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is there a mechanism in servicestack.text to merge two json strings into a single dto? The use case is merging complex settings from multiple sources into a single settings file i.e. { "blah": { "

I'm going through some legacy C++ code dealing with the Windows Imaging Component library and I observed this: void setProperties(IPropertyBag2* const pBag) { pBag->Write(); } void

I am adding posts dynamically to wordpress. I am using following code to create post and add a featured image which is working fine but there are 2 problems It adds 2 posts 1 with image itself no

One of the things that I don't understand about the Asset Pipeline in Rails 3.2 is that I have seen several references to the application.js file that contain the following line: //= require_tree .

I am trying to build an online reading test for my students. I currently have two tables in my database : 'student' and 'questions'. In 'student', I have a row for each student which containts it's

I allow users to have a unique keyword that allowed their profile page to be accessed by mysite.com/username. I'm using a line at the bottom of my routing rules file to catch these urls. I then look

I hava an .aspx file and it access to some other .ascx files. Now, one of the .ascx file has a label, lets say label id="label1". This label1 has a style of style="display: none;". Now what I want

As the title says, File > New > Other Expanded Android. There is no Android Activity I can only see Android Icon Set, Android Project, Android Sample Project, Android Test Project, Android XML File,

Please advise me on this issue: I have one default SQL instance in SQL Server 2005(sp 3 x64 bits) called instanceA Then I installed another 2 instances call instanceB and C. After that I restore

I'm reading some code that involves regular expression and having some trouble. Can someone please explain it and give an example of text it would parse? if(/\|\s*STUFF(\d+)\s*\|\s*STUFF(\d+)/) {

I'm trying to have a trigger set up in an arbitrary database that will store information in a specific database on execution. However, I found that if the trigger is triggered by someone without

Now that uitextview supports rich text and nsattributedstrings, is there any function that gets called when the user clicks a link? I am trying to port a desktop osx app that relied on this behavior

I have this line of code calling 2 seconds from the vibrator_service; Vibrator v = (Vibrator) getSystemService(Context.VIBRATOR_SERVICE); v.vibrate(

It seems to me that Zend Search Lucene is default to case sensitive search. Is there a way to change this so that all queries are case insensitive?

I was implementing the tower of hanoi problem to understand more about recursion. I was able to implement it using the 3 peg case, however, when I wanted to use more pegs (to generate less moves) I

I'm getting the cross-domain error on my local machine (although the code works perfectly on our web server). This is a real pain in the butt for development, so what I'm wondering is this - can I

I have an ArrayList< Map < String, String > >, I want to write a method to create a JSON object from it. The object should look like this: { "list":[ {"name": "john", "partner": "

I am looking for a symmetric key encryption scheme which would encrypt my 12 byte data. As you can see it does not conform to 64 bit or 128 bit boundaries for me to use block ciphering algorithms and

It seems like ConvertFromString is gone from WinRT. So I am having trouble finding a way to take a string in a combobox and using it set text foreground and a grid's background. Here is my latest

This shown on TestFlight web after uploaded. "Invalid IPA: Couldn't find executable specified in Info.plist - check the value of your CFBundleExecutable key." while on Testflight desktop

In a MVC3 app there are two webconfig files; one in the Views folder and the other one sits above it. I know how to use Enterprise Libraries for windows app, so I was wondering which config files (for

Im uploading and posting an image to a users Facebook from my (ios) code using the FacebookSDK3 and presenting a friendPickerController view, selecting an array of friends and trying to attach a tag

I'm learning servlets 3.0 through a set of code examples and the purpose of many of the methods is not making any sense to me. Except the service method. The output is "Hello from MyServlet". But,

I'm trying to understand how the MCTS Algorithm works and how I would implement it in a card game to improve the AI engine. I've read mcts.ai/ website and many papers about it, including one that

I'm wondering what the best way is to filter out various sections in a table view using a segmented control in a toolbar. Let's say, for example, I have a table view with cells in 3 different

The Json.NET homepage says the project started out as : a couple of static methods for escaping JavaScript strings Do these methods still exist? I'm aware that JavaScriptSerializer can do this,

I've got a node.js application using mongoDB and I have a function that is used to drop all documents in a collection and then repopulate the collections in my db with some sample documents. I use

Recently i have upgraded my IE 7 to IE 8 ever since that i'm having issue with data table,there is one page which contain few one type menus and below data table which shows records based on search

I'm working on a rating system. The user can rate an item with the dropdown menu: <select name = "theRating"> <option>Select</option> <option>1 Star</option> <

I am using storyboard instantiateViewControllerWithIdentifier: and I'm noticing that all the IBOutlets I have wired up are still nil. However, the IBActions I have wired up work. The view and

I have the following mongodb model: class Setting_Model private() extends MongoRecord[Setting_Model] with ObjectIdPk[Setting_Model] { def meta = Setting_Model /* Values ---------------------

I am building a camera security system for my office however we do not want to keep the DVR on site. We looked at NVR (network video recorders) and they are too expensive. I thought of an alternative

The mocking library I use is mock. I came across this "mock nested functions" problem when I tried to write test case for a function(legacy code). This function used a very complex nested

I'm using the Zend Youtube API. I do a query for a feed, which reports it has a total of 886 entries, but when I fetch all the feeds and iterate, the actual number is like 782. Is there actually a

For some reason the following code doesn't work. var a1 = Math.floor(Math.random()*4+1); //Answer2 for(a2 = 0; a2 != a1 && a2 != 0; a2 = Math.floor(Math.random()*4+1)){ alert(a2); } I'

I want to allow users to sign up using foursquare, but I can't find where I'd get their email address from.

I've implemented a search function that displays all records and when I search it will filter all with pagination. There's a problem, though: every time I search for a record, it displays all pages,

This can be tested here: http://jsfiddle.net/rGECn/2/ Is there a workaround for this issue available? UPDATE 1: 'transitionend in window` returns false.

XMPP and libstrophe would like to: query current active members from the contact list (e.g., green ones in Google account) keep updated with the change sample code appreciated, thank you so much

I have the following problem: I've taken the example for the slider from the Jquery UI website (from here: http://jqueryui.com/demos/slider/side-scroll.html), and need to modify it so that the slider'

I'm writing some code to delete documents from IBM Content Manager 5.3 AKA VI400. I have written a query to find an item, but am unable to delete the item that has been retrieved. I can list

e.g. // Implementation. struct PrivatePoint { void SomePrivateMethod(); double x; double y; } struct Point : private PrivatePoint { double DistanceTo(const Point& other) const; } This

I'm trying to convert all my CopyMemory functions to std::copy functions. It works with copymemory and memcpy but not std::copy. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it? template<

I have 3 tables: Post Category PostCategory (many to many relation table) It works fine when user select one or more categories for the post. But one scenario is that when the user select none of

Possible Duplicate: How to remove all CSS classes using jQuery? I have the following: <div id="abc"> </div> Inside that div there can be one only of the following: <p class="

I have 2 tables one with a ForeignKey the current site has a slug i want to lookup a set of objects that have a reference that is the slug Every Non Profit gets donations, help me show the donations

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how something like Mongo would be used in the wild. Could someone please explain this to me (I know it's really simple)? Okay, say I have a set of users which

I am having a problem with creating SQL table with composite and primary keys in it. This is what I have for now: CREATE TABLE Racunar ( IPAdresa char(15) PRIMARY KEY, CPU char(20), HD char(20)

Say I have the following GNU make targets: create_dir: @mkdir objects build_asm: $(ASM_FILES) @echo building assembly files build_c: $(C_FILES) @echo

I am trying to replace all occurrences of ANY value between two single quotes, including escaped single quotes. The following works quite well, except when an escaped single quote is found. This makes