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I already went through many links like Eclipse Error: "Failed to connect to remote VM", but it didn't solved my problems. I am also getting the error Message: “Failed to connect to remote VM.


I am attempting to round the top corners of my table view using a mask. I added an extension to the UITableView to do so. extension UITableView { func roundCorners(corners:UIRectCorner, radius:


I am customizing the order email template in WooCommerce and need to change the title of "Shipping" to "Delivery," as well as change "Shipping address" to "Delivery address". I tried a plugin, "Say


I have two JFrames.One is the "main" Frame in which the User normally works. The second Frame is most of the time only there to give a better view of the data. The user clicks different Objects in the


Wondering how typically a unicode code point lookup table is done. That is, given a character such as a, return U+24B6, or vice versa. Wondering if there are any efficient tricks so that it doesn't

如何以编程方式在颤动中选择BottomNavigationBar Tab而不是内置的OTAP回调?

I have been working with BottomNavigationBar in the flutter but I am not able to select a Tab programmatically outside of onTap callback of BottomNavigationBar. Following code with onTap callback [

MySQL if语句确实不喜欢SQL Server

I'm trying to translate this Sql Server statement into MySQL IF(SELECT count(*) FROM MyTable) = 0 THEN // Do Something ELSE // Do Another Thing I just can't make it work. I can't even make some


I have created a collection in my MongoDB database called joblist. I have also created a schema of DB called jobList.js var mongoose = require('mongoose'); const joblistSchema = mongoose.Schema({


I want to censor output of shell task as it contain password. I wish to print the command output with debug and this work well on Ansible 2.5 I have, But when I test this on Ansible 2.1 it prints


I have a string where I need to parse the values such that it some times exist between[''] and sometimes not. Eg: 1. blah . REASON: ['elm'] blah . 2. blah . REASON: elm blah . I tried


func textView(_ textView: UITextView, shouldChangeTextIn range: NSRange, replacementText text: String) -> Bool { let newSize: CGSize = textView.sizeThatFits(CGSize(width: fixedWidth,

Matlab LIB曲面图MeHGRID不能保持X、Y坐标向量

Using matplotlib I am having issues using the surface plot function. I currently have 3 columns of data (X,Y,Z), The X and Y column holds the x,y data (positions) for the coordinates of my potential


I have written a code for Self Organizing Map algorithm in NCL. I want to verify my code. I can use R kohonen package for the same. Should I expect exactly same results from both?


It might be a simple but unable to crack it. started learning node.js. i want to use password-manager.js file in test.js. how can i do this. home - node-basics`enter code here` - node-


I got a small issue I have my own website with a simple mysqli login script, that logs me on, whenever I type in my username, password and PIN code My problem is now, that I can login to my


Trying to call this.toggleModal from outside the class in the const MatchNotScoredAlert does not work. It is passed in from onClick to be called by the link. How do I bind it correctly to have call


I had firebase object as below and I need to query by paging. Now I had store the last loaded chat message object and use the last loaded chat message datetime to load the next paging list. My object

创建JavaScript正则表达式,比如键位2, 5, 8,而9总是按字母顺序排列。

1.3 It is 11 bytes and key positions 2, 5, 8, and 9 will always be alphabetic. 1.4 Example 1EG4-TE5-MK73 1.5 To avoid ambiguity the characters S, L, O, I, B, Z are not used or excluded


When i try to compile my code whihc is basicially written in VS6 in VS2010. I got this error. second C linkage of overloaded function '_mm_set_epi8' not allowed Can someone please help to fix it.


How do you find text, if you only know string on line it is followed by? Example: some unimportant text Line I want text text String_I_know some more text my approach was rather simple, using

具有不同ID的JavaScript DIV不能正常工作

I have 2 div sections for search box, one for site and another for mobile, where on click of it will redirect to search page. The problem is i am using the same div for both site and mobile but with


Can the android application package name contain Arabic characters? Example com.android.اختبار I have checked this by creating a new project, the entered Arabic name was not seen in the package


I have an AVCaptureSession that consists of an AVCaptureScreenInput and a AVCaptureDeviceInput. Both are hooked up as data output delegates, and I'm using an AVAssetWriter to write both to a single


I had created form in bmi and I want to insert the values of bmi into the database by on submit button but cant recognize the error whats wrong in the code , values are not uploading into database i


I've Installed and turned the PacketCapture on, then When I request an API using Okhttp to my server, I get this exception. javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: java.security.cert.


i would like to ask around SIM800L EVB module to sending message using Arduino UNO R3 DIP/SMD CH340. i change the pin tx/rx from 2, 3 vice versa, 7,8 the result either not displaying anything or


I need to get an event from one component into another component lying next to the emitting one. HTML in DisplayComponent <app-header></app-header> Emitting rom this <show-list&


I'm trying to recreate GET request that already works in Postman in Swift 3 with Alamofire 4, but i'm always getting a Status Code 400 "Bad Request". I am out of ideas about what I'm doing wrong here.


I wanto get the last 50 records from MongoDB using python. How to do it using pymongo.

在OpenVC Python中查找轮廓和矩形触摸点

i have a code and to draw contours of objects in a image and then draw a strait box around them. now i need to find thouch point in them like in the picture this is the picture


I have a binary image and I want to achieve the following - If a pixel is white, make it's nearby 10x10 pixels white. I know I can do it by using convolutions and a kernel, but are there any


I am using ExpandableLabel library for readmore UILabel. It's using TextReplacementType to append readmore text. func preparedSources() -> [(text: String, textReplacementType: ExpandableLabel.


=ERROR REPORT==== 20-Jun-2018::07:57:32 === Ranch listener rabbit_web_dispatch_sup_15672 had connection process started with cowboy_protocol:start_link/4 at <0.14665.0> exit with reason: {


I'd like the gf command to work with Python imports, but am having trouble with the from foo.bar import baz style of imports. The basic problem is that I can't figure out how to make include or


I've got a program working to parse XML, and I want to re-download the XML file periodically to check it against the old one. If it finds new information, it will print it out. The problem I seem to


How do I embed my Facebook profile picture on an external website dynamically? Dynamically means when I change the fb profile picture, The picture in the external website should be changed


While uploading excel it is giving error, At first its work fine but today it is giving error, I had implemented the save thing in another project and there it is working properly, I tried to give the

调用REST WebService方法后的400个坏请求

I am creating the client for the Rest-full WS(deveoped with JAX-RS , Jersey) . On invoking POST method I am getting exception as "InboundJaxrsResponse{context=ClientResponse{method=POST, uri=http://

从谷歌电子表格PHP API获取来自多个表的行

I have a file with multiple sheets on google drive. When i tried to run this code: $response = $service->spreadsheets_values->get($google_file, $range); The result i get are only the rows from

Django 2管理员保存功能在定义自定义管理器时中断

I am just starting to learn the Django framework, and I started with Django 2.0. I am creating just a simple site to mess around with, and I created a custom manager to get all objects that are in a "

如果图像中存在签名,则无法从Gmail API原始内容中获取电子邮件消息内容

I am fetching raw data from Gmail API. I decrypt the data and get the desired contents in basic implementation. I get the problem when I have an image in my signature and also I am sending some


My html code coming dynamically like as follows. But i want to do sorting based on attribute "datagroupid". <select id="parts" multiple="multiple" class="parameterdropdown"> <optgroup value="


I need to display the numbers with comma separated like 120,456.02 I tried the below method using js and it worked fine. But in apps scripts, it throws illegal radix exception function toDec(n) {


This is my simple routes.js file. import Vue from 'vue'; import VueRouter from 'vue-router'; Vue.use(VueRouter); import welcome from './components/welcome.vue'; import restaurant from './


I have a for loop iterating through a list with n elements, and within the list, I have an if statement, like so: for item in list: if item == match: item = 'found' My teacher says that


I'm trying to create a program with laravel and JQuery where if I click on the image name,the image gets displayed.But,the problem is the names of the images are being retrieved from a database using


A group and I created a mobile app that used Spring MVC connected to a MySQL database as the backend. It was for University, and the instructors set up apache tomcat servers for us, so I don't know


Completely unable to render JPEG image to PDF using PdfSharpCore. Code is as simple as public byte[] GetPdfContent() { ImageSource.ImageSourceImpl = new ImageSharpImageSource(); var


I have a stacked bar chart developed in Power BI which is bringing data for all the projects created in date and shows their actual as well planned budget. The chart also shows phases in which the

Laravel Page不在图像上传

When i try to upload an image (any format), edited via photoshop the page is not working, where as if i download any image and upload the image upload is working, I dont know whats happening can any