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I have 2 lists containing 5 data frames each, and they are in a specific order ; list_1<-list("A","B","C","D") list_2 <-list(("Aa","Bb","Cc","Dd") I need to left_join A to Aa, B to Bb and


Hi I am developing web application in Angular5. I am writing unit test case for populating drop-down box list and get first or any value from the populated drop-down box list. Below code is to


Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong? I saved a based 64 image on my MongoDB, part of capturing digital signature and storing it on MongoDB. so the data stored looks like this. data: '"data:


I'm opening the gallery and using this self.imagePicker.allowsEditing = true to crop the image into a square. I can get the edited image but when I try to get the URL using this

当我想更新的列不在Oracle 9i非数字值

in a table a column contains multiple records with both numeric and non-numeric values so i'm trying to update the all records without non-numeric values update tablename set columnname=to_number(

线程正在消失在转换HTML PDF使用pdfhtml在itext7

Iam trying to connvert an html file to pdf using Itext7 and pdfHtml using HTMlConverter.convertToPdf() method. My Html file conatins a table with Thead and Tbody tag. Somehow the contents under Thead

配置SQL Server Express我本地

I am developing mapping of file using nodeJS, I have this in my appconfig.js which whatever code I run it will point into the server database directly as set. AppConfig.sql.server = "


I am already created dynamic buttons in scroll view but i need to acheive like this way. I don't want to change the view controller when I click the buttons only get the button titles on same view

I am referring https://github.com/Azure/azure-event-hubs/tree/master/samples/DotNet/Rbac/EventHubsSenderReceiverRbac/ code to send events to event hub using authenticated AAD user. But Did not found

jQuery UI多日期选取器不工作

I am using jquery ui date picker. I want to select Multiple dates but after changing month, I can't select multiple dates. My code can be found here


I made a form to collect the data(number), stored in one Table. Then make a condition to compare them and do some calculations. i took out the data to compare in this way. (total, levelone, leveltwo,

TLS v1.2问题java 1.6

I am facing below issue while calling a https client which is binded with tlsv.2 ssl protocol? Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: TLSv1.2 I tried the same with java 1.8


Since my footer have many sub-menu, how can I change the footer's sub-menu as collapsible menu when I click the footer's main menu when using phone view? Any solution and plugin can advise, thanks.

错误的安装nelmioapidocbundle Symfony 4

sorry for my english is not my first language. So, my problem is installation with symfony 4 and the bundle NelmioApiDocBundle. i have an error with a route. I don't know how resolved this. this is


I'm trying to implement Auto-fill Paypal checkout in my website, but it is not getting the country I provide. It can only get the quantity. Please see the code below: <form action="https://www.

文件处理大小2GB的java [持有]

We are getting data in .FDL files for processing under Oracle DB. Note: We are using a stored procedure for insertion. Code runs fine for every cases. Tested & Cleared. But after getting into

有什么方法来验证我的.NET应用程序对谷歌云同用户一样,Azure AD

Is authentication possible against users in google cloud platform same like we did in Azure Active directory.


Why is my code printing the output 4 times? The answer is correct but the answer is printed 4 times instead of the desired one time. import java.util.*; import java.math.BigInteger; class

重命名列在SQL Server Express实体框架

I have an ASP.NET MVC web app using Entity Framework. After deploying I decided to rename a column for consistency reasons. I fixed it in the EF model and the local database that the model is based


I'm trying to render images and each images should be clickable. I tried to write a code below. However, the click events fires when a user access to the component. Can you explain why is it happening?


Easy one I think - I have two variants of the same domain registered through a domain registry. I have one site that is hosted on AWS. To point the variation of the name to the same site do I either:


I am trying to extract features for network traffic (#packets in a session, session size/length, #ack, #ICMP, etc.). The 5-tuple (s/d Ip, s/d port, protocol) is not a problem, however, I am looking


I'm a newbie to coding and this is my first app. I want to create a random notification from a list of notifications stored on Firebase database. Everything works great. The notification random


I have an gallery.php file.It consist Albums and it's gallery images. My problem is when I click on Album image, Gallery images start to showing from images 4/4 then 3/4 and so on. gallery.php <


I want to use computer vision to allow my robot to detect the corners of a soccer field based on its current position. Matlab has a detectHarrisFeatures feature, but I believe it is only for 2D


In the attached screenshot I want to read the value of title which is 'Title_6jOa' But I'm unable to locate the element because text value is not present in highlighted area. Any solution please.?


I use Yocto linux in my Simatic IoT2040. It has one usb A port. I connected an Arduino Mega in it with Serial.write() option to transfer bits to IoT2040 from arduino with Pyserial() in the IOt2040.

单元测试异步等待方法断言失败如果(运行所有测试)称为可测试通过如果我跑一个一个# [而] [ C ]

Unit test Async await method assert fails if (Run all test) is called but test are passing if I run one by one. Each method has no dependency on each other. unit test method: [TestMethod]


If I use video.currentTime, I can only use integer values, how can I go to a more specific section of the video ?? Is there any way to use frames instead of seconds ? Currently you can do this:


I want to change matgins of an h4 element with styles.css In the HTML file, the h4 is nested as this: main div h4 { margin: 20px, 0, 0, 0; /* want to change top margin */ } <main


I am wanting to move the tooltip downwards a few pixels instead of always at the top of each stack (on stacked bar chart). I found this in the docs about positioners, but I cannot understand the


How can i identify processed files in Data flow Job. I am using a wild card to read files from cloud storage. but every time when job runs , it re-read all files. This is a batch Job and following is


I am working with images on Vivado HLS 2015.4. I am getting a very high latency of around 77K. Even though program just takes two input images and convert it to gray from rgb. I am attaching my code


hibernate.cfg.xml is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!DOCTYPE hibernate-configuration PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Configuration DTD 3.0//EN" "http://www.hibernate.org/dtd/


I want to send an email notification whenever the user clicks on a button. The button will call sendEmail(widget) function and invoke a client script as follow: function sendEmail(widget){ var


I have a Biometric FingerPrint Machine and at the end of day, we have an excel sheet which contains all the attendance records of the Employees. We import this excel sheet into a Rails ERP. Is there


Which Methods Is best for Sync From Android to Web Server if possible to give me example THanks


So I have been playing with the AVFoundation and have been working towards make my own custom camera. I have been making a lot of leeway but I am having an issue making the camera view or the


i have a trouble at the moment will rendering html tag inside state. When i add 'div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={{__html: this.state.actions}} it seems can't because i will render in li tag for menu


I have recently started working on swift and Joss. I have to report the free space available in all Containers of a Swift database. Using Joss client, I create an account which can provide me the

你如何包括在Web部署发布Visual Studio配置特定的文件?

I have my web deploys working great in Visual Studio for specific environments except for my javascript/Angular config files. Is it possible to do something in Visual Studio which says: If sending


This problem caused me a headache. this keyword when you set a state is not accessible inside the ajax call. I think i miss-understand something in how react components work. How should i use this


Not sure why I'm having trouble coming up with the best way to represent this and I'm hoping I can get some advice. I have a number of different entities which have their own tables and which are

如何显示错误当用户搜索无效的电影数据(实验组API NodeJS)

Here is the code for app.js var express = require('express'); var app = express(); var request = require('request'); var _und = require('underscore'); app.set("view engine", "ejs");


I am executing the code: import requests clientID = redacted secret =redacted filename = "temp2.gif" datakey = '{ "title":"random title"}' r = requests.post("https://api.gfycat.com/v1/gfycats",


Is there any way to get the organization name of the certificate in human readable format in swift without using obj c code and library like X509, d2i_X509

如何使用docx4j docx文件生成添加新的线

I have prepared the WordprocessingMLPackage with the values. I have a string value with the new line break. I have to generate a word report as a zip file. The String value is replaced as it is in the


I'm trying to retrieve data from my database and display the result as a toast message (planning to do more after I get it working).However, it's giving me the error - "unexpected pending exception:

如何访问java DSL的实例变量?

I have a data model(Car.java), source template(dsl file) and application program(Variables.java) //Car.java public class Car { public String name; public int price; public Car() { }

如何删除最后两零点[ autonumeric.js,jQuery ]

I have a money format in the textbox on my bootstrap modal. It works fine when add a new data, but not when update the data. There are 2 zeros behind the amount number, when I hover / put the cursor