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As we know, In SpringDataRest, the Repository files are only used (not controllers) and we can use build-in methods for It. My repository code is: public interface StudentRepository extends


i get an error Cannot invoke an expression whose type lacks a call signature has no compatible call signatures. on one of my methods and i cant figure out how to fix it. i have seen this link


How do I subtract the Amount if the Id and FreeUpOriginId matches in my query? I could achieve my desired result bu using foreach but I was wondering if it can be done in one select query. DateTime


Can anyone please tell the syntax for gather statistics on partition table by serial method instead of parallel method. Am using below query, am not sure whether it is by serial method EXEC


I have a progress animation, which is updated by requestAnimationFrame and variable progress. It has a high update frequency (I may update it about 60 times in a second). If I change the progress


im trying to create a map with cluster marker where data is taken from mysql database This is the function i use to load data from database function get_confirmed_latlng(){ $base=


Trying to extract issues and getting this error while hitting SonarQube API: api/issues/search?createdAfter=2013-05-01T13:00:00+0100 {"errors":[{"msg":"Date '2018-06-05 14:00:00 1000' cannot be


I created an icon in Blend. I would like to save that icon as DrawingBrush. How do we achieve this?


Hello everyone. Tell me in which direction to dig, where to look. The situation is the following: if you log in to one user on your mobile phone (android, ios), send him a message from the site, he


I have a table like the following one: <table border="1" style="border:1px solid"> <thead> <tr> <th> A </th> <th> B </th> <th> C </th&


I have a query. $bid_check = Bidders::where([ 'project_id' => $id, 'status' => 1,


I want to take pull from my bitbucket repo without asking the password every time. I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Steps, $ssh-keygen It generated two key files, id_rsa and id_rsa.pub Then, in the


so I've looked around for hours and can't find an answer to match what I need, although many are along the same line so I'm sorry if this is somehow a repost. In haskell, I have this shapeToPicture :

在Android ORO中不受限制的用户应用程序选择不工作

I have created a restricted profile in Samsung s3 Oreo 8.0. it seems the created app does not show up in the list of apps when trying to enabling apps for restricted user (settings >cloud and accounts>


I successfully wrote an Angular 6 app which works fine. It is loading some content from a remote server, which contains some HTML-code. This code is displayed e.g. inside a DIV-element like this:


Im currently doing a task for school. But the bot that is awnsering is stating that there is to much input being read. This is my code, not sure what is going wrong. cart = {'apples': 0, 'oranges': 0}


I have a dockerfile that creates around 7 layers, but some of them are around 500MB. I was wondering how to split that 500MB layer into many smaller ones 50MB let's say so when I upload and the


I can see following statement in https://developers.google.com/actions/assistant/conversation-exits Whenever users want to exit mid-conversation, they can say things like: "exit" "cancel" "stop" "


I want to insert the data into UserLogin Tabel when I am entering tha data into RegisterTable but only UserName and Password into UserLogin Table. I have a two tables RegisterTable : FirstName


How do I convert this image to this image ?? I have tried flood fill method but since this contains disjoint holes, that method fails. Any Help is much appreciated.


I'm a new programmer trying to find the area of a circle. Here's my error message: module 'chapter5_assignment' has no attribute 'area_of_circle' I thought that I defined are_of_circle in the first


I'm trying to texture my models in my project, but nothing works properly. I don't know what wrong is. My code: unsigned int textureWalls; int widthWalls, heightWalls, nrChannelsWalls; unsigned char *


i have an issue implementing firebase messaging when application in foreground notification data printed in debug log but navigator not working. when application in background and notification had


I always get this error normal.js:19 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of null Here the html code: <div id="myModal" class="modal"> <div class="modal-content">


I am using Spring-boot 2.0.2.RELEASE,Spring-data-jpa,mysql and I want to implement Lucene/Hibernate Search in my project so I added some jar related to Hibernate search i.e.hibernate-search &

Android AppCAMAT-V7:23.0.0 RC01预览版

I used this code ↓ dependencies { implementation fileTree(include: ['*.jar'], dir: 'libs') implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:28.0.0-rc01' implementation 'com.android.


I have created a object o here, I am looping over it using 'in' loop but when I try to access obj property values like o.i it's giving 'undefined' but able to access it like o[i]. Below is the code:

未能读取org .prgFrrrorsJDBC:jar:5.0.8的工件描述符

I'm creating app using springframework and when I run it there's an error: Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the conditions report re-run your application with 'debug' enabled. [2018-


I can not figure out how to deal with the following problem. I want to crawl multiple images from an URL which is stored in each row of a dataframe and store the images by their individual categoryId


Actually I am trying to write stellar smart contract. I had gone through google but I can't find a proper example. Can anyone help me to write this. Links I had gone through: https://medium.com/

SCL启用RH-Python 36BASH错误

On CentOS 7, I installed the SCL tools via "yum install centos-release-scl" without error. I then installed the SCL environment for Python 3.6 using "yum install rh-python36". When I try and enable


I am new to Angular ,Here in my application I have a Stepper component.I am trying to customize the default stepper function as per my business needs. I selected the Editable Stepper from Angular


I have a character array data which stores server responses that are "long", e.g. files. I have a size_t value storing the size of that array dataSize. When sending this data from the server to the

基于STM32 H7单片机的SDRAM读写问题

I am using stm32h743ii microcontroller and interfaced with a external sdram of 512mb ( micron - MT48LC64M8A2P) . I have created the initial code using cubemx and performing basic read write test code


I'm not really sure, what that little bastard is called, but Lord knows, he has to be exorcised. Upon editing text within the ckeditor, I'd like to use the native, builtin quick-editing tool (the


I have an Android Studio project with CMake. CMake script produces .so library and ".jar" files. I need to set CMake output artifact "*.jar" as dependency for the gradle script. I try to add this

Python CXI Oracle与故障转移Oracle URL的连接

I have the failover database connection Some thing like below: CONSTR = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = Host Name)(PORT = Port Number)) (LOAD_BALANCE = YES) (CONNECT_DATA = (SERVER


When i install the Woocommerce GlobalPay plugin it gives me below error, So how can i solve this error. Gateway Disabled: GlobalPay does not support your store currency. WooCommerce Version: 3.4.3


How to handle navigation errors in ErrorHandler? I tried using the following condition to check whether Error object is of NavigationError but it says false. export class AppErrorHandler implements


So on my windows PC when I upload files with Laravel, everything works perfectly, but when on my Linux shared host, php_fileinfo error is thrown. I have checked and made sure that php_fileinfo is

如何限制ReHATID IDM中的用户创建

I am new with RedHat IDM. Below is my requirement . please help. I want to restrict user creation if Redhat IDM is running. Only user creation will be performed when Redhat IDM is not running.

AWS EC2元数据为安全凭证给出空响应

I've created an ec2 and assigned ec2 full access role in the launch step. The following image shows the confirmation output in the ec2 console. When I try to retrive the aws security credentails via


I am using php 7.1 and I want to unserialize the following value: a:1:{s:13:"us-B07F11V8SM";a:32:{s:5:"price";s:7:"5250.00";s:8:"priceOld";s:0:"";s:15:"percentageSaved";i:0;s:8:"currency";s:1:"$";s:


what i am doing is on click of a button, i am updating a sql column by adding +1 to it. I faced no problem doing that. Now what i want is that for the same button click event, i want to read the value


I accepting cmd line arguments for type and delay based on which I am writing HTTP response to socket wing write(). Code is not working when delay_time value is set more than 1. How do I delay the


I merge 2 dictionaries, say d1 and d2 by: d1.update(d2) i.e I have: d1 = {1:'a', 2:'b', 3:'c'} d2 = {1:'a', 2:'g', 4:'x'} then after d1.update(d2) I have: {1: 'a', 2: 'g', 3: 'c', 4: 'x'} So the

从Django QuestSub中创建RPY2子集

I have in my views: from django.shortcuts import render import rpy2 import rpy2.robjects as robjects from rpy2.robjects.packages import importr kst = importr('kst') def nodes(request): r =


I am running into this failure from Xcode 9.1 when I try to run unit test. The full error log is as below: 2018-08-20 14:15:23.907432+0800 module-Core-TestHost[58581:15107793] Unable to initialize


$course = "Accounts"; $filename = "Downloads/".$course.".zip"; header('Content-Description: File Transfer'); header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'); header('Content-Disposition:


There are two so simple query(because of so simple, i have confused): The first one: select count(*) from (select e.id as employee_id from offic o left join employee e