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I use laravel 5.6 My method to upload image like this : public function uploadImage($file) { if($file) { $fileName = str_random(40) . '.' . $file->guessClientExtension(); } $


How to show complete message in the pop-up error window? sample: error "convergency_check_start should be larger than 3."

java发送数据从活动到Android Studio标签片段

I am new to Java. The activity is to receive an ID and reuse that ID to get the detail of the recipe with a Recipe API. I am using three tabs to show different content. The problem that I could not

不nexusos三星Galaxy sm-g920p Android 8.1公认的现代

recently I flashed the new NexusOS ROM with Android 8.1 into my Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920P (Sprint), all works but the SIM is not recognized, in About phone the Baseband is Unknown and when execute

Rails 4:如何查询模型从多个数据库中获取数据

I have a requirement to fetch the data from Multiple databases for example. we've 2 databases 1) DB_2016 --> have only 2016/old records(static DB only reads) 2) DB_2017 --> have current/new

Symfony 4翻译- transchoice使用mofileloader问题

We have a .po file that is converted into a .mo file for use with the Symfony 4 Translations library. We are experiencing issues when using the transChoice method. Here's what's in the original .po


hye. I'm currently having some problem with drupal. Everything that I want to update/save is forbidden such as new content and update system settings. This message will appeared "Forbidden. You don't


my first time here. Currently I am working on a photography site in WordPress and I would like to implement a similar feature to this website. https://www.annbrooksphotography.com/index/all Here,

如何把动态表1 DIV到另一个,如何压后保存到它的价值

Hi i am new to angular here i have a requirement i have a dynamic data by using that i am filling the drop down and after selecting the dropdown value the table has to been generated dynamically


Good day to all. I have an app in the IBM Cloud running with using the Internet of Things Platform Starter. Since I installed a resource, i.e. API Connect, and made the connection to my app, my app is


Just curious regarding when code no longer belong to the original author based on changed made to the code. This is a similar question as the question: If boat A is replaced piece by piece with boat


I found an example I was able to get working where I can have multiple drop-down lists add their values together. That page/code is working fine. I have been unable to adapt it so you can shift-


I created 2 replicas of a single service in Docker and turbine displays only one dashboard for the service but I want separate dashboards for each service replica.


I ran this code and it outputs a number that is different from what I assigned to the variable value. I understand that a float will output 6 decimal places typically, but the actual output from this


I'm getting the following error when I run my Rails app, "uninitialized constant Blog::PostsController" routes.rb Rails.application.routes.draw do devise_for :authors root to: 'blog/posts#index'


I can create, compile and run a bucklescript project with the following commands bsb -init new-project cd new-project npm run build node ./src/demo.bs.js However, I'd like to use the definitions in


I'm making experiment in speaker verification system using MFCCs + GMM-UBM. I use TIMIT dataset and do these thing: I use all TIMIT's TRAIN folder for training UBM model. I train each model for each

C #改变解密方法解密字节而不是硬盘

How can I go about making this method decrypt to bytes? I have tried a few methods, but cannot figure out the proper way to do it. I had one which I thought was decrypting but when I tried to call the


greenlet is a library that moves an async function into its own thread. import greenlet from 'greenlet' let get = greenlet(async url => { // This will run in worker let res = await fetch(


I have tried all free tools available online but they are waste of time and not useful? also tried dotfuscator tool of visual studio.dotfuscator only harden the code ,it cant have disassembling


I get confused by the proper usage of Obervable's .expand() operator within my case. Search doesn't give much samples. So, i'm trying to run a method / observable recursively and return an observable


I was wondering if anyone is using OrientDB with the OrientJs driver. It doesn't look like the API exposes the export/import commands available from the OrientDB console. Does anyone have a solution


I have a data set with multiple factors, at the moment I am comparing two of them with a box plot. I have downloaded ggpubr, and am using, stat_compare_means() to add p-values. However, I would like

Visual Studio中的DLL加载

For loading a DLL's function I used to just include the header file and linked library files to visual studio, then copied the DLL file to the executable file's folder and call the functions. But this


I have some my codes on GitHub. They are practicing codes I wrote when learning coding. Nothing interesting or popular. But I recently found one clone showed in traffic chart, when on the same day the


I have two VCs. Both of them use setToolbarItems to assign toolbar buttons programmatically in viewDidAppear or viewWillAppear. func loadToolbarItems { guard !toolbarButtonController.isBuilt else


How to disable System dialog in my kiosk applicaiton like Surelock application? I use a fullscreen mode, don't like user click the shortcut icon in system dialog. SureLock Kiosk Lockdown


I am having something like fig, axes = plt.subplots(nrows=2, ncols=1) df[tfs].p;ot(ax=axes[0]) . plt.xticks(np.arange(len(tfs)), tfs) in a jupyterlab cell. however, the xticks line results in a


I was trying to read a .mat file in RStudio using the 'rmatio' library. However, I kept getting this error: Error: nchar(filename) > 0 is not TRUE I could not figure out how to solve it or rather

在同伴Kotlin ImageView对象初始化

I am trying to initialize an ImageView in companion object as I want the methods to be static but I have an error is there an alternative approach below is my code `companion object {

失踪的支架误差对HTML 1线JS函数调用之后

I'm making a web app with a function to let a user checkout a book from a library database if they meet requirements (no overdue books, the book is available, etc.). The Problem When requirements

如何使一个广域网服务器在Unity 3D主机

Can anybody tell me how can i make a WAN server in unity using photon?? i'm new to this. I cant find any useful video tutorials for this purpose. Someone help me with it.

OrderBy观察收集降序- UWP

I can order by my observable collection using below code. How can I order by it in descending order? RollNoArray _mainItems = new RollNoArray(); _mainItems.SubItemsList = new


Is there any way to handle failed bamboo plans? I need to invoke few REST API's if build plan fails by invoking other plans/stages or send some custom notifications based on conditions. Is this

凤凰框架phoenix.js WebSocket客户端是否有任何特定的框架?

Can I use the phoenix.js file in another project that has a websocket server or is there code that is specific to phoenix in there? https://github.com/phoenixframework/phoenix/blob/master/assets/js/

你应该如何初始化OpenGL 4.5立方图阵列?

Say I want a cube map array of 10 cube maps, each of 2048x2048 resolution and with only 1 mipmap level. I am currently trying to initialize is as: glGenTextures(1, &shadowMapArray);


I am trying to understand the .net pipeline and how request is processed (both MVC and Asp.net )and I have come to this understanding. Can someone please comment if I am missing any step and my doubts.

在Android CalendarView选取多个日期

In my android project i used Calendar View in that Calendar View i need to set the Busy Days Selected or highlight. How can set the multiple date selected in android Calendar View?


I have a gulp task, build that takes almost two minutes to execute. Is this normal? I've done some research and it doesn't seem to be looping through node_modules or any folders like that. There seems


Data shapes are (675369, 3) ,(675369, 3) ,(670877, 3) . The meaning of axis=1 is the xyz coordinate value. So want to get same xyz value in three arrays. How to find the index with the same


In Firebase console I am not able to see behaviour flow where I can track users end to end (Drop Offs,In Funnel )


I'm using this little function to get my date in french or english depending the user language. // Call the function formatDateTime(date('Y-m-d'), 'date_long') // The function itself // $_SESSION['


I'm writing a route that responds with JSON but it's escaping the \n newline characters and including them in the string. The behavior I'm going for is to respect the newlines so if a frontend uses


I'm trying to perform the following logic, in sequential/synchronous order via await/async. async loadData() { console.log("STEP 1"); let ratesResponse = await getRates(); let accounts =


I was connecting to mysql database and everything was fine. Suddenly, I started to get the TIMEOUT error. So, I try to connect using a simple test code. The code is: var mysql = require('mysql');


I'm having troubles getting VBA to autofill a webform from an excel spreadsheet. Here is my html code. <form action="/my-handling-form-page" method="post"> <br> <div> 1&emsp;


I'm stuck with my service factory in java and got three warning public <T> T getService(String serviceName) throws ServiceLoadException { java.lang.Class type; // here Object obj =


Following up on this question, I have the following MWE: set.seed(150) pv.df <- data.frame(compound=rep(LETTERS[1:8], each=3), comparison=rep(c("a/b","b/c","a/c"), 8), p.value=runif(24, 0, 0.2),

While creating a new KMS key using Cloudformation I see this message in the "Status Reason" column: Did not have IAM permissions to process tags on AWS::KMS::Key resource The cloudformation stack


What is wrong with this error? Are they not the same type? Someone please help I have been searching for hours and could not find anything. This error occurs when I try to put my [String : Double]