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GPU的内存分配:pytorch VS tensorflow

On a computer with one GPU with 11gb of memory, is it possible to divide the gpu memory between two users? At this point, if a pytorch process is running and using 11gb of memory and a tensorflow


I have composed a function that creates histograms using ggplot2 of numeric columns of a dataframe and stores them to a list and returns the list. However, although the plots are created correctly


I'm very new to STM32 MCU programming and I started a SPI project on TrueStudio. I needed an LCD library as well and hence I adapted an existing library to be used with mine and added those files


please help me to solve the riddle. Say I have 2 columns: one is with currency symbols(USD, GBP, EUR) second is with different amounts. What I need is to convert GBP and EUR to USD by multiplying

如何保存文本数据的ImagePath MongoDB数据库和存储图像服务器文件夹

How to save text data with imagepath to mongodb database and store image to server folder. I am using nodejs as server side language and angular as client and mongodb as database.

特征回购添加创建用户家目录$ { }。

After starting Karaf version 4.1.5 , When I give the below command feature:repo-add camel 2.19.1 I see the ${user.home} directory created just under the Karaf home directory Not sure what is cause

如何检测当一个词的形状是删除或拖在VSTO C #项目

Good day, I'm using the command bars OnUpdate event handler to detect when a shape is selected. If a shape is selected I open an action pane to display some custom properties, which I close again


Is it possible in a table 2 column fetch data different table and one column have fetch another table ? use angular js and mysql and how we use ng-repeat here?


I'm trying to use a Java application to upload a file to OneDrive and am somewhat struggling with the process. I think my main issue is that I don't quite get the Drives and Folders concept as


I would like to change the way p:timeline's selectable attribute work. (There is an ajax listener for "select") How it works now: When you select a Timeline-Event, ajax request is fired, 'timeline-


I know this is not a high-quality question, but I really failed to find leads after a long search! What I want to achieve is: I have a live stream on my Laptop and I want to re-live-stream it to some


Code for iterating over file name and copying from one folder to another and using method for adding time stamp Code for adding timestamp to file name


I just moved my project to Xcode 10 (actually I put the files in a newly created project). let labelRect = NSRect(x: point.x-200, y: point.y-10, width: 200, height: 20) let ps =


I am currently working on a maze game and here I have finished a simple map. Here the player, using WASD commands or arrow keys, needs to navigate to the end of the map to start Level 2. My issue is


i am studying the MPEG compression, in particular how are "labeled" the macroblocks with ffmpeg, using the command: ffmpeg -debug mb_type -i input.mp4 out.mp4 From theory, i know that typically a

The specified task executable "csc.exe" could not be run. Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its

Not Duplicate: I am getting an error saying Caused by: org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Function "TO_DATE" not found; SQL statement: What can I replace it with so it will run. I used RazorSql to create

Kivy Scatter的Z

I am trying to make an kivy app for simulating simple ecosystem, with kind of interactive map, which can be zoomed and positioned by dragging by user. My first approach to achieve this was using Kivy


I am learning front end dev and built my own version of JS Bin. Upon clicking the 'run' button this statement is executed to display the html, css and js in an iframe (the output window): ("iframe").


I'm working on a Discord bot command supposed to output whois result. Since each messages on Discord have a 2000 characters limits, output cannot be send in a row. request = "whois " + hostname tmp

Android appbarlayout collapsingtoolbar推RecycleView下来物品不可见的部分

AppBarLayout push down the whole RecycleView and last 10, 15 items are not visible. In this .gif examle bellow, i have 200 items in RecycleView. When i open this app, its not showing the last 10, 15


I Have Joined as Fresher as A Software Tester In A Company. Please Help Me In Which I Need To Develop and Gain More Knowledge. Currently Just I Started Doing Automation But I Can't a Clear View where

mojolicious Lite的命令没有找到错误当试图运行任何命令行命令

I created my mojolicious-lite app on my own(just created files I needed manually instead of using the "create app" commands). I am following along with the tutorial here: https://www.perl.com/article/


I need to replace the transparency layer of a png image with a color white. I tried this from PIL import Image image = Image.open('test.png') new_image = image.convert('RGB', colors=255) new_image.


I have several Word templates that read data Access parametrized queries to populate a whole range of complex documents I produce inside my company. Until recently I could consume this data


Does Hyperledger fabric use CouchDB internally and if yes how can we access it directly ? and In fabric does channel somewhat means network???


Why text is typing in black field but not in menu search?


Exception: ('The following error happened while compiling the node', InplaceDimShuffle{3,2,0,1}(convolution1d_1_W), '\n', 'Compilation failed (return status=1): c:/users/illusion/anaconda2/mingw/bin/..

Inno Setup创建在AppData文件夹

I need to create a folder called WindowsExplorerCmd with a file called CmdXdll.dll in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming folder {userappdata} How to?

HTTP 400错误的请求时,请求转发

I have my c proxy program on a single board computer, it runs a TCP server listening on port 8777. When i set my iphone to use it as a proxy, it connects and tries to request a webpage, the proxy


I'm using NUnit and Selenium in C# to build a framework which contains running multiple testcases on several browsers. Microsoft Edge is also supported in this case. When I set up my tests chrome and


The question is here: https://www.interviewbit.com/problems/points-on-the-straight-line/ The approach used: For each point p, calculate its slope with other points and use a map to record how many


I'm a new one to MongoDB and NodeJS.I get this error every time when I post to MongoDB using postman. I have set up everything correctly and there is nothing seems to be wrong. SyntaxError:


I am designing an application. In a function of the application, I need to search a long paragraph( User inputted) of about 2000 unicode words in a search engine like google. (https://www.google.com/


Coming from a Haskell background, I would like to map over a list of functions. For example I have: functions fnA(x){ return true } function fnB(x){ return false } // I would like to write this


Hi everyone i can't find the error in my function store(): This is the following code: public function store(Request $request) { $post= new Post(); $post->title = $request->input('


I got dynamic table with 3 link in last cell of each row. It looks like this: <tr> <td></td> <td></td> <td></td> <td>value</td>

reactjs -如何更新嵌套

This is how my state looks like: constructor(props, context) { super(props, context); this.state = { show: false, btnLabel: 'GO!', car: { owner: false,

GLES 2.0纹理位图在低光照条件下

I am fairly new the GLES business so pardon me if that's obvious. I am experiencing different behaviors depending on the texture color when the light conditions are changing. If I use a white texture


I have an issue with my application. I am actually building a login page and I do not find how to handle the keyboard when a text field is active. I have two text fields in a view. In my superView, I


So I've been trying to finish my form and I was trying to finnish the validation and to send the form info to the server and a copy to the company's email, but I think I might be missing something or


Sorry to bother you with this, I have thoroughly searched for this but I have been actively trying to resolve this for over 20hrs. Im about to abandon working with angularjs and firebase. Just cant


I'm been struggeling with this problem pretty long. I have to communicate with a arduino and c++ program. I know it is easy in python, but it has to be in c++ for school project. So I'm reading a lot


I want to create xored oscillators using multiple inverters. The number of oscillator and inverter should be defined in generic. I have finished 1 oscillator but I don't know how to generate the same

gmsmarker自定义图标没有出现根据坐标。iOS -斯威夫特-谷歌地图

I am new to iOS platform, adding custom icon to GMSMarker but its not showing on map view according to coordinates, even shown in blue in color instead of its original image color. Please check the

使用AWS加密SDK在Python AWSλ

I tried using the aws encryption lib to encrypt/decrypt data with a KMS key in an AWS Lambda ( using python ). However, I get errors when running the lambda ( complaining about shared libs not found,


I am building a node module which should return a value after processing in node promises. // module module.exports.get_data = function(input){ var promise = fn1(); promise .then((res) => {


An array as a function argument is treated as a pointer so changing the value of the pointer will change the original value passed array. Am i correct or is the something's wrong in this ?? Pls


are there any python modules for creating GUIs that support HTML and CSS as the front end (like NodeJS has Electron), if there are not is there a way to get something that acts as a browser but looks


I'm new with Apache Spark and hadoop. I want to classify remote sensing images using spark. I'm trying to use spark mllib random forest classifier using the documentation of spark mllib but i'm