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I'm trying to Upload apk file to our CLOUD via api. When i'm test it on POSTMAN everything works fine, but when i'm trying to convert it to powershell, it's not work at all. Here is the relevant


https://rummyraani.blogspot.com This is my blog's mobile view. How do I get the header image to the center aligned position?


I am trying to make a function which finds all matching words from the vector of words to set of all English vocabularies. so my logic was to create two loops, set<string> all_english_voc; //


The following toy example is a bit strange-looking, but it shows the problem as simply as I can put it. First, the unproblematic part: class TupleWrapper(tuple): def __new__(cls, ignored):


I am creating a suite of instrumentation tests, written in Kotlin, that will hit numerous Web APIs. I plan to implement these tests into our CI/CD process. With that being said, I would like to add


$sql = "select * from tbl_user"; $result = $this->doSelect($sql); foreach ($result as $key => $row) { $sql = "select * from tbl_comment order by id desc"; $result = $


hi i have a specific url that i need in android to get file name and extension how i can do this? this is my url http://5743.zanjan.medu.ir/portal/fileLoader.php?code=


The question is pretty simple, but I'm struggling to find any simple solution to make it work. I'm working with TinyMCE in the Wordpress. Let's say that I have a position of some word in the html

Windows上的Python 3.6:包括自定义CA文件不工作

Adding a custom CA using python 3.6 (Anaconda) in Windows 10 is not working. What I did: Created 2 environment variables: SSL_CERT_DIR=C:\_Data\Certs <-- This alone should do the trick

Python KyyFielFixe:桌面应用程序,如滚动文件选择器

I am new to kivy and implementing an application using Kivy and Python 3.5. This application is for Windows and Linux machine. Application needs a filechooser to select directory. After looking at


I need to simulate a solar photovoltaic feed induction motor system. For that need to connect 12 solar arrays/modules in series to increase open circuit voltage. I have modeled a solar array of 36


When I attempt to predict with this block of code by saying y_pred2 = regressor.predict([233,000]), I get an error saying "expected 2D Array, go 1D array instead." My y is: array([192261.83, 191792.


Ive been really struggling recently with one problem. The problem is that I cannot find a way to make one button trigger one sequence on an 8x8 display for 10 seconds and go off AND also have another


I always wonder how time works on any electrical device how it increase every second,nano second or micro second on what behalf . Somewhere I read it works with battery . But How ? Thanks in advance


I know how to center the ActivityIndicator but then data is not shown, it works when I remove the style.. Here is the code: render() { const { loading, books } = this.props; const {

如何将Azure VM中的HTML文件通过Azure Posikes或Azure CLI传输到本地机器

I am working on developing a Automated QA script for my project for my organisation. My goal is to execute pester scripts through custom script extension feature of azure vms. I got the Pester


Lets assume we have the two following x, y lists: y = [1.0, 16.7, 13.73, 15.13, 18.28, 16.81, 17.46, 17.71, 17.61, 18.29, 18.12] x = [0, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000]


I am developing sample test with luis, I have created sample intents in luis, it was working perfectly till yesterday, suddenly from today not predicting correctly, each time intent prediction is


I have the following data structure which i'm normalizing using normalizr: { id: 1, page: { id: 999, name: 'some page' }, users: ['abc', 'def', 'zzz'] } And I want to normalize the


I have a very simple React app which replaces DOM elements with data. My html file looks like this: <!doctype html> <html> <head> <title></title> </


I need to get user id of a specific phonenumber group and for this i user SendContact Telegram bot api method to share my phone numbers with my own chat id , but when i get telegram server response i

在Django Web应用程序中,我可以使用什么样的技术进行跟踪用户交互?

I am currently building a Django web application that I want to track user interactions such as mouse movements, clicking a button, search results item they viewed,etc.


I have the following simple layout (with the exception that the textarea becomes a Code Mirror at runtime): <div class="columns"> <div class="column is-paddingless" style="background:

芒果弹簧启动应用程序- E11000复制键错误

I know questions with similar names exists already, but their solution didn't apply to mine, so wanted to ask it anyway. Here's my User class. Here as you can see there exists subscribedTo list in

JavaScript D3:颜色区域的重叠

In the htlm page I have two data arrays ('data' and 'datax'), each one is represented by a d3 area. Each area has a different color (yellow area and green area). I want that when the two areas


Here's a part of code: class VectorPatternGrid(GridLayout): temp_list = [] input_count = 0 def check_coord(self, pointList): VectorPatternGrid.input_count += 1 if len(VectorPatternGrid.


im basically trying to to create a thread safe wrapper class for std::map. As im comming from c i have quite a hard time figuring out all the noances of C++. Im trying to overwrite the [] operator to


I made an asp.net core web api and implemented some logic to register user. But the issue is that whenever I call the controller from postman, it gives me 500 Internal Server Error.I also implemented


I'm sort of new to building larger scale web apps and I had a question about caching data returned from a public API. I would like to use the IGDB (Games database) and it limits the number of requests.


I was facing this problem during solving a problem in uVa.The name of the problem is "10327 - Flip Sort" The problem statement is `Sorting in computer science is an important part. Almost every


I was exploring priority_queue class in C++ and couldn't think about any practical use of swap(). Ref: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/queue/priority_queue/swap/ Can someone list a practical


I typed [ npm install babel --save-dev] and it start downloading, but suddenly it stoped and It not progress any more it's stop and not downloading any more and also not show me any error . It's

Git -没有承诺,工作树清洁

I tried to delete my last commit by typing in git checkout and the hash. But now I get a message which says Nothing to commit, working tree clean. How can I fix this and how can I delete my last


I have used HTML5 video tag to show video. Player shows white on my machine on Google chrome. And on other machine video player renders as black screen and play button in center. Chrome version is

为什么在使用StTeScript后调用Gtk TextBuffer onChanged两次?

I'm trying to have a function called everytime the contents of a TextBuffer change, either by using buffer.setText("") or when the user types something, but after using setText, the function is


I have created a Pandas dataframe but when I am outputting the data to Excel I am getting brackets and quotations. I have tried removing the braces in the code below but my dictionaries are of

i'm new in java and i have problem with a java code. i tried to find the answer in the internet but i couldn't find the answer. please help me: public class HelloWorld { public static void main(

使用新AzurSerMeService集群创建POWER Sead服务集群的Azure密钥库访问策略异常

I am trying to create an Azure Service Fabric cluster using PowerShell script described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/service-fabric/scripts/service-fabric-powershell-create-secure-


I am developping an application with tkinter. It is made of several frame (windows) put one onto the other. I can pass from one window to the other with a push button. I built it upon an example I saw


i have an Event Listener. Inside it im looping through 3 images and applying style translateX(350px) to them works perfectly fine but it only works once. I click right once and the images move to the


I want to develop a virtual keyboard for Windows computer. Before that, I want to use UML (class diagram) to design the system. You can find the situation just here : The goal is to design the


I'm making a program that takes an order number and adds it to a DataGridView. Then when the order is ready allows you to change the state of the "readiness" from "no" to "yes". I want to output the

在Windows PC上设置谷歌助手

I followed instructions in the below link to set up google assistant in my Windows PC. https://developers.google.com/assistant/sdk/guides/library/python/ But in the step while running the hotword


I have one android application in which I am trying to implement firebase push notification. I have setup project in firebase console properly as well download and located json file. My code for


Code: echo "I have ".file_get_contents("https://www.googleapis.com/youtube/v3/channels?part=statistics&id=UC0cV7l5l32FJSL2VQg9r5_Q&key=MY-KEY")." subscribers but my goal is 1,000 subscribers.

启动CENTOS 7中的超分类帐服务器错误

I'm not able to start fabric server with ./startFabric.sh, i had run ./downloadFabric.sh succesfuly. I'm using centOS 7.4 Docker version 18.06.0-ce npm v5.6.0 composer --version v0.19.12 docker-


I'm working on a web application that uses Google Sheets as a backend to store and update information passed to it via JSON. Specifically, I post updated information to a sheet called "repchanges" (


I have a Python DataFrame with some duplicate items. Is there an easy (idiomatic) way to get the list of duplicates? I know about drop_duplicates() but it doesn't seem to return what was dropped. I


I'm using CoreData in my application and I have two entities: Building and Phone which are connected using one-to-many relation. I need to set the number property from the Phone entity to my textView.


populating number in a sequence for a column without altering table structure--need a query