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I'm looking for web frameworks that work like good old terminals on mainframes. When terminal (browser) is nothing more than just a remote desktop that has no logic and just send user inputs (events)

I'm not very experienced, and I was wondering how I can extract data from firebase, updating the status element of vue.js. The problem is that I can not extract the fusion data dedicated to firebase "

For some reason my app says that it cannot read property 'todo' of undefined, and highlights todos: [state.todos]. Am I not importing something that I should be here? import React, { Component }

I am trying to create an aws lambda function but when I click deploy I get this error message: Correct the errors below and try again. Your function's execution role must be assumable by the

I am wondering if it's possible to get a progressive video file while downloading , what I mean is to be able to load the video file and play while another code is still downloading it from server ,

I want to learn new technology while doing project. Can I use modular approach for project with lot of DOM manipulation ? Will it be correct to use typescript and modular JavaScript for DOM ?

I'm writing an echoing TCP server which handles a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. It has an idle timeout(when there is no new connection or no new data from sockets) and a socket timeout (when

Is there a way to create a UI without the use of something like windows form. The code should be run on most online c# editors without errors.

I am trying to model a Call Center with Chat communication and need your thoughts on this scenario. Real world scenario is that Customer Service Representatives[CSR] in Chat Call Center can service

Help me! I would like to assign the function renderAnswers () to question in POST. How to do it correctly to work. That should work what I did? methods: { renderAnswers(){ let

If I have a specific list with terms like this: df_specific <- data.frame(terms = c("hi", "why here", "see you soon")) and a framework with text df_text <- data.frame(text = c("hi my name is",

android spinner is empty by default or when items selected. Here is the code: spinner view on activity_main.xml: <Spinner android:id="@+id/spinner" android:layout_width="match_parent"

I have a class called as MyClass which contains various properties with getters and setters. I have a scenario to sort the list on the basis of properties to be decided at runtime in ascending or

I have a small desktop app where I'm using a mousehook to monitor a mouse click event inside and outside a window's form. So I want a Custom Control to raise an event whenever a mouse is click out of

I'm writing a language server for VScode. To color onHover tooltip, it uses MarkupKind that's either plaintext or Markdown: export declare type MarkupKind = 'plaintext' | 'markdown'; export declare

I have the following render function: render() { return ( <View style={styles.container}> <View style={styles.header}> <Text> Header

I have recently installed on my cygwin platform the following packages using apt-cyg: apt-cyg install python-pyqt5 apt-cyg install qt5-devel-tools The latter command installed Qt Designer as

I am trying to create an observableArray of "Board" objects to populate a view. I can currently add new Board objects to the array after each timed page refresh but instead of clearing the array and

I would like to measure the execution time of a stored procedure in Oracle. I have learned about the technique of writing an entry in a temporary logging table at the start and the end but am unable

x=['b','x','a'] y=['b','x','a'] for i in x: if i in y: x.remove(i) print (x) I wrote this code to get the output of empty list. But I got the output as ['x']. What is wrong?

dataset = pd.read_csv('50_Startups.csv') X = dataset.iloc[: , :-1].values y = dataset.iloc[:,4].values from sklearn.preprocessing import LabelEncoder, OneHotEncoder labelencoder_X = LabelEncoder() X[:

I wanna show .srt or .lrc file into textView when music is playing and show that part of music into textView. something like Musixmatch. I have no idea how I must implement this and show text from a

What I face is like most people having issues with the above problem. In one thread that I looked up the solution was fairly simple : use the same context instance and add and assert and put the SUT

I use Obfuscation dictionary in ProGuard. AND ProGuard error: Not find the path When I delete Obfuscation dictionary this problem disappears. OS: Windows 7 professional and linux mint testing

This issue seems to be well documented but all solutions people suggest on posts don't work for me :/ I managed to fix urls giving 404 on my localhost by applying --history-api-fallback to the "

I have file views/admin/header.blade.php, in which I have section @section('header') <ul> <li><a href="/admin/faculties"></a></li> </ul> @

I'm trying to fix the orientation when a user uploads an image just before creating a thumbnail, I'm reading the examples here and here but neither of these continue to adjust the image before saving

I have an ReasonReact overlay component with three states of fade. The first is visible at full opacity, the second is visible at almost entirely transparent, and the third is display none. Is there

I use official sample to create offer SDP in Android Chrome, we can find a=rtpmap:100 H264/90000 that mean it can support H264. But if I build AppRTC(official Android sample) and use official

As ec2-user, following are the sudo permissions on EC2 instance. $ sudo cat /etc/group | grep ec2-user adm:x:4:ec2-user wheel:x:10:ec2-user systemd-journal:x:190:ec2-user ec2-user:x:1000: [ec2-user@

I am attempting to use CDI over the deprecated ManagedBean/ManagedProperty annotations and run into this exception in a very simple web app: Error creating bean with name 'navigationController':

I try to fetch data by url with react. Server gives to url the list of objects in String in json ( String jsonBooks = new Gson().toJson(books);). I try to get this in react app and render. But it is

Right now, I'm trying to set up a condition so that, if there is a word that ends with an "s", and there are 4 or more characters prior to that "s", then add an apostraphe (') prior to the "s" for

On the home.component I got: @ViewChild("deck1", { read: ViewContainerRef }) deck1Container; I'm dynamically loading a component on this container. This child component got his own template, with

I want to use multiple pillar values to be picked up by saltstack? e.g. pillar instance-a: instance_ip: ports: - 443 - 8080 instance-b: instance_ip: 10.

I want to compile my ehtereum HelloWorld.sol smart contract. In all the tutorials is that you do it like this: var solc = require('solc'); var compiledContract = solc.compile(fs.readFileSync('

I have difficulty understanding some syntaxes usually have been used while working with Formik. I think many people have such issues when starting with react and formik. Please take a look at this

I m Starting my career in web app development I m pretty confused about Web Assembly and JavaScript Should I go to HTML CSS JS Angular and So on or go to learn C++ and C# for Web Assembly Which way

I have a template page that prints out a table and fills the table with the contents gained from a JSON output. Example of JSON output: {"driver_id":2,"driver_name":"{driver_first_name}, {

I've a simple (I guess) issue here. This program has to call two child processes which will retrieve strings from the "native" process and write them to separate files. I'm afraid there is a trouble

Hi . i want a code to chnage a extensions to all files in folder for example : Folder1 : Sound1.wav Sound2.mp2 I want a code to chnage all of them to .mp3 by choosing a folder

I'm trying to write a shader to colorize a custom geometry in SceneKit. I want to set the colors so that horizontal surfaces that are facing up are white, horizontal surfaces that are facing downward

In my MainWindow class (a JFrame), I use the "+" and "-" keys as hotkeys to modify the value of a certain JTextField called degreeField up or down. I add a KeyEventDispatcher with the following

How do i implement these steps: 1. How to make a class that stores with 3 attributes : timeslot,patient's name/booking id and status 2. store these data using shelves 3. Make a python function that

from what i've understood of Nagel's algorithm is that it tries to send multiple messages in one message if possible to use less bandwith. My problem is that for a university project i would have to

The problem Is there a way to force a function call in R to be pure? Use case: drake. I want to protect the calling environment and its ancestors from modifications by the user's functions. Test

So i know that session_start() should be on top of every script. Like this: logins.php session_start(); $_SESSION['user_level_id'] = $user_level_id; header('Location: ' . base_url('views/index.php'))

The problem with my code is that when running it to see if the first word of the question is in the query list. I have to then assign a number towards the list response. It won't give anything back

Does anyone know of an algorithm that can compare two trie trees, and come up with what items from one trie matched what items from another trie? Ex: I have 10 million semi-static rules (change

I am trying to make for myself a program similar to a memory card game, but for education purposes where you match the word and the definition of that word. So far I successfully understood the