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I am trying to create an extension for edge and I currently facing an issue with the getAttribute() function. It's not returning me the attributes of the element that I am looking for. This is how


I have the following code: override def getStandsByUser(email: String): Try[Seq[Stand]] = (for { user <- OptionT(userService.findOneByEmail(email)) stands <- OptionT.liftF(


180718 12:43:04 [ERROR] Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port. Got error: 10048: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. 180718 12:43:04 [ERROR]


I'm currently building my 3-4-1 neural network from scratch using numpy (I avoided using keras and tensorflow for the purpose of learning and trying to demonstrate my knowledge instead of using pre-


On my index page there are two links for Login and Signup and one iframe I have designed both(Login and signup) pages separately Now i want to force both pages to be opened only in iframe not in a


How can I Build a Django based web application which takes as input from user the below 3 parameters: • IP address and Port • Username • Password Once SSH connection is established, the app


I have this structure <body> <div class="page-wrapper"> <div class="page-content"> <div class="login-welcome"> <h3 class="welcome"


I'm make an api-authentication.I have tested the all endpoints using Postman. But now I want to know if I send a request from a view in browser to an API endpoints where Postman isn't present. That


I'm using Ionic to build a mobile app. In it I have 2 API calls, that can run at the same time, after they both finished, I need to change the data in the second response according to data from the


I'm trying to return a huge number of values (92) in multiple functions then calling them in the end so the result would be something like: 15863724 16837425 17468253 17582463 24683175 25713864


I've written a server in Java using Spring and Hibernate and uploaded it to EC2. I've also created an RDS instance as the database Hibernate connects to. When I try to access it I get an "internal


Good day, I am using entity framework to update some fields in my project table public class Project { public Guid Id { get; set; } //more fields here . public bool Activated{ get; set; } public


I will try to be specific on this question. I'm trying to use this code for a hotspot with social OAuth. It uses the EXCAP API that is intended for use on Cisco Meraki, but I want to use with


I have a static text and a subreport in my page header, the static text is repeated in all the pages as it is supposed to happen, but the subreport is only painted in the first page, How to repeat the

在SimfOne 4中重写控制器内部的安全注释

Today I started upgrading my application from symfony 3 to 4 and I couldn't understand why I couldn't make certain routes work (I had a 401 error but they were supposed to be public routes so no


Is there a way to only use the base decision tree that is used in the XGBoost algorithm? I know that Sklearn's GBT just uses a Sklearn Decision Tree as their base but XGBoost builds trees differently


I am trying to connect to MongoDB database from an AWS Lambda function ruining NodeJS 8.10. The MongoDB replicaSet is deployed on 3 EC2 instances (1 primary, 1 secondary and 1 arbiter) inside a custom


I'm trying to call this PowerShell script from a C# Application. I have included the "System.Management.Automation" reference. The parameters are passed in as part of the script parameters.


So in my angular app, in addition to enabling offline capabilities, I'd love to letting the user know which data is being synced with the server and which hasn't yet (due to connectivity), in order to


I need to populate a drop down list with a txt file. I tried this but it isn't working. protected void DropDownListCOUNTRY_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e) { List<string>


I want to put a float to a uint32_t or a double to a uint64_t to facilitate byte order conversion. I wrote a generic function (below) that generates an "unknown exception" simply by calling (e.g.


The php page I have works fine with css I applied. But when i call this page from another php page with ajax, the css doesn't work on the page. What can be the reason for this? how can I resolve this


I have a table called account and there have column "emp_id", "status". In account table have 10 employee entry and there status are "unpaid" by default. i want to select all employee with checkbox


I try to set the AspNet Core environment : powershell.exe set ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development or powershell.exe setx ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT Development But when I start the site from IIS :


I want to compare two words that one word get from collection and one word get from form that send to controller, now the problem is if statement return false but the words are identical: the var_dump


So I'm looking to create a prototype of a platform (can be web-based or a local application) that provides an investment management firm all/some of the following capabilities: Take in feeds from


ag-grid valuegetter + row grouping, on cell click need to get params data. In case of header & other cells except grouped row we are getting params data. column definition of ag-grid looking


Im trying to create a List to manage all chats in my chatapp. My chatapp is using firebase. Problem is: Should i use a FlatList and save all data local in a file or in firebase database?


I am using JDeveloper 12c for my development project.I have requirement of consuming a WSDL from a third party application.My application will be client application and I will invoke the remote


(Before I start, I'm using minikube v27 on Windows 10.) I have created a deployment with the nginx 'hello world' container with a desired count of 2: I actually went into the '2 hours' old pod and

Django REST框架中DJANGO模型属性的可写性

A the title says, I have to make Django model property writable in DRF. Here's my models.py file, in which I have an 'index' field, which is taking the value of model id by default: class


I have created a segue from view controller A (Task View Controller) to view controller B (Add Task View Controller) that is triggered through a button(add) in view controller A. I have a problem: If


This is a problem that I thought was resolved but evidently I'm still having small bugs here and there. The code below is what I'm using to parse a text file using a made language that I'm developing


I have 2 tables mpayment and account. When someone updates data in mpayment, then the trigger should automatically update the account table with the newly updated data. I wrote this trigger on my

I try to insert the data in the data base. but some how its not working . I also check the connection page and the connection is working in page 2. <?php include('connection.php');

Spring REST:除了实体之外,从请求体获取JSON数据

I'm working with java project using spring REST. My problem that i could not extract data from request body (which is json) after receive it as enitiy. for example: JSON Request Body { "


The following code works on JsFiddle but not on my code. I've my script load after the page loaded by calling JS just before the </body> and I've a link to jQuery in my header too. What could be


I'm really new to clojure and I'm trying to select values from the database. It does select the values(I think) though it only returns nil I tried following the tutorial in https://www.tutorialspoint.


I'm having some difficulty with OpenGL 3.3. I'm currently writing a game engine called Twilite. But my code doesn't seem to even render the most basic things like a rectangle. Could anyone please tell


I used: gem 'Rails','~> 5.2' gem 'redcarpet', '~> 3.4' gem 'coderay', '~> 1.1', '>= 1.1.2' And in my application_helper.rb: def markdown(text) options = { :autolink =>


I'm a student intern in a business team and my coworkers don't have the CS background so I hope to get some feedback and suggestion for improvement on the database design for the Flask web application


I have a Vbox with 5 Text classes, and other Vbox with a TextField, DatePicker, RadioButton, ToggleButton and a check box. 5 and 5. I want to align the first Text class in the first Vbox with the


These are my tables : https://ibb.co/mqX6wy I was trying to find all customers who have both a loan and an account at the bank. I am using MYSQL (PHP myadmin client) The query should return Hayes,


We know Android apps can be decompiled and the source code can be viewed. http://www.javadecompilers.com/apk this website decompile application online, how can protect the app from this?? I don't want


I have a PHP script to found a keyword from txt file but the results are showing a whole line. In this case, I want the results just showing the specific word. This the txt source file : Lorem ipsum


I have two tables, friends and relations of friends: Friendship is symmetrical. CREATE TABLE t_users ( user_id varchar PRIMARY KEY, name varchar ); CREATE TABLE t_friendship ( friendship_id varchar


I am working on getting Firebase Cloud Messaging to work with iOS via Flutter. I have followed the steps laid out here, here, and and here with no luck. I am NOT using simulator, I am on an iPhone 8+


I have a sparse matrix structured similar to this, but much larger. library(Matrix) dfmtest<-new("dgCMatrix" , i = c(0L, 1L, 2L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 8L, 0L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 6L, 7L, 8L, 0L, 2L, 3L, 6L,


My app retrieves requests using Weblogic Server, EJB, EclipseLink as a ORM. The business logic looks as follows. Select all records from table A where A.col = 'ABC' (ABS is a value from request) If


this is sample data that i am getting . i wanted to extract all the field .the actual data is in nested form so i need to extract all the information. i wanted to extracted this data in python . This