, then write the results to JSON. The script scrapes,

I had huge problems deserializing a List<IWorkout>, since it would throw java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{MY PACKAGE}: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to

I have a problem of sending N agents from source vertex 'src' to a destination vertex 'dst' of a directed graph which edges weights are increasing linear functions of n (n is the number of agents that

Why I cannot make a text NSAttributedString clickable in UILabel, although I made this label feature isEditable = true. On the other hand, it can be clickable when i put the same NSAttributedString in

I got page 404 when I click the link I don't know which part is wrong, can someone help me? sidenav <a href="{{ route('posts.indexRequest') }}">Request List</a> route Route::prefix('

I'm trying to setup a web application which needs a WebSocket connection and should stream local mp4 files to its clients. I'm using Flask 1.0.2, Flask-SocketIO 3.0.2 and Eventlet 0.24.1 to do the

I'm trying to update the RecyclerView on my fragment when the user holds in the itemview and it deletes the object from the database. I've seen numerous answers and tried some implementations of

I am a newbie in Android Studio My UI has a volume to play a sound file when the user press. This is A Fragment which holder the volume. I contributed a SoundManager class to perform the following

I am running the following line of code in WordPress' functions.php: $comment_meta_val = get_comment_meta($num_id, $comment_meta_key, true); When I set $num_id = '76' The code works perfectly.

I have a data that is separated by rows(date time row) as such 01-Jan-1990 00:00:01 ABCD A abcde fghijk lmnopq B abcde fghijk lmnopq 01-Jan-1990 00:00:05 ABCD A ancfjhr sfjerhj egen C etfhw3uh

i keep have this error, here is the code def train_network(network, train, test, l_rate, n_epoch, n_outputs, transfer): accuracy = [] for row in train: sum_error = 0 outputs =

It seems it's not easy to sync CoreData with cloudkit. So I wonder if it is possible to backup the entire CoreData Model file in the user iCloud (maybe iCloud ubiquity container? or iCloud Drive?)

Since temporary files are automatically deleted after the current script is finished (#50778308), If I dispatch a Laravel Job to process an uploaded file, which is simply temporary file, is there a

I am trying to find and draw shortest route between two location markers using Google Maps Direction API. As it is not possible to do so without a billing account, my question is there any way

Im new to the programming, is someone able to explain to me what is the function of ? sign in the following Http request Http://HelloWorld/Welcome?name=Rick&numtimes=4 Thank you in advance

I'm filtering posts by author's last name initials. On my local server, the query runs beautifully, but when I push live, it doesn't find anything. Any idea on what might be the problem? add_action('

This code is for classify 5 different classes of images. I have tried to use ImageDataGenerator() for image augmentation but when i run this code, I am havinh this error "error: (-215:Assertion failed)

i have 3 tables: worker, shift , workby worker has the foreign keys for shift and workby. im using databindingsource to get data from the database: workerBindingSource1.DataSource = db.workers.

What is the most conventional way to deal with form state management using the React Apollo Client? There are too many walkthroughs of basic apollo queries and simple todo apps, but none I've seen

For example, to help in returning an iterator based on argument passed? Don't want those arguments to be part of iterable but more on run time based on user input without affecting iterable.

I am currently working on a Python tweet analyser and part of this will be to count common words. I have seen a number of tutorials on how to do this, and most tokenize the strings of text before

Hello im trying to make a struct header for some variables, but i cannot proceed with making one variable to be depended from another. Visual studio shows me syntax errors. struct _fighter {

i'm trying to setup the new speaking URL routing for an extbase extension. as a first test i want to generate a simple URL with the records uid as the last URL segment, like this: /car-list/details/

guys I need extract RequestMethod/Version, StatusCode and URL from log file. One line of that log file looks like this: qqq [23/Sep/2013:00:00:00 +0200]

My problem is figuring out how I can save 1000s of tableviews in a ms sql table. The user of a program fills data into a qtable view and this is stored as a nested list in a json file. I want to

I need your help. Could you help me please. Input: Array A with n natural numbers. count = 0 for each subset S of 4 elements of A do: sum = "sumFormula" from i = 0 to 3 S[i] for i from

i used flatlist inside flatlist in react native .. when my array has only one item dosen't display it. Note: When we have at least two or more items, they display normally. this is my code :

When doing full-stack development, I have a development instance of each of the backend and frontend running on my machine at the same time. The end user will just interact with a webapp, and the API

How I can make the String time correctly appear in each marker, it's obtained from the JSON file as well as the name, description, lat/long, image URL of the marker, but the time is the only thing

I'm having a simple $inc that has also {upsert: true}. Meaning that it is supposed to create it if it doesn't exist. I'm having daily more a than a million of such calls a day. It usually works ok.

I want to manually set backward step using keras. (to implement shake-shake technique) How can I do that?

I want to create white border on full page view image using mpdf library. But not able to find out any solution. Can anyone help me with that. Using: require_once 'vendor/autoload.php'; $mpdf = new \

I have to program a Checkers game in Prolog language. The first thing I have to do is to represent a board in Prolog. I have the option of representing the board in a list, however I am afraid it

I have a social RN project named "Cooked on your neighbourhood than you have a slice" for giving away food who in need of it at https://github.com/EnginYilmaz/kpbduser I am using React Navigator for

Basically given some vector v, I want to get another random vector w with some cosine similarity between v and w. Is there any way we can get this in python? Example: for simplicity I will have 2D

I can't seem to get the router link to work with Ag grid. If I put the router link ="url" then whenever I press anything on the grid it transfers me to the other page but I want it so only pressing

I wrote the matlab code as https://blogs.mathworks.com/steve/2011/03/08/tips-for-reading-a-camera-raw-file-into-matlab/ mentioned to read the Color Filter Array of my DNG file, the code is as below:

I had a question and I would appreciate if someone answers. I want to move the map to one side (for example, right or left, or up or down) by clicking on a button without using a mouse drag. I tried a

What is the Big O Notation for the code, where you have some logarithmic for-cycle with logarithmic operation inside of it, e.g.: for (int i = 0; i < n; i = i*2) { binaryTree.add(i); } O(

When creating a Jetty ServerConnector like this: Server server = new Server(); SslContextFactory sslContextFactory = new SslContextFactory(); ServerConnector sslConnector = new ServerConnector(

I have tried to use a system object in order to find a transformation matrix corresponding to the matching point pairs using RANSAC algorithm, and an error of "Mex file entry point is missing. Please

I'm using the Hazel release server by Zeit to handle my electron app releases. This involves pushing my releases to Github and pointing the Hazel release server to the repo. My problem is that Hazel

I want to only have the CollapsingToolbarLayout expand programmatically. I came across this: https://code.luasoftware.com/tutorials/android/how-to-disable-or-lock-collapsingtoolbarlayout-collapse-or-

I'm using BotFramework DirectLine websocket to post and receive messages with the bot. While it works fine, the directline token expires in about half hour, forcing my app to generate a new token. I'm

I want to import a function named "ret()" from a module called "mainprog" into another module named "windw" So I did it like this on the windw module: from mainprog import ret This is supposed to

I am new to D3.js and tried to set a class using a function but failed. What I did was draw some rectangles using a dataset like this : [ {id: 0, status: "inital", color: "gray", x: 0, y: 0}, {id: