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How to draw the below image in android?please help me,iam new in android


This is a to do list program. I want to save my to do list page when the page is refreshed. All the css and other functions work properly. I think my mistake is using the wrong variable within the


I am creating a php script which I need to import some values to variables and I am stuck in one variable. $data[7]='/47/NSW/5643256' I want $data[7]='5643256' How can I Pattern match '/' and


I have a submit button and now I want, whenever I click on first time, then do some action and if I click on the second time then some different action How can I do this?


Iterating a cursor result set is much slower than query result set. I have a procedure whcih returns a cursor but it took 5s to fetch the next result set. String callProcedure = "{ call

SQL Server存储过程性能的影响

I want to write stored procedure that can be used for multipurpose. Can anyone help me out with the best practice to write stored procedure in Sql Server from below approaches? And what are the


I am trying to scrape a Japanese website (a trimmed down sample below): <html> <head> <meta charset="euc-jp"> </head> <body> <h3>不審者の出没</h3> </body> &


Team, I would like to convert the data in rows into columns. The below code is written by someone and I would like fine tune this query. Please suggest me if there is an alternate way to write this


I want to check or return (true or false) for a specific column of sentence or phrase against an exclusive wordlist from a sheet/tab which is in csv format or separated by space. I cannot figure out


I have a function from actions folder that fetches a url using axios and that has worked. But it's getting the data from reducer that isn't working for some reason. I have mapStateToProps function


Don't understand why "a" and "b" work in the code ? should we define var "a" and "b" before "do" ? (define v1 3) (define v2 2) (do ((a 1 (+ a v1)) (b 2 (+ b

CakePHP断开模型::()断开连接mysql PDO时参考

I have multiple databases that I'm trying to query against using the same user. In Config/databases.php, I set a number of datasources with different databases. public $database1 = array( '


I am trying to externalize the url and proerties in angular 6. Have a service which invokes 3rd party URL to get data. weather-component.html -> weather.component.ts -> weather.service.ts In my


I've got a class the only purpose of which is only to keep objects of WtAllocator<T> for different T. template <typename T> struct WtDefaultAllocatorContainer { static WtAllocator<


I recently, as of a break after an rc1, migrated my work environment to Unity 2018.1. I'm loving the possibilities for Shader Graph, however, it's currently limited to running on the Lightweight


If I activate more notifications which running at different times, I will receive a notification for the last date only. The application works correctly if I activate notifications one after another (

返回C #泛型类型的扩展空

I have created an extension function, which takes the string as input and check for the value and based on the Generic Type, cast it to the destination type and return it, it's working well. Now the


I want to set a list of choice after selected the language choice in menu list. The list actually works in the normal button case(onClick) but menu. Anything I should notice? sorry for my english


I don't know what's going on here. I was able to create an APK for Android. So, it should be easy to make it a Facebook/WebGL game too, right? Apparently not. And, worse: even if I try to make a stand


I want to know how to prevent paid application on an Android device which is not downloaded but get from another device. Any suggestion. Thanks.


I've been reading about "selectors" in Vega, which allow a user to click and/or drag across a visualization to highlight data points. From the documentation above, and searching here and elsewhere,


i generated panel with template, then i want to add new tab with same title with its panel. do you know some code that like this but work? this one is not working <template


I wrote a Python function to take a file name and open it using Notepad++ from within the Jupyter notebook. It works fine when I use it directly in the notebook: def runNpp ( NppInputFile ):


I have two div's A and B, I looking example to switch between them without reloading a page, for example onclick a first button show only div A, second button show only Div B, and third button show

鼠标在使用C #在WPF应用EmguCV窗口处理

I am quite noob in EmguCV. I am creating a WPF application and using a EmguCV library for image Processing. I found that I can't use ImageBox in WPF So I am using NamedWindow to show image. So, can


When you create App in Azure it is isolated like D:\home . It is called Sandbox environment. Is it Docker Container ? Is it VM it self ? As I have read some document it suggest that it is not


I would like to know about Window login with Two-Factor Authentication. Normally we use Password or Pin to login to window System, right. I want to protect my window with OTP as second layer


I have already installed my scikit-image on my following path: Requirement already satisfied: scikit-image in /usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages (0.14.0) This is what I can get when I type pip


How can I insert a value in a nonzero position in an empty list? Ex: list = [] . . . list.insert(3, 'value')


I want to show popup on checking checkboxes and the popup further includes checkboxes. please help me how to do it i am beginner


Is it possible to increase special session timeout in mvc? something like : Session.Timeout = 30; Session["example"] = obj; Thanks!


WooComerce newbie here, I know there must be a solution to this I just can’t find it. I want to have when users go to the Checkout page they can either click a button or select a checkbox for a

从压缩文件以使用Windows的cmd shell不同目录中提取特定目录

GitHub zip files normally contain a single directory in the zip. I want to unzip the contents of a zipped directory to a different directory as shown in Linux answer at: How to extract only a specific


I would like to perform row-wise and column-wise matrix concatenation using .NET framework for MathNet library. For example, if I have 3 matrices A,B,C of dimension nxn, I would like create a new


After upgrade wordpress to version 4.9.6 and woocommere version 3.4.2. Seems like jquery/javascript it not working on Admin Page > Woocommerce > Order. (other page is working properly) Example: -


The image in the path stored in database is different and when I access it and display, the image is different. Context - I'm building a CMS for images in Django and when an image is uploaded, I'm

SQLSTATE [ hy000 ]:常见错误:1364场

Hi following are my relations. SubmitApplication.php public function requisition() { return $this->hasMany(Requisition::class); } Requisition.php public function submitApplication() {


While uploading the .php file in server it shows internal server error. But it runs .html file. Its a shared hosting. How can I solve this issue?


I have been trying for a while to get information from a postgres container to a node container with docker. I used a docker-compose file provided below: version: "3" services: postgres: image:


I'm trying to make my Terminal change profiles when I run ssh. To this end, I wrote this script (and defined an alias so ssh would run it): #!/bin/bash osascript -e "tell application \"Terminal\" to


Dim oSel As Outlook.Selection Set oSel = Outlook.Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection Dim oEmail As Outlook.mailitem Set oEmail = oSel.Item(1) I am on a network-share and would like to 1)

在CPP文件[复制] enable_if_t定义成员函数

Header file : template<typename T> class A { template <typename U = bool> std::enable_if_t<<condition>, U> showData(); }; CPP File : template class A<int> ; //


I've got an Express/Mongoose app that keeps throwing "cyclic dependency detected" errors at me. I've localized the problem to one of these files. app.js var express = require('express'); var


I have data that is in tabular format like ID | Category | Group | Platform | Count -------------------------------------------- 1 | Accepted | Public | Windows | 20 1 |


I want to do if conditional between text data and variable data then delete the line Example I have a txt data with usernames like ( one two one three one) every user in line, And i want to delete


Despite working on this problem for several hours, I'm no closer to a solution. I'm guessing (hoping) it's something simple that I've overlooked. I have a curl request to Google places. It is


Does it give any advantage if a tensorflow code is wrapped with tensorflow estimator API over the same code in normal form ? Here both code uses tensorflow dataset API efficiently.


I want to get the mqtt message and put into dynamodb table for that i created a rule and actions for that but i am getting another value when the data is inserted into a dynamo db table . Can you


I'm trying to add some Boostrap elements that require Popper (Tooltips and collapses) and it doesn't work. I tried a simple version of it, using only templates from Boostrap site and it's not working


I am using jmeter 4.0 for testing SSO across websites within and outside the corporate network. I am able to perform a test when all the URL's are within the corporate site and I do not use any