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I have a side menu where inside the <li> tag I have an icon and a text. When the mouse hovers, I want the icon to change to white. Right now only the text is changing to white. I have read


So in the head tag, I have the following code: <script>var test = ${serialize({firstName, surname})}</script> In another file, called config.js I have the following. export


I am trying to apply a quickstyle through vba. The quickstyle exists in word but I cannot figure how to create a new table in code and then apply a quickstyle. I can apply a normal style in code but


I created an editable Google spreadsheet (can be viewed and edited by anyone) and embedded it on a web page. The purpose of this spreadsheet is we wanted all staff members to go to the web page and


after i instaled the fcm in my ion app i cant build the app for android(i dint tried to build for ios). the error says: :processDebugGoogleServices Found com.google.android.gms:play-services-


I have two protocols that define the same associatedtype State: MyState. One of the protocols has a variable of type the other protocol, so what I want to do is to pass an object of type State from


I have a spring boot app with multiple kafka binder configuration : spring.cloud.stream: bindings.publisher_input: destination: input_publisherUpdate group: dev binder:

潜望镜和Django ORM?

I'm working on a Django project that uses Periscope for data visualization. This is all fine and dandy for simple queries but when we get into some of the logic in our ORM, it can get pretty


I have a nested PageWithStackNavigator inside this code from the React Navigation example on a custom tab view: const CustomTabView = ({ descriptors, navigation }) => { const { routes, index } =


I'm working on a project that's based on the twig patternlab framework. I'm using JSON files for most of my content, especially for pages. I want to integrate a link (build by an atom) into a text I


Getting this error because [object%20Object] is added to url request instead of the parameter I'm passing to it: "http://localhost:3000/api/cookies/[object%20Object]" On server side I have this:


I am using wordpress to design a website and I integrated bbpress plugin. I will like to display the total number of created topics at the frontend, but I can't find how to do this. I tried using

一个SQL Server登录更改表名称所需的权限是什么?

I am building out my database using EF Core 2.1 code first migrations. I have altered a table to rename. The migration initially dropped the entire table and then readded it with the new name, which


For my setup, I need to a private repository for luarocks rocks that I can install them on my development environment without connecting to internet. What are the steps to setup a remote repository


I made a class to represent a card and a deck. In my card class I overloaded the string cast: operator std::string() const; In my Card.cpp: Card::operator string() const { return ValueName(


I am using a Collection View to display around 30 different cells. Each cell represents a Winter sport. These cells get populated by a static data model, and they update on every App update (no


I have a question. We are working on text-to-speech and speech-to-text algorithms right now. We're trying to implement deep voice 3, but it seems pretty inefficient as long as it's too hard to train


I have a parent component in which I want to display a title which is an attribute contained on a an object displayed on a child component. I would be something like this: <parent-component> &


I'm doing some graph editing on stripped down graphs, which require modifying their weights as well as shapes of some of the variables. My plan for doing this was approximately the following: Import


I have a question, which I can't seem to solve. I need to find the most right leaf in an almost complete bst, while the size of the tree is unknown. in O(log(n)^2). The direction I thought is:


Having a list of Composite Keys, how could one code a ODP.NET command that selects all rows with the composite keys? select * from table t where (t.A, t.B, t.C) in ( ('key1A','key1B', 1), ('key2A'

在FreeBSD 9 jq-1.5构建验证测试失败。X

A note in the README file said to ask questions here, so I am doing so. The RIPEstat service has just shut off their own port 43 plain text service and now is forcing everyone to access their data


The documentation mentions using FBInstant.player.getSignedPlayerInfoAsync() to get a signature when communicating with a custom backend. https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/instant-games/


I have several Celery periodic tasks which were defined via Django Celery admin page. How can I get information using Python about when tasks will be executed in the next time?


So, I am trying to delete any rows that have duplicate data in column A. I thought this was pretty elegant compared to some of the loops I saw people asking about. However, I get an error on the line


I have big HTML element on the screen (canvas) and I want to detect multi-touch events. With "touchstart" you have "touches" property, but with PointerEvents I don't know any way to know if multi-


I need to get the location of the device as much accurate as possible. I've tried to use NETWORK porvider, but it is gets sometimes location 3-4 km away from the actual posisition. Should I use GPS

Laravel Webpack的错误在NPM运行表

I've got problem with laravel webpack. It was working without problems, since today: Invalid configuration object. Webpack has been initialised using a configuration object that does not match the


Does anyone know how to fix the Checkmarx vulnerability -- Cross Site History Manipulation for java based applcations? Here is the description provided by Checkmarx scan -- "the method may leak


I am attempting to build an SSRS report that calls data from a shared data source. I need to build a table with several fields: Loan No, Borrower Name, Balance Today, Balance Month End I have


I try to store value in a array B using following code, but cannot store all of them. for i=11:20 e = unique(num{i,1}(:,2)); B = cell(size(e)); for k = 1:numel(e) [B{k}] = num{i,1}(


I cant make my HTML and CSS code link. (Yes, i have looked it up, but it still wont work) My HTML code (Name: test1.html, complete path: /tacocraft.net/tacocraft.net/testing-and-stuff/test1.html/)


Currently having an odd scenario. I manage a C# application to copy files from a server to a user's USB/SD Card. I recently switched from System.IO.File.Copy(), to use a Pinvoke of CopyFileEx() that

运行。从C #各种参数cmd bat文件

I've been trying all day to start process which would run the following code: C:\bin\ant.bat -f=C:\build.xml -DinputFile=C:\Desktop\Book1.xml -DstartDate=2018-06-20 -DxslFile=ProcessingDate -


Recently I have been trying to implement a deep learning method for action recognition in single images. I thus use a model based on Resnet 50 that has two variations: a vanilla version a version


While reading through the rq docs, I notice that there are some arguments that you can pass to rq worker when starting the worker Example: rq worker --worker-class 'foo.bar.MyWorker' Argument list

如何从Mac OS Raspberry Pi编译生锈

I currently started programming in Rust and I want to cross-compile my Rust application on Mac OS to a Raspberry Pi 2. I searched a lot but did not find a solution that worked for me. The last


I set up an inbound group email account in SuiteCRM and a private email account. For some reason the body of the email will always be the same body as the first email I opened. The subject line will

R:ggplot geom_hline习俗传说与scale_color_manual误差

Please someone help me with this issue! My code was working fine until I added another geom_hline() layer to my plot.. Now I keep getting this error and I don't understand what I'm doing wrong! I want


I have this table data in SQL which shows the user and the duration, but the duration is some times in pure seconds, while some is mixed between minutes and seconds User | Duration -----------


I am doing a project management tool web application. I would like user can choose 'user' from dropdown selection, click 'Add member', then the member will show somewhere under the member?. Here is


I've prepared a small demo: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/mKxPaB?editors=0010. class List extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { rows: [{ text: "


I have problems with writing to JSON files. I have 3 files. a functions.php file, a settings.php and a data_user.json. Here is, what the following scripts do: Display some settings from the


i understand that sync is blocking and only one thing can run at a time etc and asynch can let other things run at the same time im still confused a little bit though. if someone does a callback or


I got a string in bash script that looks like this: nodeParts="node[0-2]\n node[3-5]" (a string seprated by a newline in the middle). What I need to do is to expand these numbers and put it in an


I have 10 nav items in the left column (Section 1-10) which relate to 10 div sections in the right hand column. What I want to do is full up each nav items background colour (left to right with


i have a Generic tile that calls a fragment and inside that fragment a dialog with a table <GenericTile id="tileCitas" class="myStyle" header="{i18n>HeaderTabCitas}" subheader="{/Asesor}" press=

(扩展的图标- Chrome浏览器)可以自动开/关通过硒Web驱动的行动

I installed Goggle analytic debugger ( https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-analytics-debugger/jnkmfdileelhofjcijamephohjechhna ) on chrome browser & getting ON / OFF switch on top

如何在Ubuntu 18.04安装scidavis?

Installing the sciDAVis .deb file on Ubuntu 18.04 fails due to two unfound dependencies. How do I install these dependencies? I'm using the scidavis_1.D23_amd64.deb installation file. Here's the


I have a Xamarin Forms application that uses azure active directory authentication. I was using NuGet packet Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.Client version 3.1.0, and the signature for the LoginAsync function