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I have one android application in which I am trying to implement firebase push notification. I have setup project in firebase console properly as well download and located json file. My code for


Code: echo "I have ".file_get_contents("https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id=UC0cV7l5l32FJSL2VQg9r5_Q&key=MY-KEY")." subscribers but my goal is 1,000 subscribers.

启动CENTOS 7中的超分类帐服务器错误

I'm not able to start fabric server with ./startFabric.sh, i had run ./downloadFabric.sh succesfuly. I'm using centOS 7.4 Docker version 18.06.0-ce npm v5.6.0 composer --version v0.19.12 docker-


I'm working on a web application that uses Google Sheets as a backend to store and update information passed to it via JSON. Specifically, I post updated information to a sheet called "repchanges" (


I have a Python DataFrame with some duplicate items. Is there an easy (idiomatic) way to get the list of duplicates? I know about drop_duplicates() but it doesn't seem to return what was dropped. I


I'm using CoreData in my application and I have two entities: Building and Phone which are connected using one-to-many relation. I need to set the number property from the Phone entity to my textView.


populating number in a sequence for a column without altering table structure--need a query


<?php function getURL($u){ $u = file_get_contents("http://{$u}"); return $u != false ? $u : ""; } function GetStringBetween($string, $start, $finish){ $string = " ".$string;


how is possible to set the margins on the new 7 version? I want to remove the marigns of the pages, setting on 0. In the version 6 I set them into new mPDF( but now I don't know how is possible on


I Have tried to install Pyaudio with "pip install Pyaudio" but he give me this error Failed building wheel for PyAudio


So I am remaking my kinda complex console program to GUI. However, I am very unexperienced JavaFX user. Label cityNameLabel = (Label) scene.lookup("#cityNameLabel"); cityNameLabel.setText("No text");


I am new to php and learning how to retrieve data from a database into html. I have created a database in go-daddy with a simple test table called "Fruits" with four rows and 3 columns and it has


I came across this but it never really got an answer. Do they not function in somewhat the same manner in which the code could become 'un-testable', or a nightmare to debug and not re-usable; yet the


I have a simple example: util.js and app.js are in the same directory. In util.js export function existy(x) { return x !== null && x != undefined; } In app.js import {existy} from 'util'


**I tried to implement Splash Screen in my project. I wrote the code too.Everything goes fine.But while running in mobile. Splash screen is seen for 3 second but image doesn't load.It all shows is


My code (Python 3.5 on Raspbian 9 - Stretch) is divided up into a number of separate processes, which are run from main.py. A simplified example of my code is below, which I believe is plain vanilla


I am building my first RoR application and it involves Assignments with Tasks. The user has the ability to Create Assignments, add Tasks to those assignments, and also mark assignments complete. I


I've created a framework with the compiled binary on GitHub that's meant to be used in my customers' apps only. I'm looking for ideas on securing it from unauthorized use. My two thoughts are: A


I'm using fontawesome (latest version) icons in pseudo elements. They work fine except popup menu. There are several icons and the are not displayed (only the "no icon" default symbol) till I resize


I have a react-native app with top level App.js that is: import { createStackNavigator } from 'react-navigation'; class App extends Component { render(){ return <AppStack {..this.props} /> }


In the C# WinForms Editor in Visual Studio 2017 it seems to be impossible to edit the layout/individual cells of your table layout element without making other cells smaller or bigger when dragging


I have a list of URL link all I need is to get the title of the URL I have saved the list of URL in an excel file and am calling it in here for row in url: try: html_page = urllib.


I'm working with an external compiled API, that does some XML manipulation prior to screen rendering. I am passing data to and from the API, and I want it to break cleanly so I can see where it is


I asked a question earlier to this topic. I have to clone a sensor driver from github where I have access to the distance of two modules. I never did this before so I wanted to ask you about this: 1:


I am able to upload jpg and pdf to my server (database). Now, i want to be able to download it when i click on the file itself in my view as shown below. When i click on the file, it routes me to


Let me first start out by saying I am pretty new to HTML in general and have some python programming experience from learning on my own. So my question is this, I am in the process of creating a


I have the following query to update random number in [SetID] column. " UPDATE Employee SET SetID = CAST(RAND(CHECKSUM(NEWID())) * 5 as INT) + 1 " Update Random Number query But sometimes i am

Gstreamer splitmuxsrc不玩SpultMuxink制作MP4文件

Good afternoon, I'm saving RTSP stream as MP4 segments. "gst-launch-1.0 -e rtspsrc location=rtsp:// ! splitmuxsink location=storage/%04d.mp4 max-size-time=


I am using the curious recurring template pattern (CRTP) to provide functionality, which require the generation of static functions for the base class. Often, I forget to explicitly instantiate the


when I am going to update the bundle then I am getting this one: root@DESKTOP-NC0HVCK:~/code/BitsinoDice# bundle install Don't run Bundler as root. Bundler can ask for sudo if it is needed, and


This the link to the question : https://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/problems/merge-two-sorted-linked-lists/1 Please tell why this code doesn't work This is my solution : Node* SortedMerge(Node*


I want to get the count of https request(ajax calls) count using selenium webdriver. How to get the count?


I want to check the test coverage, run through run'Test in'lesson_3"with Coverage get an error java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(

MAC PHP 7.1.12VS 7.0.30 Ubuntu性能

I have been trying to figure out why PHP is running so slow on my local machine versus an Ubuntu (virtual) server. I have imap extension disabled. Running on local: time php -v PHP 7.1.12 (cli) (


public static List<WebElement> read_element_file(List<WebElement> element) { List<WebElement> li = driver.findElements(element); int i =li.size();


Recently I added a friend to my project and gave her Owner, App engine admin, app engine deploy rights but when she tries to publish her changes and make a current version she gets error 13: An


I am using this configuration to split my webpack bundle: new webpack.optimize.AggressiveSplittingPlugin({ minSize: 30000, // min size 30kb maxSize: 200000 // max size 250kb }), This generate


I have a spring boot application with objectdb embedded database. I am manually handling connection and transaction operations as described at http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/persistence/overview


I'm trying to generate random variables in unidimensional poisson point process that represents vehicles positions at road , and this points are uniformly distributed , how i can do this using matlab


I am going to try to do my best to explain the SQL query I'm trying to achieve I have the following structure: Table usermeta Columns: : user_id, meta_key, meta_value I need to find all meta_key

使用Type Script在代理中正确地键入动态函数

I have a function that returns a Proxy which uses a get trap to infer functions from multiple objects. Now I need to be able to type these functions, since they are technically known at compile time


I am using Media.Plugin to open the camera and click a picture inside my iOS project in Xamarin Forms application. I want to change the button text's at the bottom Use Image and Cancel on the camera

转移网站到DOCKER PHP Apache DEV

i'm running win 7 64 I've installed this docker machine : https://hub.docker.com/r/webdevops/php-apache-dev/ it is ok, i can access on my navigator : but now, how


According to the title, how can I accomplish it? One of the function that checks for IP addresses which are already stored in db should kill the specific check function without affecting others.I used


I've been trying to create more python questions using codingbat, but the platform only supports the most basic datatypes. For example, I can't provide a dictionary as a parameter or a return value.


i found a solution to my question for jsf2, as shown here: How can I add Faces Messages during @PostConstruct but this does not work for jsf 1.x because there is no <f:event type="


So I'm making a library information system, and I stumbled across a problem. When I want to give the book to Library member, the program checks if there is at least 1 book in the database, if there is


I have a map like this for example const Map = new Map().set('123', [ [ 'foo', 'bar' ] ]).set('456', [ [ 'baz', 'qux' ], [ 'quux', 'corge' ] ]); /* The structure of the Map looks like this: Map {


I'm having an issue only on Google Chrome. Basic CSS styles don't behave the same on the two browsers and I can't understand why. Here is the behavior on Firefox, which is the desired result: And


Is it possible to draw lines using freeimage? In order to draw pixels you can use: FreeImage_SetPixelColor(img, Vertices[x][0], Vertices[y][1], &color); So, you plot a pixel by using x,y