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Consider the following file.r: foo = function(){} bar = function(){} useful = function() {foo(); bar()} foo and bar are meant only for internal use by useful - they are not reusable at all, because


I created 12 UIButtons by storyboard, in my program, these buttons represent cards,I want to random the buttons' position for shuffling the cards.please do me a favor, give a way or idea to achieve

WXPython ScTiLLA控件中的语法高亮显示?

I am working on a project using WxPython Phoenix which needs Syntax Highlighting. In the docs, I found wx.stc which is used for this purpose. But don't know how to do it. I saw some questions on


so i have a text area with float/decimal number in it, i want to get that value and sum it up but apparently, the code i found on the internet ignored "," and "." let's say this is my html code &


I have a problem, I am enthusiasm to write a script PHP which will allow me to browse a file SQL which is a dump a database MySQL. First I split variables unnecessary and capture what has been


I added the Facebook Messenger chat bot to my website. I added a greeting and everything is working fine. Then I tested the chat by typing a chat in it. Now I am unable to get back to it showing


I am trying to implement an incremental optimization where I can feed my MILP model with new constraint/variables and remove some other constraints/variables as time passes. Not to mention solved


I have been reading the Lifeline Global Load Balancing Paper (the paper is available on the link http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~martha/courses/4130/au12/p201-saraswat.pdf). I am new to x10 language. I am


I went through the link below and understood single threaded javascript and its asynchronous nature a little https://www.sohamkamani.com/blog/2016/03/14/wrapping-your-head-around-async-programming/


I'm new to React.js and I'm trying to make a study project. The problem I have is the following. I have a list of JSON objects (posts) that must be shown, and when clicking the title, the post details

如何在Python 3中列出USB设备?

I am trying to monitor for USB devices when they get plugged in. A couple of test scripts fail that I am pretty sure should of worked. import pyudev context = pyudev.Context() monitor = pyudev.


In my dataset there is an independent column called "Cycle". It has date values written in text format. I am not understanding how to convert it into numbers. I am working with Multiple Linear


I am trying to add a button to my HTML DOM using document.getElementbyid.innerHTML, i put the following code inside my typescript code: mainTable = mainTable + "<td>" + "<


I have the following php file which is for fetching and displaying image read a database <?php require_once('database.php'); $db = new Database(); $id = $_GET['id']; $order = $_GET['order']; //


I build WordPress websites with the Roots stack. Recently, they released a new version which requires Ansible 2.4 instead of 2.3 to deploy the server environment locally. I have now built sites that


I'm using the Bootstrap datatimepicker in a Knockout.js viewmodel. Here is the setup: ko.bindingHandlers.selectPicker = { init: function (element, valueAccessor, allBindings) { $(


Scenario :- I have an E-Signature Capturing Tablet (Topaz TL-460-HSB-R) to capture signatures from a user/customer. The tablet company give me a javascript file with a lot functions to use with the


Yes, so I've been researching for some time and found out it is not uncommon for people to have problems with ordering data in Cassandra, but I still can't figure out why my selects are not being


I have a unique index with where the condition. but it is not working. maybe I am missing something. CREATE UNIQUE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [IDX_NBR_TIN_INFO_PASSPORT] ON [dbo].[NBR_TIN_INFO] ( [


I want to collect from this site all the words that are in the left column of the table. Can you write a script for this. Write on JS or on PHP


I want deep-freeze software for linux mint. I want to freeze filesystem and specific Directory or file. Thanks for helpping.


Is there a plugin to collapse node names in Jenkins ? It is so mess using more than 200 nodes. Creating folders may also help. Thanks


I created website via wordpress with using Divi theme and Ajax Search Pro plugin the dropdown of search taxonomy is showing good on desktop browser user can easily type and find from dropdown list but


The url I'd like to send post request to is http://www.hkexnews.hk/sdw/search/searchsdw.aspx The search I'd like to do (manually) is simply input "1" in "Stock Code" and click "Search" I have tried


I am developing an application in C++ (for Linux platform) wherein I have the following requirement (mentioned in steps): If a file is not locked by a process, then acquire a lock. Else, show error

Bootstrap 4粘性顶部边距顶部

I have element sidebar and div with class sticky-top: <div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-4"> <div class="sticky-top"> . </div> </div> &


How can I type the following structure: const fields: any = { [AuthForms.LoginForm]: ['email', 'password'], [AuthForms.ForceChangePasswordForm]: ['password', 'confirmPassword'], [AuthForms.


Please check below web template image. URL - https://ibb.co/cD3iH8 I am expecting to use this bg-image for a full page. how can I achieve this? Shall i cut this image in 7-8 part and then use a bg or


def crawl(url): source_code = requests.get(url) plain_text = source_code.text soup = BeautifulSoup(plain_text, "html.parser") link = soup.find_all('span', {'style': 'white-space:nowrap'


In my app I need to make around 150 dynamically created panels with descriptions and buttons. Each button will show another url in new window. When you scroll main window for example to middle and


I am working with small electron application, and I want to ask one small question. I need to share a singleton class instance between different two windows of my app. “Share” means instance which


I'm doing a Codewars problem that states: Create a function named divisors/Divisors that takes an integer n > 1 and returns an array with all of the integer's divisors(except for 1 and the number


i wanted to design my wordpress loop like this. i want to show 5 post of a specific category.and the design will be : first category name then first post feature img with title over img.. andother 4


Since tuple is a immutable object, following code gives an Error. tup = (1,2,3) tup[0] = 3 But the following code runs without an Error a = 10 b = 20 c = 30 (a,b,c) = (b,c,a) Why?


I'm using a topic modeling approach that works well on my computer in RStudio, except that it takes ages. So I'm using a linux cluster. However, also I seem to request a lot of capacity, it doesn't


I have used Qt designer to create two different windows, Login_ui.py and Register_ui.py. Here is the python scripts for for getting Values from line edit box. Then i created APP.py file. How could I


I am using JavaMail API to send email directly from my app, but Gmail blocks the sign in attempt saying 'Less Secure App'. How to deal with this? if in my case, I allowed for my device, then what


Please I want to achieve a Goal of Saving Post Permalink In a .txt file. Example: if any post is publish from a specify category, it will save the post permalink structure /%postname%/ (without the


Hello to all iam new to sql I have a table name management Iam trying to write a query like this select registerd, Appeared, registerd+Appeared as col3 from ( SELECT COUNT(REGDNO)as

使用自动备份了解AWS RDS点到点恢复

I'm trying to understand the process of AWS RDS point in time recovery. When I create a new DB Instance and enable automated backups for that instance, I get the ability to restore to


I have ASP.net web application that I need to monitor how long users spend on my pages for that I need to send a bing to my server every 10 seconds to know if user still on the page or not, I will


I need to make a calendar in Python that displays a formatted table of a month when the user inputs the days in the month and the date of the first Sunday. For example, if user inputs 30 days and the


I am working with JointJS ports. By default ports are usually displayed as circles. https://resources.jointjs.com/tutorial/ports Is there any way to format the styling from circle to rectangle.


I have two jtables (master table(tableA) and detail table(tableB)) I need to using Up/Down Arrow Key to Move in a master jtable and get the Data in detail jtable The code I am using is as follows:


I need to label the records when the certain condition is matched for example inside the grouped data when sw1=='q'&type=='good' its a record_1 and record_1 need to be repeated until the next hit

为Salesforce返回空的GEGROUP SACROSSH(),如何获取Salesforce报表数据

I have very simple report where lastname not quails to null. I tried to get data from apex but getGroupingsAcross() is giving null. How to get data from salesforce reports. I have sean lot of


I deployed a web app built with Laravel on Amazon's ElasticBeanStalk, after setup, I tried accessing the page but I got HTTP 408 error. I setup the loadbalancer to listen on port 80 and 443, and also

如何在Unix上通过^ C中断Python循环?

I've written a python script that looks up the recommended server at nordvpn.com and starts the according vpn. There is a part in this script where I assure there is internet access. When I run the


I tried to get one alert. I want to get set the another set of alerts. Like default 8 alerts. How should I do that? Calendar calendar=Calendar.getInstance(); calendar.set(

如何让用户在云FixStury- Android中只访问您的内容

in my Android Studio Project I'm using the FirebaseUI, FirebaseAuth and FirebaseFirestore. The project is a little private to do list and the data will be storage in the Firestore but each user can