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I need to improve my algorithm to be more robust It should detect the roots in this data-set: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/r3e2z51vftc6qun/AAAG3LjMW0cOL_cVRYuFwKEWa?dl=0 This is the algorithm: for


np.array(ImageGrab.grab()) returns a blank numpy array like [[[0 0 0] [0 0 0] [0 0 0] when run during the launch of an older DOS-based game such as Alpha Centauri. Is the DOS environment


the style dropdown menus in ck_editor in TYPO3 8.7 shows the labels in the same font size as in the editied text. E. G. when h1 is in the rte.css formatted as 30 px the text in the dropdown is 30px


I want to write an UPDATE statement in which the number of columns may vary for each run based on the user choice. Eg: DDL CREATE TABLE "XX_MASK_REF" ( "TABLE_NAME" VARCHAR2(150 BYTE), "


I have implemented service worker in my web app and attempted to cache all html, css, js, and images file. My hosting service is firebase, after a successful deployment I tested if the service will

微软。互操作。Excel DLL异常

In localhost, it is working properly with dll and its assemblies but when I am hosting my website at that time it is showing me exception " Could not load file or assembly 'office, Version=,


iOS has Z-hierarchy in Editor->Arrange. But it's greyed out in watchOS. Some GitHub badgeView and profile imageView repos sort of point the way in iOS, but I'm looking for a Swift 4 extension for my

在OpenCV Python中使用1-通道图像作为掩码

I am new to OpenCV and trying to impliment the basic optical flow example here: https://docs.opencv.org/3.3.1/d7/d8b/tutorial_py_lucas_kanade.html I only want goodFeaturesToTrack() to analyze a small


I am involved in an ASP.NET MVC application that uses React/Redux. Using VS I can bring up the solution set the default project and with F5 debug the application. The default application just so


I was making an external dll for my game and I found problem. Code: using UnityEngine; public class GOObj : MonoBehaviour { void Update() { } } The problem is that the visual studio


My web service return this array structure: [ { "id": 43525, "date": "2018-07-21T04:43:19", "date_gmt": "2018-07-21T01:13:19", "guid": { "rendered": "


Given a string in Python, how do you remove vowel sounds from it? for example 'house' becomes 'hs'! I tried this idea: for i in range(len(string): for string[i] in ('a','e','i','o','u'):


Is there any API endpoint to find the ingest rate at elasticsearch. I am also looking for a good monitoring tool other than xpack.


I have seen in many online nodejs tutorials, instructors use view rendering engines like jade ejs handlebar etc, instead of using html and css, so I was wondering whether they are also used in


Could anyone give me, a clear explanation (or links) on the notion of Semantics (what is it actually, when to use, update) in the context of Flutter? I googled a lot but have not found any good


I'm not really sure how to phrase the question exactly correctly, but I've declared two vectors std::vector<enemy*> enemies; std::vector<hit_area *> effects; these work and are fine,

Python JooLIB并行:如何组合每个工人的结果?

Context I have a function that produces a large 2D numpy array (with fixed shape) as output. I am calling this function 1000 times using joblib (Parallel with a multiprocessing backend) on 8 CPUs. At


This can sound strange. But I have seen big companies on their SAS are using such approaches to format strings without any punctuation marks. I am trying do such formatting of user inputted or


I have 6 tables in html i need to export these 6 tables to excel with each table in one sheet (Six sheets in one workbook). How can i achieve this in Angular 6 ?


What is the best way to implement a multi process based consumer producer pattern with pyarrow as a fast memory store for pandas dataframes? Currently I am using redis pub sub but I think there might

Faced a problem. I have two models: //Comment.js module.exports = (sequelize, DataTypes) => { const Comment = sequelize.define('Comment', { body: { type: DataTypes.STRING,


I work with angular 6 and i have a media module. I want to import MediaComponent ( exported in MediaModule) but i have this error: media.module"' has no exported member 'MediaComponent'. this is the


I've been working with sequelize for quite a while, but I've never seen something like this. I am trying to create a command for my bot that has a sequelize sqlite3 database. message.channel.send(

QT SQLite LNK104可视演播室

Project Files I get this Error when I run this code. Am I forgetting to link something? #include "QtGuiApplication2.h" #include <QApplication> #include <QtSql> #include <QtDebug>


I am using PTISP (A Portuguese Hosting ISP Company) as a server to store my site but my database isn't working so, my question is: How can I connect to my database in a PHP file using cPanel? Thank


been thinking of developing a site where you'd have a profile including what you're good at and basically what happens on it is you give something for something in return, example is editing for a


I've tried to import a .sql-file via mysql, but it load since more than one hour. Is it possible to abort the import or restart phpmyadmin? Greetings :)


#include <bits/stdc++.h> using namespace std; typedef vector<vector<int> > vvi; typedef vector<int> vi; vvi g(1000000), gr(1000000); vector<char> kor(1000000); vi order,


Ionic CSS components are not working every time i use it, I tried the version 1 and 2 already but the output is the same. The output is just a plain button, Light this code does not give the output

在R中使用Read .Tabl导入数据时出错

I have been trying to import a csv file but found an error and the dataset object was not created. I checked the csv file but couldn't find any error Error in scan(file = file, what = what, sep = sep,


I'm trying to delete an image using this function. This function deletes the image which was last modified(or the recent one). public void deleteImage() { File f = new File(getGalleryPath());

Kubbtl Excel失败

I am working with Minikube and I have alpine pod with one container. When I run: kubectl exec -it -v=6 alpinec1-7c65db48b4-v2gpc /bin/sh I receive a shell and I can run any command (ifconfig, etc.)

jQuery GETJSON报告未定义的功能错误

I'm trying to load a json file when the page is loaded. So I tried this code: $( document ).ready(function() { $.getJSON("./db/url.json", function(json) { console.log(json); });


SDK User manual: https://www.scribd.com/doc/270839166/SBXPC-OCX-Reference-Manual-v3-03 Webform1.cs: public string ip = ""; protected void Button_click(object sender, EventArgs e)


I am working with node/Express, Sequelize and MySQL, and am trying to chain some promises. I have Project model, and with a hasMany relation I have ProjectImages. I am adding/updating some rows in


In the c++ standard [temp.point] it is written: The instantiation context of an expression that depends on the template arguments is the set of declarations with external linkage declared prior


I have tried converting to float and string and then back to float while displaying. 10.260.26-32.24-32.2432.7632.76-64.75-64.7565.2665.26-97.25-97.2597.7697.76-68.1668.341.00000


I have a folder of 9 csv files of (features x Malware samples), each file for a different class of the 9 Malware families and am trying to obtain the Principle Components of each class. You can get


I want to plot a normal plot and a pie chart (plotrix package) side-by-side via par(mfrow = c(1, 2). The main titles of both graphics should have the same height. However, by default both main titles


I’m trying to use multidimensional scaling (MDS) in R. Can I predict new values on test set based on the values that I receive from my training set? I’m looking for something similar to what I’ve done


I recently get noticed that Google pages' JSON responses are so weird. For example, See an example response at www.google.com: The above JSON response looks like uglifed JSON, doesn't it? How does


I'm a beginner in programming and started to learn kivy. Having troubles with making an interface, some of them I'v solved by googling, but some of them I couldn't solve and need help. First my .py

When trying to compile this project called "CloakCfg" I get an 'identifier not found' error. enter image description here project github: https://github.com/cgutman/NTcloak


buffer.open(QIODevice::ReadWrite); buffer.write(part); audioOutput->start(&buffer); this is simply audio play example. in Qt Doc,start() allows ReadOnly or ReadWrite mode shown below link.

卡夫卡消费者在XAMARIN Android应用

Can any one guide me how to consume KAFKA messages in Xamarin Android app? I have used KAFKA consumer in windows platform as an window service which constantly reads KAFKA messages on a topic.Now i


I made my own http server with NodeJS (but without Express e.g),and i got popular problem "No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin '


I'm trying to track down an issue I am having with SSAO + Shadow Mapping in ThreeJS on iOS devices. Desktop PC's work fine. See attached screenshot showing the banding of the shadows (shadows are

带容器JavaFX FXML的下拉菜单

I'm trying to make a drop down menu that'll contain different items, such as buttons combo boxes, HBox etc. I hace tried doing this with combobox, menubutton and choiceboc however i cannot seem to


In index.html I'm using agm and its working fine <agm-map [latitude]="lat" [longitude]="lng" [zoom]="zoom" [disableDefaultUI]="true" [zoomControl]="false"> <agm-marker


I'm trying to convert some legacy code to standard C++ and I'm having some trouble converting _InterlockedOr to std::atomic_bool (which I think is a fair equivalent): bool MultiThreadedConditionCheck(