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I have created Login forms and registration forms for a website. The form is posted for validation to checklogin.php and checksign.php, however when it finds any errors it displayes them in the


We are currently on RDS for hosted MySQL but are considering moving to one of the fault tolerant MySQL addons for heroku. The two main ones seem to be xeround and ClearDB, but I'm having a hard time


how can i add something in javascript that will check the website url of someone on a website and then redirect to a certain page on the website, if a match is found? for example the string we

使用Python 2.6解析BASH输出

I'm a python novice and am struggling with some concepts here - any help is appreciated. I've got a custom system tool that queries a database, and returns several lines as results to be read -- one


I'm very new to programming, and I jumped right into a project (I know thats not the smartest thing to do, but I'm learning as I go). The app that I'm writing has 10 UIImageViews that display a


It looks like this both in the emulator and on the phone. It's always a random square that is broken. And here is the code from the SurfaceView class, the most relevant part is in prepareBackground()


I am trying to create a function that does this: drop table t_rv_openitem; select * into t_rv_openitem from rv_openitem; select * from t_rv_openitem; I am confused sometimes when it comes to


I have searched a great deal and have not found a solution to my problem. When I create multiple views and try to add them to a LinearLayout only the first view (cake) displays. Here is where I


I'm drawing text in an HTML5 canvas on top of an image (a meme generator). I want to calculate a font size so that the string will span the entire width of the canvas. So basically, is there a way


What I'm trying to do is count how many moves it takes to get to the goal using the shortest path. It must be done using a breadth first search. I put the 8x8 grid into a 2d array which is filled with


Whats the wrong with this code. Getting this error Fatal error: Call to a member function result() on a non-object in /system/application/models/miscellaneousmodel.php on line function


I have recently started to learn assembly language. For a project I am working on I have to make a random number generator using linear congruence. I am suppose to take in three numbers. An upper


I am new to selenium, i got struck for a long time with finding a item in a drop down list that was bind dynamically by selecting item from another dropdown. my sample code is followed by: selenium.


I am almost done with my sites rebuild and am now in the testing phase. While testing in IE7 and 8 i found out that becuase of a json script I have my jquery scripts will not work properly, even


I need to parse the path part of a URL for a "router" as part of a REST web service. I'm using the PION library for handling HTTP requests. This library does not seem to have any functionality for


I was confronted with this problem, and would like to have a quick algorithm to work it out. Given n Points in the 2D plane(none of them has an x value or y value equal to another), find out the


What would be the canonical way to handle a file upload with Meteor?


I am looking for an appropriate way to store and access pdf files in my Android app. The problem is: I have 5 pdf-files which I would like to store in the project resources and load in the app. I


I'm having a lot of trouble trying to implement WS-Discovery in Metro. There doesn't seem to be support for Discovering services: I'd like to do the following in Metro, but don't think I'm able to


I am creating a plist to save some values, however during testing I have noted that I retain my newly created plist after the application is closed & removed from multitasking. However I loose my


I have DEBUG, TEMPLATE_DEBUG and DEBUG_PROPAGATE_EXCEPTIONS set to true, and there are no tracebacks being displayed to the browser?


I hope to encrypt the ipa file of a freeware for jailbreak users so that others cannot view the project details. Is there any tool to do this? Welcome any comment


I want to make notification when wifi signal strength is weak. If there isn't a listener for wifi , can I create a custom listener for wifi?


I am receiving a series of images over a network connection, and want to display them as fast as possible, up to 30 FPS. I have derived a UIView object (so I can override drawRect) and exposed a

将Hadoop集群升级为CuldRa 4 B1后,无效

I recently upgraded to clodera4b1 .Before upgradation the mapreduce jobs were running fine but now when I execute any mapreduce program,Thefollowing error comes: Command run: hadoop jar /usr/lib/


I'm new to this symfony2 and twig so I'm not very familiar with it. I need to add a require_once(file.php) into a mytemplate.html.twig but I just don't know how to do that!! :S The thing is that I

JPrRails 3.1.3 SWFPATH?

I am trying to get jPlayer working with the flash fallback in a rails app and so far no luck! My constructor right now looks like this: $("#jquery_jplayer_1").jPlayer({ preload: "auto", errorAlerts:

我使用JQM和Struts JSON,AJAX不能执行回调函数

I use jqm and struts-json,I can successfully call the background function in strtus2Action,but ajax can not execute the callback function. $.get("BookCollectAction!delete",{id:deleteId},function() {


I have a Java handler code which Im using in android to run a TimerIt runs awesome. I need help to stop this timer(Handler) programmaticallyAny simple method to stop this handler,when I exit


Primer: An HTML checkbox can be set as indeterminate, which displays it as neither checked nor unchecked. Even in this indeterminate state, there is still an underlying boolean checked state. When an

这个红宝石代码是做什么的?DeF Self.Meta类

The following is a Ruby code snippet from Why's Poignant Guide to Ruby Chapter 6, where he attempts to demonstrate metaprogramming in Ruby: # Get a metaclass for this class def self.metaclass; class &


For example, I have class A(both header and cpp file), how do I know which cpp files or header files used class A? Like in Eclipse, I can Open Call Hierarchy to do this, how do I do this in xcode? btw,


I have a C# COM Interface defined as [ComVisible(true)] [Guid("EB6602D5-8458-4733-8F0A-05A88FEEB42F")] [InterfaceType(ComInterfaceType.InterfaceIsIUnknown)] public interface


I have an array of custom objects called array which stores a bunch of core data. I use this array to populate my UITableView and to create the cells. I then try to use the same array when UISearch is


I made this program for a school, and it involves a telnet server. When I run it, it returnes strange characters such as ÿûÿû. Here is the output: Client connected with the IP / Client /127.


I am trying to update a computed fields value on click of a button with a value of a edit box + its own value. Code written on button: here i put value of edit box in scope variable and make edit box


I'm using the jquery-ui-rails gem. It works fine on local host, but when I push to heroku it gives heroku logs shows this: 2012-04-11T02:28:59+00:00 app[web.1]: ActionView::Template::Error (couldn't


I was trying to add AMR-NB decoding support to an iOS app, which has been successfully done before. But since I upgraded the framework I used (PhoneGap, now as Cordova), I started a new project and


I need to write a case statement that will return “1 of 3” if someone voted in one of three elections, “2 of 3” if someone voted in two of three elections, “3 of 3” if someone voted in three of


I'm updating an old package and shortening a bunch of really long function names. How do I let a user know the the old function has been deprecated? I document everything with roxygen2 so I'm


I need to get the dimensions of a variable-height-and-width element, #sentence, in order to change the dimensions of other elements that are related to it. #sentence is centered in the browser window,


I need some help figuring out how I should do this. I would like to make a scrolling image wall with jQuery. I just want to tile hundreds of small images (twitter profile pics) and just have them


I am using nodejs and Mongodb JS driver mongodb-native. But there seems no way for me to know whether the mongo server I connect need authentication, which means it's running with --auth on, so I

I have an application which has to make 50 to 100 API calls in a loop. Rotten Tomatoes have a limit of 10 calls per second. As a result of this my requests fail in between and i get different results


I'm trying to inject a view using Ajax but it's not quite working. I know nothing about Ajax but I'm trying to learn. What am I missing here or am I completely wrong the way I'm doing this.


My UIWebView should not allow vertical scrolling. However, horizontal scrolling should possible. I have been looking through the documentation, but couldn't find any hints. The following code


It doesn't seem possible to craft a connection string so that you can open a connection to a mssql server using another user's windows credentials. It appears you are limited to specifying either a


If users experience an exception in UAT they'll log a bug in TFS, eg: public void TopLevelExceptionHandler(Exception ex) { System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(Settings.Default.TFSBugReportingURL +

FixMixIOS RAD工作室XE2——从URL加载的表单上显示图像

Is it possible to place a TImage on an FMX form for iOS and load image (jpg) from an URL into this TImage to be displayed in the iOS app? I have tried with no success. Any hints or point in the right


I have Company that has many Phones. I created seed data to add 1 company and 1 phone When RailsAdmin renders the company form, the nested fields for phone show correctly. When I click "Add new