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i have recently tried adding popUp menus for my items in my recyclerView, but unfortunately without any luck(I have been around a lot of posts and blogs) I was wondering if any of you had ideas for


I need to perform many math operations on numbers that look like 104.950178 - i.e. having multiple decimal places. It ranges from 4 decimal places to 8 decimal places with an occasional 10 decimal

如何使用JGIT命令“Git show COMITId”

i want to get the symmetric Difference Log in merge commit node. i try many ways todo ,use git diff,git log commond in jgit,bu can't find the answer


I´m working on a ComboBox derived class which could be able (under some circumstances) to add a "special" item to it DataSource source. The code is as follows protected void InsertSpecial() { //


I know there are many posts and references for regex and gsub solutions, but nothing I am doing is working so I apologize if this is repetitive but I've been stuck for days. I have a list of text


I am implementing a simple search application and I am using django and yelp API as my backend and its working fine, my problem is with my frontend(which I am not good at) which I am trying to


I'm trying to write a simple ToDo app. Clicking on TodoItem should remove a item from state but when I do this I'm getting a TypeError: this.state is undefined. I don't know what is wrong. My code


I have a stream of string and each string has a numeric value. Just like below Sample Data: string1 numvalue1 string2 numvalue2 string3 numvalue3 If it was only strings than I


When I run my bat file it closes. I have determined that the issue is in this lane because echo is trying to print the %%a value and it is empty. I dont want to make the echo print the value, just the


I am looking for an export function in Wireshark (or tshark, whatever) to save my decrypted ESP paquets (decrypted with SPI, AES128-CBC, HMAC-SHA1 keys). Displayed paquets are decrypted but if I save


My specific question is: What are the drawbacks to using a snipped frame from a video vs taking a photo? Details: I want to use frames from live video streams to replace taking pictures because it is

Android Studio如何使用按钮检查问答应用程序中的用户答案

Im just writing the app in java with quiz activity (using buttons) but I have no idea how to check the answer, whether is correct or not. I have created a SQlite database in Android Studio and right


That's my code: buttonsend.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { //just some test to see if it works

I'm editing an admin panel and when i entered "Last Punish" page, this error showed up. The line 86 is <?php echo $textpunish; ?>


Hello I want to develop application for local people For eg there is some report like x-ray report mri report and other report is come from perticular test some time dr is not available for telling


Dear genius StackOverflowians, I am trying to write an app where users can configure questions and answers, along with defining help text for each question. I'm writing this in typescript React -


Tested BY(19) Under tested by there are 19 test cases. If the id of the user story is given how to get these test cases. If (Link link is Related) returns all the links. How to get just the test

XAMARIN Android模拟位置在应用程序处于前台时才发布

I am at the beginning for a simple GPS Mock Position application. It seems that the mock position cand successfully send (using a GPS status app is indicating the coordinates I sent). But as soon as I


I'm using the jdbc input plugin to get data from "table1": statement => "SELECT * FROM table1 where id=1" Result is : id:1 and id_subscriber:1 Then I'm using the jdbc_streaming filter plugin to


I'm not sure if I am understanding the way how to use webhooks quite right, but: I want to send messages in different channels or to different users (not at once), without being involved in that


My Gradle File: apply plugin: 'com.android.application' android { compileSdkVersion 26 buildToolsVersion '26.0.1' defaultConfig { applicationId "com.mystorie.totheworld"


I have used visual studio 2015. I develop an small application. That application needs crystal report runtime 13.0.22 to run report. My client pc have already installed crystal report runtime 13.2.469


This is what I'm using as a base: https://jsfiddle.net/patelriki13/m1ezs70o/ But instead, I'm trying to make it so that the dropdowns below the Country Dropdown do not appear UNTIL you select a


Defining the many-to-many relationship is not the problem. I have a Rooms table (like rooms in a house) and each of these can have one or more colors from a Colors table. Each has a List reference to


I have a dataset where each row contains an event identifier and columns contain information on an invitee and an organizer. Multiple rows will have the same event identifier. I want to aggregate


i am trying to make a website which will retrieve info about a player and display it. I am using paladins API to make it. I am making this website on wix.com editor. I am getting this invalid session

幽灵V1 POC代码

I try to understand the Spectre PoC by Erik August (https://gist.github.com/ErikAugust/724d4a969fb2c6ae1bbd7b2a9e3d4bb6). In line 76 it says x = ((j % 6) - 1) & ~0xFFFF; So I know & is a


I am trying to display big picture image in the notification tray. Here is the code NotificationCompat.Builder mBuilder = new NotificationCompat.Builder(ctx.getApplicationContext(


My idea was to play fortnite through my oldschool sixaxis controller, after that I planned to make specified Arduino controller (with sensors) to control the game. I used pygame.joystick to get data


I am trying to build an app that displays Currency exchange rates using the Alpha Vantage API for iOS. I have built the functions but can't figure out how to access the exact json value which is "5.


I'm trying to make a text visible to the user only when it is inside the div, while it must be hidden when it is out of the div. The text is animated from left to right, so it's not fixed. It's


So the issue that I'm having is that I want to like user comment only one time, currently im using addToSet operator, since by definition it doesn't add value if that value is already present. But in


I am looking for good raspberry pi that can run fast smoothly object detection with OpenCV and tensorflow on Python. There are any special requipments? Recommended operating system? Thanks.


I implemented Twilio Programmable Chat chat in my single page application (Angular-2, backend on JAVA). I noticed that when the app loaded it gets stuck for 3-5 seconds and then everything is back to

可以将GETTrEY()与null [重复]进行比较吗?

@FXML private TextField currentAdd; @FXML private TextField newAdd; @FXML private TextField currentMail; @FXML private TextField newMail; @FXML public void editDetails(ActionEvent event){ try {


Here is my file stream on the back-end: [HttpGet("ConvertedVideo/{path}")] public FileStreamResult ConvertedVideo(string path) { return File(_fileManager.ConvertedStream(path), "video/mp4"); }


Environment Android Studio latest release Android Emulator running Android Nougat MAMP to serve as HTTP server Problem My simple method Future<String> _getSimpleReply( String command,


I have done a couple of desktop applications so far - meaning I'm not completely new to programming but this will for sure be my first web application, so I am new to that part. The core of the


I am trying to roll an event handling system in C# - in my case it's for a game in Unity but it's abstract enough to apply to any system. A singleton class "EventManager" has a private Dictionary(


I have done the radar plot that looks almost how I wanted it to be. However, due to many values on the plot, I would like to amend the alignment of the ylabels / yticks. I have no problem in creating


I want to open camera in app itself and click pictures automatically when function is called. Camera2 api is not compatible with all devices. I need solution so that the camera should be compatible


I am trying to create a reactive circle in Shiny that acts like a guage. I currently have three guages on one of my tabs and i'd like a different tab that takes the data from those gauges, runs an

角6 jQuery插件使用[持有]

how to used this plugin in angular 6 https://essetwide.github.io/material-walkthrough/pt-br/doc.html


I'm using NAudio in my C# project. I'm trying to get WAV and live mic sound play at the same time with ASIO driver. The problem is it won't play together, only mic loopback or only WAV. Here is my


I'm trying to remove the 3rd and 4th letter in every string in a column of a DF. It's a different letter each time, so I don't know how to use regex to do it. For example, if my DF is: {A


When trying to use apache log4j2 with the ivy build management tool I get the following error when trying to resolve dependencies: :: problems summary :: :::: WARNINGS module not found: org.


I have created connections to databases on two servers named $DBH and $DBH1- $DBH = new PDO("mysql:host=$dbserver;dbname=$database", "$dbuser", "$dbpassword"); $DBH1 = new PDO("mysql:host=$


given that we mmap'ed a memory page, we are able to free it while keeping the mmaped info through madvise and MADV_REMOVE. The problem is, if the page is wirte protected by mprotect, is there a way

如何用Thymeleaf和Spring MVC在绑定的Spring表单对象列表中创建一个新的项目?

I have classes like package com.github.eljah.saylaw.model; import lombok.*; import org.springframework.data.solr.core.mapping.Indexed; import javax.persistence.*; import java.util.ArrayList;


We are using App insights for logging exceptions in our application. We are trying to find if any analytics queries available to find the root cause of an exception. Since we are new to Azure